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NHL Player Prop Cheat Sheet

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Every NHL hockey fan knows who Connor McDavid is. Currently, McDavid is the game’s best player, and each year he backs it up by racking up lots and lots of points.

In fact, McDavid has 276 regular season points over his last two seasons. (162 Games Played)

Fans of the Edmonton Oilers may be a little frustrated at the lack of playoff success McDavid’s Oilers have experienced during his time with the club.

However, those who enjoy betting on NHL player props are probably extremely happy with how Connor has performed over the last two years.

When it comes to betting on NHL hockey, player prop betting might be growing as fast as Connor McDavid skates.

In this article, we discuss:

  • What is the BestOdds EDGE NHL Cheat Sheet
  • NHL Cheat Sheet features and benefits
  • What is NHL Player Prop betting
  • Most popular NHL Player Prop bets
  • How BestOdds EDGE can help bettors
  • NHL Player Prop betting strategies

If betting on NHL hockey is your thing, and you want to learn more about NHL player props, we have you covered below.

Let’s go!

What Is NHL Cheat Sheet?

On any given Saturday during the NHL season, there could be somewhere close to 15 games throughout the day.

Each team will dress 18 skaters for a game, meaning there could be close to 540 skaters and 30 starting goaltenders playing on a busy Saturday night.

For recreational bettors of all skill levels, trying to handicap and evaluate thousands of different NHL player prop bet options just isn’t a reasonable task.

The NHL player prop cheat sheet is the solution to our problem above. Instead of trying to make sense of the thousands of available options, the EDGE betting platform is working on our behalf.

The EDGE NHL cheat sheet ingests enormous amounts of data.

Then it runs its proprietary algorithms to identify only the NHL prop bets that provide an advantage for the sports bettor, not the sportsbooks.

NHL bettors can then take that list of recommended bets and evaluate a much more reasonable amount of props, and only the ones where they have the betting advantage.

The EDGE NHL cheat sheet saves recreational bettors huge amounts of time, energy, and resources by doing a lot of the intense data analysis work on our behalf.

NHL Cheat Sheet Features And Benefits

Edge Percentage

By ingesting thousands of different data points and then running their algorithms over top of all that data, the BestOdds EDGE platform can provide bettors with an Edge Percentage.

In our graphic above, after analyzing all the available data, the EDGE platform has determined that betting on Brandon Montour under his assist total gives bettors a 31% edge against the sportsbooks.

Sportsbooks are very good at setting odds and lines for the thousands of bets they offer. Very few edge percentages will be as high as 31%. In fact, the majority of them will be a very low, or even a negative percentage.

When the EDGE NHL cheat sheet spots significant edges favoring bettors, this is an opportunity for us to dive in deeper and take advantage of a bet working in our favor.

Streaks, Trends, and Recent Form

The EDGE NHL cheat sheet also provides detailed stats and information regarding a player’s recent performance for a specific bet.

Regarding the Brandon Montour assists total, we can see in our above graphic that the EDGE platform has spotted a significant trend for us to consider.

In his last nine consecutive games, the Panthers defenseman has gone under his assist total. Obviously, that trend information is a part of the algorithm that determines his 31% projected edge total.

Best Odds Available

For sports bettors, having the EDGE platform identify significant advantages in our favor is a very beneficial feature for us.

However, it is essential to realize that the edge percentage calculated works together with the best available odds for that specific bet.

Looking at our Jack Eichel graphic above, the EDGE platform has identified a projected edge of 23%.

At the bottom of the graphic, the platform has identified the Best Odds available for Eichel to go over his assist total. (+100 at BetMGM)

The 23% projected edge for a bettor works in combination with the best available odds. If you are a sports bettor and your sportsbook only offers Eichel at -110 or worse, the edge working in our favor won’t be as high as 23%.

For many sports bettors, analyzing stats and information to help determine which bets we want to play is as much fun as watching our bets play out.

However, it’s important to understand that the most significant advantage we can give ourselves as recreational players is our ability to shop around for the Best Odds available.

For one single bet, the incentive to shop around and gain an advantage might not be huge. Over time, shopping around for your best available odds can impact your overall ROI by over 20% or more.

If we aren’t shopping around for our Best Odds, the reality is we are leaving significant profit opportunities on the table.

What is NHL Player Prop Betting

Historically, when we talked about betting on the NHL, we were referring to picking one team to win or deciding whether the total goals of the game would go Over or Under the total set by the sportsbook.

Both bets are directly related to the final outcome and score of the game.

NHL player prop betting allows bettors to wager on individual player performances during a game, not on which team will win.

Today, sportsbooks have figured out that recreational bettors enjoy wagering on player props as much or more than the traditional betting options. There are many different types of NHL player props available each night, and they can focus on both the offensive and defensive aspects of a hockey game.

For many years, NHL fans could legally play DFS and Fantasy sports games while we waited for the legalization of sports betting.

Today, some NHL fans have as much knowledge about individual players as they do about specific teams.

Those of us familiar with fantasy sports now have many different opportunities to use that player-specific knowledge when making our sports bets.

Most Popular NHL Player Prop Bets

As the legalization of sports betting continues to expand across North America, so do the NHL player prop betting options available for us to play.

Some of the most popular NHL player prop bets include but are not limited to:

  • Anytime Goal Scorer
  • Player O/U Total Goals
  • Player O/U Total Points
  • Player O/U Total Shots on Goal
  • Goalie O/U Total Saves
  • Goalie O/U Goals Allowed

Bettors can focus on players trying to score goals or on those players being tasked with trying to keep the puck out of their net.

How BestOdds EDGE Can Help

Trying to go Head to Head with the sportsbooks can be difficult even for professional sports bettors who can dedicate significant time and effort to the task.

Sportsbooks have access to resources and technology that, traditionally, most recreational bettors just didn’t have.

Enter the BestOdds EDGE sports betting platform, which was built by bettors for bettors.

The EDGE platform has access to thousands of data points being ingested for each game.

BestOdds EDGE also has a deep technical team who are able to build proprietary algorithms for each sport, identifying trends and insights that allow the platform to find bets where the advantage lies with the bettor and not the sportsbooks.

When it comes to taking on the sportsbooks or even just trying to be better than our gambling friends, the BestOdds EDGE platform can be a valuable resource helping us find advantages in our favor.

NHL Player Prop Betting Strategies

The EDGE platform can help bettors of all skill levels and experiences in several ways.

Let me explain.

For those of us who prefer to get our bet in quickly and spend most of our betting time watching the action unfold, the EDGE cheat sheet has you covered.

By identifying the bets with the biggest projected edges in our favor, all we have to do is bet the games with those big edges and watch the action unfold.

The NHL cheat sheet makes that very easy by ranking each available bet according to the size of the edge as determined by the platform.

If you are a bettor who enjoys doing some analysis and research of your own, then the BestOdds EDGE platform can help us find the right player prop bets to focus our time and energy on.

The EDGE platform will identify the best bets from thousands of options available.

From there, bettors can dive into the stats and information and decide which of those they are most comfortable betting on.