2022 AFC South Betting Odds

What a weird division, right? During the last decade, the AFC South has been a whirlwind when it comes to team performance. Now, it appears as a race of two between the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans are taking place in 2021.

The Houston Texans appear to be the worst team in the NFL. The Jacksonville Jaguars enter a new era under Urban Meyer and QB Trevor Lawrence.

The 2021 season brings many changes, none more drastic than seeing three new QB1s in the division. Only the Titans will have the same quarterback from last season.

This article serves as a full betting guide for the AFC South. It will include a quick 2020 recap, a 2021 preview, and the AFC South odds. Let’s hop into it.

2022 AFC South Odds

2022 AFC South Outlook & Predictions

So, Tennessee had a deadly holy trinity in Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill, and WR AJ Brown. It couldn’t get better, right? Oh wait, add perennial Pro-Bowler WR Julio Jones now.

Unreal. Concerns about losing the Offensive Coordinator Arthur Smith exist. But the Titans’ offensive talent is too much to waste.

Their real troubles came containing the other teams’ offense. They addressed it by bringing a fierce pass rusher like Bud Dupree.

The secondary will now have rookie CB Caleb Farley and veteran CB Janoris Jenkins to help down the field. At +110, Tennessee is quite the intriguing bet. It’s a solid team under a good head coach like Mike Vrabel.

However, the best team in the division plays in Indianapolis. Yes, the Colts should have a monster season, all relying on whether their new QB can recover his near MVP-form or not.

Indy has been on the verge of Super Bowl Contendership for the last two seasons. Their lack of a top-tier QB was their downfall. Wentz was an MVP frontrunner before getting injured in 2017. His offensive coordinator that year was Frank Reich, the head coach of the Colts.

This is a loaded team. If Wentz can be something similar to his 2017 version, the Colts are a huge problem in the AFC as a whole. This pretty much would mean a lock at +110 for the AFC South title.

The Jaguars are a new team. Forget everything you saw in the past two years. New head coach as college legend Urban Meyer makes his NFL debut. He will have the no.1 overall pick, Trevor Lawrence, as QB1. The Jags also drafted Lawrence’s running back at Clemson, the highly-rated RB Travis Etienne.

Oh, and they added Tim Tebow… as a tight end. The thing is, Jacksonville looks better than their recent past. They have ways to go before fighting for the AFC title, but the future is bright, on paper.

The present and future are like a black hole for the Texans, though. They lost JJ Watt in Free Agency. Their star QB Deshaun Watson demanded a trade. Soon thereafter, he got bombed by multiple sexual assault charges.

The Texans changed everything, from the front office to head coach. Still, they have no first-round picks in the upcoming drafts thanks to Bill O’Brien. This is a sinking and stinking franchise.

2020 AFC South Results

The Tennessee Titans won the division for the first time since 2008 in 2020. They did it behind an elite running game. RB Derrick Henry led the league in carries (378) and had 2,000 running yards. Talk about an unstoppable force.

He and QB Ryan Tannehill tossed 33 touchdowns. Their defense was dreadful, though, and it led to the team’s eventual collapse in the playoffs.

The Colts were also sent packing after Wild Card weekend, as they fell to the Bills. They had an aging QB Philip Rivers under center, nothing spectacular.

Their running game was their main forte on offense. The defense had elite linebacker Darius Leonard dominating and a boosted secondary making plays.

Last season was the one to make the Texans’ situation implode. Bill O’Brien’s era as head coach and general manager came to an abrupt end. It couldn’t have been worse for Houston. They lost wideout DeAndre Hopkins.

QB Deshaun Watson’s efforts weren’t enough despite him having another brutal season. Let’s just say it was even worse than their fans’ worst nightmare.

The Jaguars came into the 2020 season as one of the worst teams, and they delivered. They were the worst team. They lost 15 straight games.

The silver lining was they found a gem in undrafted running back James Robinson, who had a 1000+ yards season.

Past AFC South Division Winners

2020Tennessee Titans11-5
2019Houston Texans10-6
2018Houston Texans11-5
2017Jacksonville Jaguars10-6
2016Houston Texans9-7
2015Houston Texans9-7
2014Indianapolis Colts11-5
2013Indianapolis Colts11-5
2012Houston Texans12-4
2011Houston Texans10-6
2010Indianapolis Colts10-6

How To Bet On NFL Division Winners

Shopping lines can be a game-changer for you when betting on NFL futures, just like the AFC South winner. That’s the best advice for you, shop lines before placing a bet.

Looking at an odds table may be tricky, so here are some pointers you can follow. The odds show you which team is the odds favorite. The lower the odds, the better the team.

They also state how much money you can win if the bet is successful. For example, a $100 bet on Tennessee (+110) would give you $110 in winnings and a total payout of $210.

The handle is another factor to consider. It represents the percentage of total wagers going for a team to win the division. Let’s say the Jaguars have a 3% handle, which means 3% of all money wagered on the AFC South is going for Jacksonville.

The last thing you should see is the percentage of bets. This is the number of wagers—not the amount—each franchise is getting.

For example, the Colts have a 60% of all bets. This doesn’t tell you how much money they are getting, but how many bets they are receiving.

They can have 60% of the bets, but 48% of the handle, meaning smaller bets are being placed on them.

Step-By-Step To Bet On Divisional Winners

1. Go to your favorite sportsbook and log in.

2. Look for the NFL tab.

3. Click on the Division’s tab from the drop-down menu.

4. Choose the odds and team you will bet on.

5. Place your bet from the bet slip window—usually on the right side of the screen.

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