2022 Passing Touchdowns Betting Odds

Is there a better feeling in football than seeing your favorite QB throw a TD? I don’t think so. We live in an era where that happens a lot, let’s bask in the glory!

With precise QBs like Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and many more top-rated players throwing the football, watching who gets more TDs to his receivers is a joy. It’s like watching heavy-hitters fight to get bragging rights on who is at the top of the ladder.

This has changed throughout the years. Back in the early stages of the sport, a QB with 10-15 TDs was monstrous. Now, we look at outrageous numbers.

This is a passing league after all. Only three players have thrown over 50 TDs in a single season, two of those are still active. Yes, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes have thrown a 50 piece.

However, the record still belongs to Peyton Manning, when he threw 55 back in 2013. Aaron Rodgers was two TDs shy of joining the 50 club, as his 48 got him the most in 2020. With more and more passing-first offenses, the number of TDs thrown will only increase.

Winning two in a row is something that doesn’t happen very often unless you are named Drew Brees. However, he’s now retired. The “pressure” is now on Rodgers to see if he can get it back-to-back or not. Let’s take an in-depth look into it and see where today’s QBs stand.

How Is The Winner Decided?

Same as other statistical competitions, the one who gets the most wins. Simple. As mentioned above, Aaron Rodgers is the reigning passing TDs leader.

He had 12 over 2019 winner Lamar Jackson. Every season changes.

2022 NFL Passing Touchdowns Odds

Passing TDs Betting Odds Reports

With a large number of bazooka dealers in the NFL, you can expect a high level of competition. The race for having more passing TDs heats up at the end of the season, adding spice to it.

Out of the active QBs, only Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have won this accolade on more than one occasion. Could they add one more season to their resume? Or will one of the newer generations get it done this season?

Let’s see the favorites and top contenders according to the oddsmakers.

The Favorites

Patrick Mahomes – When you lead the most explosive offense in the NFL, you will be top of the odds. That’s exactly the case for Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes is one of the few to make 5,000 yards and 50 TDs a season. In only three years as a starter, Mahomes has 114 passing touchdowns already. He is otherworldly.

Last season he threw 38, which ranked him fourth in the league. By now, we know every time no.15 is on the pitch, he can obliterate the defenders with ease.

Tom Brady – Would you believe the first time Brady led the league in passing TDs was back in 2002? He has won this title on four occasions. The last one was in 2015. Talking about Brady will always be surreal.

Last year he won the Super Bowl but also had a monstrous season in his own right. He ended second in passing TDs, throwing 40.

Coming into his second year with Tampa Bay, you know Brady will come out slinging all year long.

Josh Allen – The Bills’ signal-caller is a weird case in the NFL. His rookie season was one to forget. He had only 10 passing TDs back then for example. Fast forward to his third season, and Allen was an MVP candidate who threw 37 touchdowns.

The Bills were the third-best passing offense in the league, and that’s because Allen was guns-blazing. He was fifth last season in this department, but with new weapons to his disposal, the sky’s the limit.

With a new leap on the horizon, Allen makes the Bills a Super Bowl contender. This offense is a massive threat to the rest of the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers – A-Rod is the most prolific thrower in the NFL. Not only his flair but his accuracy. He led the league in TD passes, but also in completion percentage, with 70.7%.

Rodgers also made his WR1, Davante Adams, get the most receiving TDs. No other team threw the ball more inside the 10-yard line than Green Bay.

The reason is Rodgers wouldn’t fail. He places the ball perfectly for his receivers. Expect another year of lots and lots of TD passes.

Russell Wilson – Seattle’s miracle-maker is a bonafide star in this league. He led the NFL in TD passes back in 2017 and has thrown over 30 in each of his last four seasons.

He and Brady tied at second place last year at 40 TDs. Wilson has incredible weapons to rely on. One of his WRs, Tyler Lockett, has never dropped an end-zone target. This speaks volumes to Wilson’s accuracy and to the chemistry he has with his receivers.

The Contenders

Dak Prescott – Dallas has a loaded offense and a capable QB in Dak Prescott. He has the ability to stack stats due to his many top-tier weapons. Prescott only played five games last year before a season-ending injury.

However, during that stretch, he was averaging 371.2 yards per game and had nine TDs.

Prescott’s career-high in passing TDs is 30 in 2019. Now, he has the deepest WR roster in the league. He has lots of options to find, and Dak will rack up big numbers if he stays healthy.

Matt Ryan – Ryan is a veteran that still pulls up big stats. During the last few years, he’s made a name for stat-padding in garbage time. Not that it matters how you get them, but the fact that you do, and Ryan gets the TDs.

Atlanta has a pass-happy offense to the highest of levels. This is the reason Matt Ryan still ends the season with lots of yards and plenty of TD passes.

The former MVP is a very accurate passer, but the Falcons aren’t a top team in the league. While Ryan may throw for 25+ TDs, leading the league in this category is a reach.

Justin Herbert – After shredding the rookie record for touchdown passes, Herbert’s hype went through the roof. He threw 31 TDs while being one of the most pressured QBs in the league.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock during this offseason, you know LA is pointing in the right direction. They revamped their O-Line to protect their gem QB. Now, with an adequate shield before him, and the top-tier weapons he has at his disposal, Herbert should deliver in a big way.

The Chargers also possess one of the best catchers in the running back position. Basically, another big weapon for Herbert to throw more passes than get into the end zone.

Matthew Stafford – The oddsmakers loved Stafford joining the Rams. They did it so much that the Rams went to third in the odds to win the NFC. It’s been a long time since NFL fans craved for Stafford to be on a big team and now he is.

Stafford has one of the best arms in the league. And it was in 2019 where one of his receivers caught more TDs than any other.

Now, he has an HC that will exploit his abilities and a receiving corps that combined for nine TDs only, ready for Stafford to make them shine.

Joe Burrow – Burrow’s rookie season brought a lot of hype. It was tragically cut short due to a season-ending knee injury. He had five games of 300+ yards and had 13 TDs.

Now, he has improved protection. His favorite weapon in college was drafted to play alongside him. WR JaMarr Chase is a Bengal now. With him, Burrow threw 60 TDs, 20 were to Chase.

There are a lot of expectations for Burrow now. He has a better offensive line, two big, electric weapons as wideouts and doubters to prove wrong.

How To Bet On Passing TDs Betting Odds

Here’s how you can bet on the Passing TDs leader for 2021:

1. Log into your sportsbook account.

2. Click on the ‘Odds for the NFL’ tab.

3. Go to the ‘Player Futures’ section.

4. Select the ‘Most Passing TDs’ submenu.

5. Pick the QB you want to bet on.

6. Place the bet on the bet-slip window shown in the right-hand side of your screen.