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NFL Betting Odds

The NFL is one of the most popular sports in America, and so betting on games comes naturally to fans. With so many teams, there are plenty of wagering options for every bettor. Online sportsbooks give you a wide variety of NFL bets to place, as well as bonuses to maximize your winnings.

Choose from moneylines, totals, prop bets, futures, spreads, and much more from your favorite sports providers. Whether you are new to sports betting or a seasoned fan, it is important to fully understand betting odds. With the guide below, you can learn everything there is to know about NFL betting. Check out various bet types and how they work to improve your betting strategy.

NFL betting has diversified into one of the biggest betting markets. You can find your usual moneylines, futures, totals, and point spread bets. There is lots more to bet on.

Prop bets gain in popularity every year, with new and exciting options with each NFL season provided by top operators. Parlays, teasers, and same-game bets are also important to consider when betting on the NFL.

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NFL Handicapping

If you want to learn how to become a top NFL handicapper, you’re in for a treat.

Handicap bets level the field between two sides that are mismatched. This way, the bet becomes attractive to either side. Favorites get a handicap from the oddsmakers, which translates to a point spread they need to cover to win the bet.

Here are some tips to follow when handicapping in the NFL:

Play the Odds, Not The Games

A mistake people make often is to bet the house right away on NFL games. Wager on the games you have more info, data, and knowledge about.

This also applies to parlays. Public bettors form large parlays looking for a massive payout that won’t come. Always select the games you are most certain of. Whether it is one or five, it’s okay, but don’t get caught on those you have little info.

Look for the games that suit you the most, and have the best value.

Cash In On NFL Bonuses!

The NFL season is the highest-betting time for many sportsbooks. This means they go all-out offering bonuses that you can maximize when placing your bets.

This is the reason online betting has a real edge over local books. With deposit and reload bonuses spread all around, it’s all waiting for you to claim. This way, your bankroll gets boosted from the get-go, and you can see big winnings faster.

Go Line Shopping

Betting is a game of numbers. A half-point difference can make you win or lose. The sportsbooks usually have spreads at -110. However, the number you should look to shop is the spread. A slight movement in the spread not only can mean victory for you but a better payout.

Let’s say you like the Patriots -3 over the Jets. Look for the line at -2.5. You cut the chance for a push if the Pats win by three, which ensures you a payout.

Lines like 3, 6, or 7 points can see big changes in value when shopping for a half-a-point on the line. Check multiple sites, look for the better line and payout. Even if two sportsbooks have lines at -3, one can pay it around -108, while the other can go to -115, so do your research to make the most informed decision.

Popular NFL Online Bets

Not all games are the same in the NFL. Many factors need to cross your mind before betting. Rosters change, weather patterns affect the field, and injuries happen…

Fortunately, the NFL has so many betting options you can choose to help you boost your chances of winning. Sometimes a moneyline is the safe bet, and sometimes the spread gets you great value. Even a parlay can come in handy every once in a while.

Gather your information and watch for trends. After you analyze what you have, choose the bet that gives you a better chance of winning.

These are the betting options you have available at most online sportsbooks:

NFL Point Spread

The NFL and point spreads are made for each other. It is the most used betting form in the NFL. The spread tends to be less than 10 points between the favorite and underdog.

Usually, the spreads will have a -110 payout, but these may change a bit depending on the sportsbook. Here’s an example:

Detroit Lions +3(-110)

Green Bay Packers -3 (-110)

The home team will be either on the right or the bottom of the display. In this case, it’s the Packers.

Detroit bettors need the Lions to win or to lose by less than three points with this bet. Green Bay’s backers need the Packers to win by over three points. If three points is the margin between teams when the game ends, the wager ends in a push. The bettors will get their original wagers returned.

If a spread has a half-point in it (i.e, -3.5), a push is not possible.

NFL Moneylines

Moneylines consist in predicting the outright winner of the game.

Keeping our NFC North example, here’s how the moneylines bet look:

Detroit Lions +150

Green Bay Packers -200

The Packers are the favorites, while the Lions are underdogs.

Moneylines are a big betting style when going for the underdogs. The odds bring higher payouts. It would be best if you looked at the moneylines when the spread is less than three points. The NFL games are rarely decided by less than three, so we might also go with the value.

NFL Totals

You may also know the totals bet as Over/Under. These wagers are the total number of points scored in an NFL game by both teams. The oddsmakers give you a total number, and you bet whether it is going over or under said mark, including overtime period.

The totals look like this:

Over 30.5 (-110)/ Under 30.5 (-110)

In this case, if the teams surpass 31 points or more, the over wins. If the game has 30 points scored or fewer, the under get the payout.

NFL Parlays

NFL parlays come in different styles. You can go from moneyline parlays, spread parlays, total parlays, or mixed ones. You can also do the same game parlays that consist of all the previously mentioned.

As usual in parlays, you must win all your bets. One goes wrong, and the whole parlay draws dead. Of course, if you win them all, the payout is juicy.

Parlays are at least two bets, but some books let you go up to 12 different payouts.

NFL Teasers

Teasers are like parlays but with a boost for you. In teasers, you add points to decrease the chance of losing, but the payout also lowers. Anyway, if you master the teasers, the payouts will be great.

You can buy from six to 15-point teasers. Also, you can mix it up by throwing totals and spreads. Teasers and parlays also differ on the fact that moneylines are not available on teasers.

Like parlays, though, you need to win all the bets to get the payout.

NFL Futures

NFL futures have a long-term betting style but offer big payouts. Future bets tie up your funds because their outcome is at a later date.

The most common ones are Super Bowl winner, AFC, and NFC Championships. For the individual accolades, the MVP, Coach of the Year, and Rookie of the Year are also possible futures.

NFL Props

Prop bets are a big thing in NFL betting. Teams and players have NFL props, but you can find props for pretty much everything.

A bet may cover a team or a player action, such as how many TDs a QB will throw from total yards. You can find some outlandish bets too. Feeling lucky on the color of beverage that’s in the sidelines buckets or the coin toss at the start of the game? You can find those types of bets too.

NFL Live Betting

Live betting is one of the biggest markets nowadays. Odds shift as the game progresses. You can find live-updated totals, spreads and moneylines, and plenty more in this section to bet in real-time.

NFL live betting is a great way to put some spice into the games, making it more exciting to place bets as the action takes place.

NFL Betting Strategy

There are lots of strategies to follow for NFL betting. What matters is you pick the right side. Here are some of the best strategies you can follow when betting in the NFL.

Bet On The Low (Underdogs & Unders)

There are lots of ways to do this. Don’t go crazy. Underdogs pay more, and the unders are not as sexy as overs, but what matters is the result. What’s sexy? Winning.

Now, don’t fade the public for the sake of doing so. Avoid the wagers that the bookies exploit when the public bettors go mad. Online sportsbooks make the favorites and overs increase, making them less attractive. Remember, the NFL is unpredictable.

This leads me to the cult movie “Any Given Sunday.” Al Pacino delivers a masterpiece, but without knowing it, he also delivers a brilliant strategy. The NFL can see lots of situations when the underdog becomes a great bet.

Let’s say a team already secured the first seed. They will likely rest their stars. However, most books won’t risk assuming that. Then, the underdogs come with high payouts in a game against reserves.

Reverse Line Movement

Reverse lines happen when the public goes one way, but the sharp bettors go the other way. Here, the oddsmakers move along with the sharp bettors.

For example, the Steelers open as -6 favorites against the Bengals. The public goes all in for Pittsburgh, and sharp bettors go for Cincinnati to cover. The oddsmakers will shorten the line to -5.

Be quick, catch the line before the market adjusts, get the margin.

Bet On Smaller Markets

Yes, moneylines, spreads, and totals are attractive. But those are the markets where the oddsmakers pay the most attention. Focus on the NFL team and player props.

The oddsmakers post these odds with little research. So do the homework they don’t. Look for trends, weather, and insight. Then collect your pay.

Betting On NFL Playoffs Online

With 14 teams advancing to the playoffs, it’s only the elite that remains. But, being one of the most awaited times of the season, betting in the NFL playoffs is a must.

Expect tighter spreads and moneylines not to have a big gap between teams. You can also find totals available. One thing to look at is prop bets. Since there are fewer games, oddsmakers may open more props to bet on.

Betting On The Super Bowl

The NFL is the most popular professional sport in the United States and the Super Bowl is the spectacle that serves as the cherry on top for fans to place bets.

The playoffs build on and increase the interest carried over from the regular season, then the Super Bowl takes it into overdrive by attracting even more interest from casual viewers and bettors alike. Betting on the Super Bowl has its own strategies worth exploring in order to arrive at a winning bet.

Advanced NFL Betting Systems

A betting system is a method a bettor uses to have an edge in his bets. Its focus is to find value and improve the chance of winning. These are some of the best systems to use:

Martingale System

It’s a simple system that consists of betting the amount if you win and betting more on the next wager if you lost your last bet. For example, if you win a $5 bet, keep betting $5. If you lose a $5 bet, then go $10 on your next one, and so on.

Pros include making short-term bets likely to payout. Cons are big though. Doubling your last wager isn’t always an option; it can hurt your bankroll in a bad streak.

Labouchere System

Also known as Cancelation Betting System. It focuses on making the most of two bets that have equal or close probabilities. It’s more of a casino system but can be used for NFL.

The upside if you run it well in the short term is faster profits. The downside is that if you enter a bad streak early on, it can devastate your bankroll.

Kelly Criterion System

This is the most accurate system in NFL betting. Using math, bettors can choose the optimal number to bet on a football wager.

It allows you to manage your bankroll. The pros include being able to calculate and mitigate risks in your bets. The cons are you need to put effort into it as it can’t be used on the go.

Exploit Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses offered by online sportsbooks at the start of the NFL season is the best system to use.

Free play and cash bonuses add money to your bankroll, which allows for more and larger bets.