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NRFI Stats & Records For Betting

Malcolm Darnley

Updated: Apr 20, 2024


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2024 MLB NRFI Betting Stats

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What Is NRFI Betting?

For many, MLB baseball is still referred to as America’s pastime.

There are those who enjoy the pace of play baseball provides.

Baseball purists enjoy following along with every pitch, guessing the next pitch location and the strategy employed to get each hitter out.

There are also those who prefer their sports to be a little bit more up-tempo.

That could explain why the No Run First Inning bet (also called the NRFI) has gained so much popularity of late.

This is a bet that lasts for a grand total of six outs or less, depending on which side of the bet you’re on and how the first inning plays out.

This bet is fast, extremely fun to root for, and doesn’t require a bettor to hang in for 9-innings of baseball, which they may or may not want to do.

As prop bets go in MLB baseball, the NRFI might be the most popular one on the board these days.

NRFI, and just like NHL GIFT, it’s over in a hurry and gaining in popularity.

Let’s dive into why that is and how it works.

How Does NRFI & YRFI Betting Work?

There are two sides to an NRFI bet.

You can bet that No Runs will be scored in the first inning or you can bet that there will be a run scored within the first six outs.

If you are betting on a run being scored then you are actually betting on a YRFI (Yes Run First Inning)

Depending on the teams involved and the pitchers involved, the odds will vary significantly between games.

Obviously, Tier 1 pitchers (Jacob deGrom, Max Scherzer, Sandy Alcántara, etc.) will be priced differently than any of the arms the Colorado Rockies run out to the mound because the Rockies are not exactly trotting out the 2011 Philadelphia Phillies rotation.

The overall total of the game is another key indicator of the chances of a first-inning run being scored.

If you see a total that is considered high (O/U +10) then the odds are significantly greater that a first-inning run will be scored.

When you see a Total that is much lower (O/U +6.5) you understand the odds of a run being scored early are much lower as well.

How To Bet No Run First Inning

The popularity of the NRFI bet means that every legal operator set up in the US and Canada betting app is offering this bet.

It is presented a little differently between sportsbooks sometimes, but ultimately we are making the same prediction.

The most common way this bet is presented is:
Will there be a run scored in the first inning? Yes | No

However, some sportsbooks will offer it like this:
Total Runs – Inning 1 – Over 0.5 | Under 0.5

As a bettor, your goal is the same in either scenario.

Correctly choose whether either team will score one or more runs in the first inning and then get your popcorn early because it won’t take long for this bet to get settled.

NRFI Betting Key Stats

Take Advantage Of Free Resources

When we are doing our homework for NRFI betting, we are going to want to check out a couple of key stats (more in-depth analysis).

Obviously, we want to understand a team’s history of giving up a run in the first inning. With the popularity of the NRFI bet, this stat is starting to become tracked with great regularity.

The first resource you will want to check out is the homepage.

BestOdds is making a point of tracking each MLB game this season and providing NRFI stats and trends plus content that includes ideas for the best NRFI bets today. will be tracking a team’s overall record for NRFI bets. They will also track recent team trends and pitcher-specific first-inning data.

As the season plays out, this data will become very rich and valuable for bettors to use each day.

The other resource we want to shout out is, of course,

If you have been on then you already know this site is the holy grail of baseball stats.

Looking for a starting pitcher’s 1st inning ERA before you make the bet? They have that.

Wondering what the batting average is for a player in just his first-inning at-bats? Again, they have you covered.

Top NRFI Teams in 2023 (Regular Season)

TeamNRFI RecordYRFI Record

Developing A NRFI Betting Strategy: Tips And Techniques

Cracking the code of NRFI (No Runs First Inning) betting strategy can seem perplexing, but once you grasp the intricacies, it’s like holding the keys to a treasure chest. Let’s delve into the world of NRFI betting and uncover some winning tactics to boost your success!

Know The Teams And Pitchers

Pitcher Performance: Like a skilled artist painting their masterpiece, pitchers are the backbone of your NRFI betting strategy. Analyze pitchers’ recent performances and pay attention to their earned run averages (ERAs), strikeout rates, and walk rates. A pitcher in top form can be a formidable force, keeping runs at bay.

Hitters’ Strengths: A team with batters that hit the ball like a wrecking ball poses a significant threat to your NRFI bet. Keep an eye on hitters’ stats like batting averages, on-base percentages (OBPs), and slugging percentages (SLGs). A team with a lower batting average and OBP might be a safer bet for a NRFI wager.

Head-to-Head History: Don’t underestimate the importance of knowing how the teams have fared against each other in the past. An age-old rivalry can be the catalyst that ignites a firestorm of runs, jeopardizing your NRFI bet.

Dive Into The Numbers

Weather Conditions: Like an unpredictable jester, weather can play tricks on your NRFI bet. High winds, humidity, and temperature changes can alter the flight of the ball, impacting the chances of scoring. Research how the weather conditions could affect the game before placing your bet.

Stadium Dimensions: An intimate understanding of the ballpark’s dimensions is akin to knowing the battlefield terrain. Some stadiums are notorious for being more hitter-friendly than others, while some cater to the prowess of pitchers. Take this into account when making your NRFI bet.

Timing Is Everything

Early Season Caution: The start of a new baseball season is like a fresh canvas, with the potential for unexpected twists and turns. Exercise caution when placing NRFI bets early in the season, as pitchers and hitters alike may still be finding their footing. Especially now with the rule change, NRFI’s may be more unpredictable than ever.

Trends and Streaks: In the world of sports betting, momentum can be a powerful ally. Identify teams on winning streaks or pitchers who have been consistently shutting down their opponents. Riding the wave of a hot streak could yield fruitful results for your NRFI bet.

NRFI Odds For Betting

When we are betting an NRFI or YRFI, there will be a moneyline attached to each side of the bet, similar to an Over/Under bet.

However, where the Over/Under moneyline tends to be very close to -110 for both sides, you will notice a lot more variance in NRFI odds.

If Gerrit Cole is starting for the Yankees, you can assume the moneyline will be somewhere around -150 or more on the NRFI side.

Any baseball fan will know Gerrit Cole is one of the game’s best and the chances he gives up a first-inning run are not high.

It is also important to consider who is starting on the other side of the matchup, as a Gerrit Cole vs. Jacob deGrom matchup figures to have greater odds at a scoreless first inning than a Gerrit Cole vs. Patrick Corbin matchup would yield.

However, it is also important to remember that when you are betting on -150 odds, then in order to break even you must win 60% of your bets.

As always, we encourage you to shop around for the very best odds on the games you are interested in betting.

Where one sportsbook might have NRFI odds set at -150 for a game another operator might have that same game at -130.

Over time, the ability to shop around and find your best odds for each bet is the single greatest advantage a gambler has over the house.

Shopping for odds will equalize the advantage gained by sportsbooks and the “juice” or “vig” they build into each game.

Looking for more stats? Check out our NBA First Basket Betting page.


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