2022 NFC Betting Odds

The NFC has perhaps too many Super Bowl contenders. There is a wide range of teams matched to get to the Big Game.

Super Bowl LV saw an NFC team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, reign supreme against the odds-on favorites, the Chiefs.

The Bucs will bring the whole starting roster back as they look for the two-peat. The others will try to catch them, and some make really good arguments to do so.

Let’s have a glance at the best NFC teams as they make their case to win the NFC and have a trip to the Super Bowl.

2022 NFC Odds

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NFC Betting Odds Reports

Last season, QB Tom Brady and the Bucs were on the road all postseason, and still came out on top. It was an underdog story—sort of. They still had the best-ever with Brady, but this wasn’t a team that profiled itself as a contender during the entire season.

And that’s what makes the NFC intriguing. With so many teams being “Super Bowl-ready,” it is warfare from the get-go.

The NFC also can brag that they have the best division in football with the NFC West, and the worst in the NFC East. Now let’s see who the betting lines think are favorites to win it all, and who are contenders to watch for a bigger payout.

The Favorites

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – You win the Super Bowl, you bring the entire team back, you have Tom Brady. Of course, you will be the favorite to win the NFC again.

The Bucs have one of the most complete rosters in the league. Their secondary was badly burned last regular season, but they stepped up in the playoffs.

Tampa Bay can—or should—only get better. They have second-year chemistry, they will have a preseason, and Brady has repaired his torn MCL. The time is now.

Los Angeles Rams – The Rams went to the Super Bowl in 2018, and even though they lost, they were a top team. The last two years saw them still be competitive but suffering the infamous “Super Bowl hangover.”

They said enough of that. Their liability was QB Jared Goff, so they sent him to Detroit, to get solidified slinger Matthew Stafford. 

It seems like we all have waited for Stafford to get his shot at a top team, and now he has it. His receivers are very good. Both Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp can be 1000+ yard receivers.

Last season, they had the best overall defense. Yes, they lost a couple of names like Troy Hill and DC Brandon Staley. They still have DE Aaron Donald, and CB Jalen Ramsey, so their defense will be tenacious.

San Francisco 49ers – The NFC representatives in Super Bowl LIV. They missed the postseason last year, but we shouldn’t call it a Super Bowl hangover. It was a curse of biblical proportions. Everyone got injured. Everyone.

Now, all healthy and ready to go, we can see their fierce defense. EDGE Nick Bosa is back, DE Arik Armstead too. MLB Fred Wagner is a monster. The Niners will be on a massive QB headhunt this year.

Offensively, they have the brilliant mind of HC Kyle Shanahan designing great plays. There is some uncertainty as to who the QB is, either Jimmy Garoppolo or 3rd overall pick, Trey Lance. Either way, the Niners’ offense should be way smoother than last year.

Seattle Seahawks – This is a tough one to grade. On one side, Seattle has a top-5 QB, Russell Wilson. On the other hand, they didn’t do anything to improve much. They couldn’t. Their salary cap reached the top and they don’t have draft capital.

So we can expect, more or less, what we saw from them last season. Big offense, with Wilson running for his life while throwing darts. Their stellar receiving duo of DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are unguardable. Their running game is good if Chris Carson stays healthy.

As for the defense, your sack leader was a safety. One who is threatening to hold out if he doesn’t get paid. Yes, Jamal Adams. The DE Carlos Dunlap was a great addition, but Seattle’s defense needs to be better.

New Orleans Saints – A perennial contender in the NFC. Usually, you’d see the Saints way higher in the favorites list. But, they lost their mythical QB, Drew Brees. Hence, their stock plummeted.

Depending on either reckless Jameis Winston, or the madman that is Taysom Hill is a scenario that the Saints are not used to.

Star WR Michael Thomas should play at one point in the season, but missing him in the first few games is costly. Thankfully for them, they still have RB Alvin Kamara, a dual-threat player that gets his yards and TDs no matter what.

DE Cam Jordan will be back guiding the defense. New Orleans lost their sack leader in Trey Hendrickson and their reliable CB Janoris Jenkins. They still have a loaded defense, but things won’t be easy for New Orleans.

The Contenders

Dallas Cowboys – Trusting the Cowboys has not been a good bet in the last 26 years. They consistently fall short of their expectations, regardless of their roster.

Let’s not get it twisted. Based on names only, the Cowboys’ offense is stacked. Their offensive line, however, is a big question mark. Still, the points should rain in favor of them.

Their defense is what truly is concerning about this team. Simply put, it is not good. They have some talent, like their LB depth chart, but so many holes as well. Their secondary can be harmed easily. It’s a bad sight on defense.

Minnesota Vikings – Buying the stock of the Vikings is hard. Their defense was atrocious last year. They brought in CB Patrick Peterson to recover some respect into that secondary. Joining forces with SS Harrison Smith and FS Xavier Woods. The pass-rushing is still weak.

Offensively, they have a top-tier wideout duo with Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen. The Vikings also enjoy RB Dalvin Cook’s talent. The weak link is QB Kirk Cousins, who buckles in high-pressure moments. They should be in the playoff hunt, but winning the NFC is a reach.

Washington Football Team – Washington won the NFC East due to their high-end defense. HC Ron Rivera saw the talent in their front seven and took advantage of it. Having playmakers such as EDGE Chase Young helps. Actually, it’s a first-round filled front seven.

The attack saw a rising star in RB Antonio Gibson, and another big year for WR Terry McLaurin. With a QB like Ryan Fitzpatrick, this team can definitely get into some shootouts.

Playing in the NFC East, the WFT has an edge over other stronger teams who play in tougher divisions.

Green Bay Packers – The reason the Packers are this low after two-year consecutive NFC Championship game appearances is Aaron Rodgers. 

Every year, if QB Aaron Rodgers is playing, the Packers are atop or near the pinnacle of the odds. With all the controversy surrounding the defending MVP, Green Bay’s stock is low.

It doesn’t help either that the star WR Davante Adams has stalled contract negotiations. The Packers are on the verge of collapsing from Super Bowl contenders to a joke. It’s unbelievable, but it is something the oddsmakers have considered.

Arizona Cardinals – This is a sleeper bet. The two main reasons the Cardinals are getting this high of a payout are their division, the NFC West, and their head coach. Kliff Kingsbury is not particularly a top-tier coach. He is in the hot seat if he can’t make some noise with this roster.

The offense has a dynamic QB like Kyler Murray. The wideouts depth chart is unreal. Starring DeAndre Hopkins, but also with AJ Green, Andy Isabella, and Christian Kirk as threats, this offense is scary.

For the defensive side, they have the two players with the most sacks in the last decade with Chandler Jones and JJ Watt. The middle ground is the top. 

Both ILB Isaiah Simmons and Zaven Collins are athletic beasts, young and powerful. In the secondary, an elite safety like Budda Baker commands respect.

How To Bet on NFC Betting Odds

To bet on the NFC Champion, follow these steps:

1. Log into your account at your favorite sportsbook.

2. Look for the NFL betting tab.

3. Select the ‘Team Futures’ tab.

4. Choose the ‘Conference Winner’ subject.

5. Go to the NFC and click on the team you’ll bet on.

6. Place your wager from the bet slip tab on the right side of the screen.

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