NFL Touchdown Scorer Stats

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Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Below we have created a table tracking the current standings for all NFL touchdown scorers.

Continue reading to learn how to bet on first and anytime touchdown scorers.

NFL 1st & Anytime TD Scorer Standings

Table Legend

  • POS: Which position the player plays at
  • 1st TD: Current record of 1st touchdowns this season
  • ANY TD: Current record of any touchdown this season
  • LAST 2: Number of touchdowns scored in the player’s last 2 games played
  • AVG. TD/G: Average number of touchdowns per game this season

Touchdown Scorer Betting

When it comes to betting across Canada and the United States, there is no other sport that generates as much interest or action as NFL football.

According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), an estimated 31.4 million Americans wagered on last year’s Super Bowl, an increase of 35% from 2020.

Many new sports bettors have been actively playing fantasy and daily fantasy sports for several years.

Those with a lot of knowledge about NFL fantasy football can use that knowledge for NFL player prop betting.

The two most popular NFL player prop bets are currently:

  • Player to score first touchdown
  • Player to score anytime touchdown

Bettors love the opportunity to bet on individual players and whether they will or will not find the endzone during their next game.

Below, we walk you through the intricacies of NFL prop betting by focusing on the two most popular NFL player prop bets.

NFL Anytime TD Scorer vs. First TD Scorer

We have established that two of the most popular NFL player prop bets are the Anytime Touchdown Scorer and the First Touchdown Scorer stats for betting.

Although these two wagers are closely related, they are also very different.

When we are talking about an ATD wager, a bettor has the opportunity to bet on a player who will score a touchdown at any point of the game.

It’s just that simple.

If there is any confusion for this straightforward wager, sometimes bettors are confused about quarterbacks and whether they are given credit for throwing a touchdown pass.

The answer to that question is No.

Anytime TD scorer and First TD scorer refer to selecting a player with possession of the ball crossing the goal-line.

Although touchdown passes can help a QB pad their personal stats, it won’t cash either of these bets.

The First TD scorer bet is a more difficult wager to win, and the odds are reflected accordingly.

In this case, a bettor needs to pick the player who will score the very first touchdown of the game.

PlayerAnytime Touchdown ScorerFirst Touchdown Scorer
Travis Kelce-140 odds+650 odds
CeeDee Lamb-105 odds+700 odds

Our table above indicates the difference in odds when it comes to betting an Anytime TD scorer vs. the First TD scorer.

Travis Kelce and CeeDee Lamb are slight favorites to score a touchdown at some point in their game.

However, their odds are boosted significantly to be the first TD scorer of their respective games.

How First Touchdown Scorer Standings Work

BestOdds is once again your destination for anything related to NFL First Touchdown prop betting.

We will update a first touchdown scorer list for all games played each week.

You will also be able to search game results from previous weeks and by an individual player, to find valuable data to help you with your prop bets.

Using First Touchdown Scorer Standing For Betting

The data that tracks each week is crucial if you like to bet First Touchdown scorer prop bets.

You can quickly look at each game played and get the exact first touchdown scorer for each contest.

This information will allow you to evaluate individual teams and players to spot developing trends.

At the same time, you can research how often a team gives up the first touchdown and how they allowed those touchdowns to be scored.

Was it a running back punching it across the goal-line or a wide receiver hauling in a long catch and run?

This information is a significant first step in your research.

Of course, we always encourage using other resources as well.

  • What are the weather conditions?
  • What are the key injuries for each team?
  • Does one team have a weak spot on their defense that could be exploited?

The more information you can arm yourself with, the better decision-making process you will have for all your NFL player prop bets.

Strategies for First TD Scorer Betting

As a bettor, instead of evaluating a team over a full game, you will want to focus on their tendencies and strategies in the first quarter.

Some teams like to come out and establish the run.

Some teams like to take chances early and will throw a couple of deep balls to try and catch a defense unprepared.

Understanding coaching tendencies and developing a strategy for how you think a game will play out over the first quarter is key for this bet.

Often the Over/Under (total) set for a game can be a telling sign.

A lot total would suggest there won’t be a lot of big plays. That might be a week you stay away from a big play receiver and instead put your focus elsewhere.

How Anytime Touchdown Scorer Standing Works

Just like our First Touchdown scorer standings, if you are into Anytime Touchdown NFL prop betting, then needs to be your weekly destination.

Once again BestOdds will be tracking the touchdown scorers for every NFL game played this year.

Not only will you be able to search for a specific game to find the results you need, but you can also search by an individual player.

Using Anytime Touchdown Scorer Standing For Betting

Let’s use Cooper Kupp as an example. Last year Kupp had an incredible season and scored 16 touchdowns.

He played in 17 games, so obviously, quick math tells us Kupp averaged almost one touchdown per game.

However, a deeper dive into his per-game stats tells us that Kupp had several multiple-touchdown games last year, and actually scored in 11 of 17 regular season games.

That information helps a bettor have more understanding of expectations for Kupp. Scoring a TD in 65% of the games (11 for 17) is impressive, but it’s not 16 out of 17.

Strategies for Anytime Scorer Betting

The Philadelphia Eagles led the NFL in rushing touchdowns last year, with 25. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers led the NFL in passing touchdowns last year, with 43.

League-wide, there will be more passing touchdowns compared to rushing touchdowns.

However, that doesn’t mean every team will throw for more touchdowns than they rush for.

2021 Team Touchdowns Scored

TeamsRushing TouchdownsPassing Touchdowns
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1643
Tennessee Titans2323

A bettor has to have a very good understanding of how a teams’ offense is structured.

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are going to throw for a lot of yards and a lot of touchdowns.

Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry, and the Tennessee Titans are probably going to score a lot of rushing touchdowns.

If we have an understanding of how a team prefers to attack, we are in a better spot.

We also need to have an understanding of how teams perform on defense and whether they can be exploited at a particular position.

The Buffalo Bills gave up a total of 12 passing touchdowns last year, less than one per game. The Washington Commanders gave up 34 touchdown passes last year.

That kind of information is valuable when trying to predict which of their opponents will score a touchdown.

Shop Around

If you aren’t shopping around for your Best Odds when placing NFL player props, you are leaving money on the table.

The biggest advantage a bettor has over a sportsbook is their ability to shop around and bet the odds that generate the most profit when a bet hits.

The odds discrepancies can be significant when it comes to NFL player prop bets, especially the First TD scorer.

If you can find a player at +950 to score first, as opposed to +600, those odds advantages have a big impact on your overall bankroll and profit totals over time.

Looking for more stats? Check out the NFL Team To Score First stats for betting.

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