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NFL Team To Score First Standings


Malcolm Darnley

Updated: May 22, 2024

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NFL Team To Score 1st Standings

TeamScored First%Last 4Last 10Prev Y
49ers13-476.473-17-39-8 [53%]
Lions11-664.714-07-311-6 [65%]
Jaguars11-664.712-26-48-9 [47%]
Ravens11-664.711-34-612-5 [71%]
Eagles11-664.712-25-512-5 [71%]
Chargers11-664.711-35-59-8 [53%]
Steelers10-758.824-08-27-10 [41%]
Bears10-758.824-08-28-9 [47%]
Dolphins10-758.824-07-38-9 [47%]
Raiders10-758.823-16-49-8 [53%]
Broncos10-758.822-27-37-10 [41%]
Cowboys10-758.821-36-411-6 [65%]
Chiefs9-852.942-24-610-7 [59%]
Buccaneers9-852.943-17-38-9 [47%]
Bengals9-852.943-16-49-7 [56%]
Browns9-852.942-26-413-4 [76%]
Packers9-852.942-26-45-12 [29%]
Cardinals8-947.062-25-56-11 [35%]
Seahawks8-947.061-32-88-9 [47%]
Titans7-1041.182-25-510-7 [59%]
Colts7-1041.183-15-58-9 [47%]
Falcons7-1041.182-24-66-11 [35%]
Texans7-1041.181-32-85-12 [29%]
Rams7-1041.183-15-59-8 [53%]
Giants7-1041.182-25-54-13 [24%]
Bills7-1041.181-34-610-6 [63%]
Saints6-1135.291-33-79-8 [53%]
Commanders6-1135.290-43-75-12 [29%]
Patriots6-1135.291-34-67-10 [41%]
Jets6-1135.292-25-57-10 [41%]
Vikings5-1229.410-43-711-6 [65%]
Panthers5-1229.410-41-910-7 [59%]
Standings Last Updated: May 22, 2024 at 4:00 AM ET

Table Legend

  • Scored First: Record of how many games the team scored first this season
  • %: Percentage of the scored first column
  • Last 4: Team to score first record of the last 4 games
  • Last 10: Team to score first record of the last 10 games
  • 2021: Team to score first record from the 2021 season

NFL Team To Score 1st Betting

Before the legalization of sports betting across Canada and the United States, when we thought of betting on NFL games, we were probably thinking of point spreads, over/unders, and moneyline bets.

The legalization of sports betting has created competition amongst the many sportsbooks vying for our business.

These operators are looking for ways to distinguish themselves from each other.

Competition amongst the operators has created many more products and options for bettors to play.

These options come in the form of more player and game prop bets.

Two game props that have become very popular with NFL bettors are

  • Team to score first
  • 1st Half team total (o/u)

One of the reasons these game props are becoming so popular with NFL bettors is that the bet result has been determined long before the final outcome of the game has.

In fact, when it comes to betting on the team to score first, it’s possible that it can end on the game’s opening kick!

Below, we dive into all the stats and strategies for the Team to score first, 1st Half team total, and Team total betting.

The next time you make your NFL game prop bets, you will be armed with more information and in a better spot to make the proper selections.

How Team To Score 1st Standings Work

At, we realize that winning bets come in many different forms.

This MLB season, we successfully tracked NRFI stats for baseball bettors.

Although NRFI bets are a bit of a niche in the baseball community, those who love the first-inning drama of an MLB game found a lot of value in our updated NRFI standings.

The same will be said for NFL bettors who enjoy wagering on teams to score first.

Our Team To Score First Standings pages will include season-long stats along with emerging trends for each NFL team, making this page one of the key resources for anyone interested in betting on NFL teams to score first.

If you like this bet, you might also enjoy betting on NFL teams’ first drive result, which is another fun way to get some quick action!

Using Team To Score 1st Standings For Betting

According to, NFL teams who score first are more than 60% likely to win the game outright. In today’s NFL, teams are trying to be more aggressive offensively and are more hesitant just to punt the ball away.

Tracking Moneyline Underdogs vs. Favorites

One exercise that can provide a lot of information for a bettor is getting a sense of what blindly betting the underdogs and favorites would have paid out each week.

By this, we mean, what would our profit have been if we had blindly bet all the first team to score underdogs in a given week?

Because we are not dealing with point spreads, each game will have one team as a moneyline favorite and one team as an ML underdog.

When dealing with moneyline analysis, we must be conscious that you don’t need to win more than 50% of your bets to be profitable.

If you find success with odds of +120, +130, etc., you can afford to hover around the 50% mark or even below.

The First Team To Score standings page will allow a bettor to dive deeply into the profitability of blindly betting both favorites and underdogs.

This information is valuable because it could indicate a league-wide trend that the betting public has not yet recognized.

You can find stats that will suggest the win percentage for favorites and underdogs, but when it comes to NFL moneyline betting, the win percentage doesn’t tell the whole story.

We expect teams that are -150 to win more than they lose.

The question is, will they win enough at that price to be profitable?

How NFL 1st Half Team Total Score Standings Work

Just like the standings page for NFL Team To Score First betting, the first-half team total page will be a key piece of information each week for those who like to play this bet.

The team total standings page will track the first half over/under for each of the 32 NFL teams.

A bettor can see the total and how many points each team scored in the first half.

The standings page will have information for each team and for all 18 weeks of the regular season, meaning you need to make this page a regular destination before getting your Sunday bets in.

Using NFL 1st Half Team Total Score Standings For Betting

First-half team total betting, also known as first-half over/under betting, is like betting a team total for the entire game.

Sportsbooks will set a line for the first-half team total, and a bettor will decide whether that team will score more or fewer points than that total in the first half.

There are reasons why a bettor may decide to play the first-half team total as opposed to a full-game team total.

They may think that one team is either very good at scoring early in a game or possibly very bad when it comes to starting fast.

The weather may also be why people choose to play a first-half team total. If the conditions to start a game are going to be cold, rainy, windy, or all of the above, scoring in the first half may be more difficult than usual.

The standings page can be a crucial piece of research for those who enjoy beating first-half team totals.

Get a sense of which teams score early and which tend to score late.

Although each specific game needs its own independent research, using the first-half team total standings page will give a bettor a great league-wide view of past trends and performances.

Tracking League-Wide Trends

Earlier, we mentioned how our standings page could track blindly betting scenarios to determine if either overs or unders seem to have a significant advantage.

The first-half team total standings page can also provide a league-wide perspective of ongoing trends.

Maybe a bettor can spot that 55% of the first-half team totals have ended in overs the last two weeks.

Or, 12 of 16 games went under their first-half total. With this information, a bettor can dig in a little more.

Do we believe that lines might be off and favor unders?

Or do we think overs will be back to a 50% win rate next week?

All this information can help us with our final decision-making when we are evaluating individual games and prop bets.

How Team Total Score Standings Work

Several years ago, did some NFL scoring research and concluded at the time that the first half outscored the second half from 22.6 to 22.5 overall.

Basically, identical totals for each half.

Another interesting result they determined was that the home team outscored the visiting team by an average of two points in the first half and by only one point in the second half.

Home ScoreVisitor ScoreDifference
First-Half12.2 pts10.4 pts1.8 pts
Second-Half11.7 pts10.8 pts0.9 pts

When it comes to the team total score standings page, a bettor will be able to dive into each specific team and see how they compare to the league-wide averages.

Along with analytics for all 32 NFL teams, a bettor will get a snapshot of league-wide trends and results.

Using Team Total Score Standings For Betting

Knowledge is King, and that expression is as true for sports betting as it is in life.

The team total standings page will be an essential part of your tool chest because it will be updated with the most information being tracked for this specific wager each week.

Tracking Individual Teams

We have already talked about how the standings will be updated with league-wide trends and lots of macro data available for bettors to absorb.

Of course, each of the 32 individual teams will be tracked weekly, providing valuable information for a bettor handicapping specific games.

Shop Around For Your Best Odds

As a sports bettor, because of the juice (vig) applied to the odds, we are automatically trying to overcome a slight disadvantage against the house.

However, if there is a way for us to overcome the juice, it is by shopping around to find the Best Odds possible each time we want to place a bet.

Example NFL Team To Score First Odds

Week 2 GameDraftKings OddsFanDuel Odds
Falcons vs. RamsATL +145 / LAR -180ATL +142 / LAR -174
Texans vs. BroncosHOU +155 / DEN -190HOU +144 / DEN -178
Cardinals vs. RaidersARI +120 / LVR -150ARI +116 / LVR -142
Favorites Parlay Odds+295 odds+320 odds

Above are odds for some NFL Week 2 – Team to score first bets. For all three games listed, there is a noticeable variance in the odds, especially with the favorites.

If we were to make a simple 3-game parlay with these odds, we see that the FanDuel parlay would pay out $320 in profit for a $100 bettor, while the DraftKings would pay out $25 less.

$25 in profit on a $100 bet is a significant difference. If we were to repeat this exercise over time, we could increase our ROI by upwards of 25%.

And that is why we always shop around.

Looking for more stats? Check out the NFL Team Totals stats for betting.


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