NFL First-Half Totals (O/U) Betting

Malcolm Darnley

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

NFL First Half O/U Standings

Table Legend

  • O/U: Over / Under record in the first half this season
  • OU Margin: Average Over / Under margin in the 1H
  • PS / G: Average points scored per game in the 1H
  • PC /G: Average points conceded per game in the 1H
  • Home: O/U record for home games in the 1H
  • Away: O/U record for away games in the 1H
  • Last 4: O/U record for the last 4 games in the 1H
  • 2021: O/U record in the 1H for the 2021 season plus over %

How First Half O/U Standings Work

Just like the standings page for first half ATS betting, the standings page for first half O/U betting needs to be a part of your weekly routine.

The spreadsheet will break down the first half over/under stats for all individual teams and provide a weekly snapshot of league-wide results.

Using First Half O/U Standing For Betting

Hypothetical First Half O/U Results

Team1st Half O/U ResultsLast 5 games
Colts7 overs / 6 unders4 overs / 1 under
Chiefs5 overs / 8 unders1 over / 4 unders
Dolphins6 overs / 7 unders2 overs / 3 unders

Our table above provides some hypothetical results that allow us to understand some possible scenario’s to watch for this year.

Looking at the Indianapolis Colts, although they are very close to the 50% O/U rate we would expect, we can see that over their last five games, they are 80% on the over.

As a bettor, this allows us to jump in deeper and try to understand why. Are the Colts just a team who comes out and dominates early in the game?

Have the Colts been fortunate with a high number of first-half turnovers, resulting in some extra points? Has their defense or special teams provided additional scoring during their last five games?

All of these potential scenarios could influence the first-half results for Indianapolis. A bettor can quickly spot emerging trends and then research them in greater depth.

That knowledge and information can help lead to better decision-making for their next first-half O/U bet.

Always Shop Around

When we compare first-half point spreads, and over/under totals from multiple sportsbooks, we expect similar numbers.

However, there will still be opportunities to get extra half points with both point spread and O/U betting.

This extra half point becomes really important with the key number 3. Obviously, the number three is significant in football because it is the value of a field goal.

There is more of a chance that a 3-point spread results in a first-half push compared to a 2-point or 4-point spread.

However, just because one sportsbook has the first-half point spread set at three doesn’t mean they all will.

There is probably an opportunity somewhere else to find it at 2.5 or 3.5.

As sports bettors, our most significant advantage over the sportsbooks is our ability to shop around and play only the Best Odds that work for us.

If we aren’t shopping around to find the numbers and moneylines that work in our best interest, we are leaving profit on the table.

Looking for more stats? Check out the NFL Second-Half Totals (O/U) stats for betting.

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