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MLB Player Prop Cheat Sheet

player imageM. Betts
team imageKAN
Line: O 0.5 Hits
100%Betting the Over on Betts's Hits has won 9 of the last 9 bets (100%)
Bet $10 to win $13.50BET_RIVERS
Bet Now
player imageM. Olson
team imageTAM
Line: O 0.5 Hits
100%Betting the Over on Olson's Hits has won 9 of the last 9 bets (100%)
Bet $10 to win $14.00MGM
Bet Now
player imageL. Thomas
team imageMIA
Line: O 0.5 Hits
100%Betting the Over on Thomas's Hits has won 9 of the last 9 bets (100%)
Bet $10 to win $14.00MGM
Bet Now

High-Value Prop Cheats

Best Odds
Player logo
C. Abrams
(WAS - SS)
Over 9 / 9
Player logo
S. Kwan
(CLE - LF)
Over 9 / 9
Player logo
G. Henderson
(BAL - SS)
Over 9 / 9
Player logo
C. Wong
(BOS - C)
Over 8 / 8
Player logo
L. O'Hoppe
(LAA - C)
Over 8 / 8
Player logo
E. Tovar
(COL - SS)
Over 7 / 7
Player logo
A. Pages
(LAD - CF)
Over 7 / 7
Player logo
C. Correa
(MIN - SS)
Over 6 / 6
Player logo
J. Burger
(MIA - 3B)
Over 6 / 6
Player logo
R. Lewis
(MIN - 3B)
Over 6 / 6

Maybe the single fastest-growing type of bet is player prop betting.

Since the legalization of sports gambling in North America, sports fans have shown that betting on their favorite players is as exciting and interesting to them as betting on their favorite teams.

Traditionally, when we think of betting on Major League Baseball, we think of picking one team to win or wagering on that game’s overall Over/Under.

Player prop betting is different because it doesn’t involve a game’s final outcome or score.

Instead, bettors try to predict how one player will perform, regardless of how that player’s team performs.

  • Will Fernando Tatis Jr. go over his hit total?
  • Will Mookie Betts steal a base?
  • Will Mike Trout hit a home run?

MLB player prop betting brings a whole new level of enjoyment to a game and allows bettors to showcase their knowledge in different ways.

In this article below, we cover:

  • What is an MLB Cheat Sheet
  • MLB Cheat Sheet features and benefits
  • What is MLB player prop betting
  • Most popular MLB player prop bets
  • How BestOdds EDGE can help bettors
  • MLB player prop betting strategies

What Is MLB Cheat Sheet?

With 30 different MLB teams playing at least five games each week, hundreds, if not thousands of MLB player prop bets are available almost daily from April until the end of October.

For recreational sports bettors without access to the data and resources required to handicap a thousand different players in a single day, it can be challenging, if not impossible, to try and spot the MLB player prop bets where bettors and not the sportsbooks have the advantage.

The player prop cheat sheet is the solution for those looking to spot value without having access to thousands of different data points and the necessary time required to analyze all available MLB prop bets in the market.

The MLB Cheat Sheet will provide a list of the top available MLB prop bets each day where the advantage lies with the bettor and not the sportsbook.

BestOdds EDGE was built by sports bettors for sports bettors.

The betting platform can ingest thousands of different data points and then run complicated algorithms over top of that data, all with the goal of highlighting prop bets where the advantage favors players and not the house.

MLB Cheat Sheet Features & Benefits

Edge Percentage

The most beneficial feature of the EDGE platform is its ability to quantity each advantage with something called the EDGE Percentage.

In our graphic above, the EDGE platform has ingested all of its data and run its algorithms to determine that bettors have a 28% advantage compared to the sportsbooks by betting Corey Seager Over his RBI total of +0.5.

Typical edge percentages will be very low, sometimes even negative numbers. This is because sportsbooks are very good at setting odds and creating lines. However, the MLB cheat sheet will identify the few props each day where the advantage is far greater.

From there, bettors can analyse those few identified prop bets and be confident they are playing on bets with positive value in their favor.

Streaks, Trends & Recent Form

The MLB Cheat Sheet also does an excellent job of providing information detailing a player’s recent form or active streaks and trends.

Staying with our Corey Seager Total RBI bet example, the graphic above clearly details for bettors that Seager has gone Over his RBI prop total in 8 of his last 10 games.

In the case of Seager above, not only has he gone over the total in 8 of 10, but in six consecutive games, he has had at least one RBI.

Best Odds Available

One of the most beneficial features of the BestOdds EDGE platform is its ability to generate a projected edge percentage signaling to bettors when they have a significant advantage for a specific prop bet.

However, it is important to realize that the projected edge correlates with the Best Odds available for that bet.

In our example above, we see a player profile card detailing a significant edge for Michael Conforto to go Under his total bases prop.

At the bottom of Conforto’s profile card, we can see that the EDGE platform has highlighted his Best Odds for us, which is +130 at Caesars.

It is essential to understand that if you wanted to make this bet, but your sportsbook only had Conforto to go Under at +110 odds, that would impact the projected edge percentage.

The single biggest advantage sports bettors have against the sportsbooks is their ability to shop around and play the Best Odds available.

Often, a bettor can shop around and find a bet at a much better price.

For one single bet, shopping around may not have a huge impact, but over time, playing your Best Odds can impact your winnings by more than 20%.

What is MLB Player Prop Betting

Traditionally, when people were referring to sports betting, they were talking about picking one team to win or betting on whether a game would go over or under their total.

Obviously, those types of bets are tied to the final outcome of a game.

MLB player prop betting is a bet that involves trying to predict how a player will perform during a game and isn’t tied to the final outcome or final score.

There are many different MLB player prop bets, most focused on the game’s offensive aspects. Bettors can also wager on pitchers and how they will perform.

Player prop betting is one of the fastest-growing options among sports bettors.

Those familiar with Fantasy Sports and knowledgeable about players enjoy MLB player prop betting as much or more than traditional betting options.

Most Popular MLB Player Prop Bets

For those of us interested in betting on MLB player props, we have many options and different types of bets available. We can focus on the offensive side of the game, or we can wager on pitching props.

Some of the most popular MLB player prop bets include, but are not limited to:

  • Homeruns
  • Hits
  • Total bases
  • RBI’s
  • Runs scored
  • Hits+Runs+RBI

Focusing on the popular pitching-related props, some of the most popular are:

  • Strikeouts
  • Outs recorded
  • To record a win
  • Hits allowed
  • Walks allowed

How BestOdds EDGE Can Help Bettors

It’s no secret that sportsbooks have deep pockets and a vast amount of resources at their disposal. There are reasons why they are so good at setting odds and spreads.

As recreational sports bettors, how many are ingesting thousands of data points to help us analyze games?

How many of us have the computer skills and capabilities to create the complicated algorithms necessary to run over the top of that data?

Even if we had access to data and the required computer science skills, how many of us have the time necessary to do what the sportsbooks do?

The BestOdds EDGE platform was built by sports bettors for sports bettors.

They have access to the same data operators use to create the odds. They are a skilled technology team whose technology can help level the playing field between recreational sports bettors and sportsbooks.

The BestOdds EDGE sports betting platform was designed with the same data and technology used by the operators but with the recreational gambler in mind.

MLB Player Prop Betting Strategies

The BestOdds EDGE MLB cheat sheet is a great resource because it helps MLB prop bettors find the signal through the noise. By that, I mean that there are thousands and thousands of MLB prop bets available each week.

However, only a small percentage of those are more advantageous for bettors than sportsbooks.

Bettors should use the MLB cheat sheet to identify the player prop bets that interest them the most. From there, they can do their own research to ensure they are comfortable making that selection.

Bettors should ensure that there are no recent injuries that could impact someones playing time or performance.

The MLB cheat sheet is a fantastic tool for MLB prop bettors and can effectively help narrow down thousands of different props, giving us the best options to study.