NBA Same Game Parlay

That’s your pockets filling up with the money after cashing in that sweet NBA parlay. Let’s just say, a parlay payout is a bettor’s dream.

Parlays are multiple bets put into one, where every single leg has to win for you to get the payout. If there is a scenario where winning one bet increases the chances of winning other legs, you’d be crazy not to bet on it.

This is because you will gain an edge on the oddsmakers. It’s too tempting of an opportunity to pass on.

NBA Parlay Betting

Let’s say you bet on the Brooklyn Nets to end the regular season as the first seed in the Eastern Conference. Then, you parlay it into them, winning the NBA Finals.

By ending as the number one seed, it means they avoid closing the series on the road, and get a tired opponent in the first round since they have to overcome the Play-In Tournament.

By facing the lower seeds, and closing at home, they have a better chance of getting into the NBA Finals.

Not only that, but you realize the star-studded roster of the Nets, and you know they can edge their Western Conference counterpart to win it all.

Obviously, finishing as the first seed means their chance of lifting the Larry O’Brien Trophy is higher. This makes your parlay one that not only has a good payout, but it’s clever at the same time.

The oddsmakers know this. That’s why they stopped offering these kinds of parlay bets a long time ago. Sportsbooks try to avoid the opportunity for bettors to get correlated outcomes in the same parlay. It’s a disadvantage for them.

The oddsmakers are in the business of making money. Why would they put themselves in a position to give bettors massive payouts? They want to take your money, not give it away.

But what if we told you there is a way to still get correlated outcomes parlayed into one? Enters the scene, the NBA Same Game Parlay.

Let’s dive into the world of NBA Same Game Parlays!

NHL Same Game Parlay Sportsbooks

There are few sportsbooks that offer the same game parlay in the US.

Fanduel, Caesars, and BetMGM are among the only and better- ones to give you this betting opportunity.

They will offer this modality for pretty much all regular-season games, and also in the postseason. It includes a great variety of markets you can include in the play.

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Soon enough, the NBA Same Game Parlay will be available in tons of sportsbooks across the country.

They will have to add the option, otherwise, they will lose bettors to the competition.

What Is An NBA Same Game Parlay?

In the easiest way possible, it’s a parlay you do where the result of every leg is determined on the same NBA game. This means the legs are somewhat correlated.

The NBA betting odds will move accordingly, taking the correlation into account.

If the sportsbooks didn’t do this, the edge they give to the bettors is like shooting themselves in the foot.

The NBA same game parlays include options among point spreads, totals, and in some sportsbooks, player props as well. All of those outcomes are going to be determined as the game plays out.

These parlays spice the game up for bettors. They make the bettors either cheer or boo for every single play that happens on the court.

An NBA same game parlay will maximize your entertainment, interest, and fun in what can otherwise be a lackluster game. It doesn’t matter if you don’t root for any of the teams playing, you will feel like a lifelong fan!

Like, if a team delivers on your bet and gives you money, at least your wallet will become a fan of those teams, right?

What Are Correlated Odds?

To have the best experience in the NBA same game parlay, you have to know what correlated odds are. The correlated odds are when the outcome of one of the events directly affects the result of another.

In other words, if one wager wins, it increases the chances of another bet also being fulfilled. It’s not ideal from the sportsbooks’ point of view.

As we spoke before, this is a scenario the oddsmakers try to avoid. That would be the case here, but they found an edge.

The point for sportsbooks is not to get away from paying massive amounts to small stake wagers.

Example Of NBA Same Day Parlay

Let’s set an easy example. You bet on a specific player to score 30+ points or score the first basket, and, simultaneously, you put a wager on that team to win the game straight up.

So how is this correlated? Well, if the player scores a 30 piece, he puts his team in a better position to win the game.

This, clearly, boosts the chances of the straight-up bet. In this case, correlated odds produce a domino effect that helps the bettor and not the sportsbook. Inversely, if the player you bet on has a bad performance, it will hamper the team’s shot at winning the game.

Let’s take a look at another example. If an underdog wins a game against a team who usually scores a lot, it’s probably because the top team has an off night.

Or, it could be that they were tired by playing back-to-back.

It might also be that the underdog created a great plan to nullify the opponent’s best player. The underdog is aware that they’d rather let the opposing second or third best option beat them.

They clamp on defense against the top scorer in front of them and deal with the consequences of the other players in order to win the game.

The fact that the defensive game plan worked to perfection becomes a well-paid upset, and you leave happier and richer.

Now, this unusual result will inevitably favor the under bet. Of course, the best scorer of the best team didn’t deliver on the night, and the team that won isn’t as offensively sound.

It can also help on the under-on-player prop bets of the opposing star, who was locked down.

If the bettor was sharp enough to preview this defensive output and how it all correlated into other markets, he’d get big bucks out of it.

There would be nothing preventing bettors from wagering on each of the mentioned results as straight bets, too. But, if they were part of a parlay, the sportsbook has to prepare for the payout, and it will be a big one.

Parlay That Multiplies The Odds

A parlay that multiplies the odds translates into the slight edge the bettor might have by using great intuition when betting. This, of course, turns into a huge bet.

The magnified odds get multiplied through each of the parlay legs. The sportsbook is risking a lot of money if they lose a bet like that.

Using the previous example, let’s say these were the odds the wager was set on:

Say that the bettor submits his moneyline wager at a plus expected value (+EV). That means the odds were larger than the expected opportunity of winning.

This ‘value’ gained on the first bet multiplies through both of the points and total wagers. The mere fact that the bettor thought the underdog had the personnel to nullify the favored team also means he could see value in other markets.

In other words, he was getting a friendly price on both of the bets. The multiplier effect makes this a potential “lotto” kind of payout.

Sportsbooks know how these numbers could devastate them. Hence, they will never let correlated odds just play in the bettors’ favor without doing something.

They do not want to be blindsided by keen bettors who risk a small stake and reap an all-world payout by correlating outcomes.

This won’t help bettors, but it is the hand dealt with them by the oddsmakers. It’s sort of a win-win situation.

Why Do Sportsbooks Offer NBA Same Game Parlays?

The actual explanation is that they are a terrific betting gimmick. However, like all things in this industry, if the sportsbooks offer it, then they must know they have a bit of an edge.

This edge is created by the sportsbook. They make a change to the odds. This allows them to grab a bigger margin on each of the parlay legs.

This reduces the multiplier’s effect and minimizes the fact of these bets having correlated outcomes.

For example, we have an early-season NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic. For the sake of the example, the point spread is set at an absurd and high 20.5 point in favor of the Lakers. This is due to the complete lack of confidence in the Magic roster.

The same game parlay odds offered to the bettor is the following:

  • Point Spread: 20.5
  • Lakers -110
  • Magic -110
  • Points total: 212.5
  • Over -108
  • Under -112
  • 4th Quarter Points: 52.5
  • Over +100
  • Under -128

Now, say the wager submitted by the bettor is like this:

  • Lakers -20.5
  • Total points over 212.5
  • 4th quarter points over 52.5

The payout of a not-correlated parlay would be +633. Because this is an actual same game parlay will be adjusted by the oddsmakers, so the odds would lower to +271.

You can still win more than double your money, but the sportsbooks avoid having to pay 63 times the amount wagered.

If these three outcomes happened in different games, there is no way one affects the result of the other. Therefore, the bigger value at +633. Because the same game parlays are correlated outcomes, the odds offered are one of +271.

Obviously, for the Lakers to blow out the Magic and cover, they need their star man, LeBron James, to have a great game, including scoring a lot of buckets.

By doing this, it also gives a better chance for the over wager to cash. In a domino effect, there is a great possibility that the final quarter will have some garbage time points to help as well.

This means the 4th quarter over also gets a better chance of happening.

At +271, the odds are far away from the juicy +633. By betting the point spread, you will almost double your money, and as a bettor, you know you are getting a deal with added risk here.

Actually, it’s a risk that doesn’t even translate into huge payouts. In fact, if the correlation of the outcomes was not considered, combining the spread and the 4th quarter over would come out with a +280 odds.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it is what it is. That is a better payout than the same game parlay with the three legs combined.

Now, you see why sportsbooks are low-key fans of the same game parlay. It helps as a diversion from other stuff that could hamper them.

It’s a bit of trickery on their part, and they capitalize on the fact that they know the same game parlays are fun to bettors.

Why Bet On NBA Same Game Parlay?

Now that you know the oddsmakers have an edge over you in this betting category, the question is: Why should you bet on an NBA Same Game Parlay?

It is a valid question. The answer is, in terms of overall winnings, it’s not the best of ideas to jump into the same game parlay world.

But, and there is always a “but”, there are a couple of reasons that might make them worth betting. So, let’s have a look at those.

You Will Not Have a Dull Moment!

Never, ever, will you think a game where you have the same game parlay is boring? Having money on the line adds a factor of fun and excitement it would not have otherwise.

If you want to bet a small stake for fun and get some bucks while doing so, the same game parlays will be great for you. As long as it’s not your primary source of income betting, it’s all good.

Frame it with this example. It’s another boring week. So, you invite some of your best buds to watch the Nets game. You crack up a few beers, order some wings, have a good time, but you also submit the same game parlay before the game starts.

Your same game parlay includes a combination of moneyline, spread, totals, and you went even further, adding a player prop. If you manage to bank it in, you are your friend’s idol.

You get even more beers, more money, and a way better time. And yes, since you won money, they will probably tell you the next beers are on you.

You Can Maximize Your Bonus Bet

Guys, claim your bonus. Plenty of sportsbooks will offer free bets and that’s a big way of mitigating the edge of the sportsbook, as you don’t risk your money. If you win, you get the bucks. If you don’t, it’s a free bet. You don’t lose your money.

Say you are going to your team’s arena to watch the game or you decide to spend your night watching the NBA. Then, not using your hard-earned money and capitalizing the most of your free bet is the right tactic. If you avoid actually losing, and that’s always good.

Big disclaimer, though. If they are deposit bonuses, bet it somewhere else. When sportsbooks offer free bets, they are usually not large amounts. Plus, they only pay the winnings from the wager and not the stake.

This means you are sharp and clever on looking for bigger odds to cash on a plus value payout. On the other hand, the deposit bonuses are bigger, and in that case, it’s better to seek less risky bets and make your bankroll grow.

Take Advantage Of Promos

The sportsbooks love daring the bettors to bet on the same game parlays since they know they have the edge. To tempt you to take action on them, they will offer enticing promotions here and there.

For example, these bonuses come as either cash back or free bets for missing one leg of the parlay. There are lots of different promos linked to NBA same game parlays. Be sure to make the most of them.

In the U.S, the same game parlays in any massive way. Believe us, this is going to change really soon. This betting style is coming to the United States market in full force.

In a short time, those huge bonuses tied to the same game parlays will be overflowing you in the different sportsbooks.

NBA Same Game Parlays

The same game parlay gaining popularity, but it’s relatively new to the United States.

Be prepared to get your same game parlays action-ready.