NFL Second Quarter Betting

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If you are a North American sports bettor, odds are you have wagered on an NFL game.

In 2021, an estimated $12 Billion was bet on the NFL in the United States alone.

With so many people interested in NFL betting, the lines and odds available can get very sharp, very fast.

Sportsbooks have a real vested interest in spending a lot of time and effort making sure their NFL odds are accurate.

If lines are released that the betting public disagrees with, you can be assured the general public will jump on them fast.

For these reasons and others, betting on the NFL can be difficult.

A bettor can gain an advantage over a sportsbook by focusing on some of the more niche bets offered.

With so much money being bet on point spreads, moneylines, game totals, and player props, some of the more niche opportunities can provide value.

Sportsbooks only have so much time and resources each week to make their lines and release them to the public.

With hundreds of bets being offered on a single game, not every line offered gets the same attention and focus.

Second-quarter betting could be an opportunity to work with lines and odds that don’t get the same priority as the point spread and totals.

NFL Second Quarter ATS Standings

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How Second Quarter ATS Standings Work

Any sports bettor who wants to explore if there is an edge or opportunity to beat the sportsbooks with a second-quarter betting strategy needs to check out the website each week before they place their bets. will provide an updated standings spreadsheet detailing all second-quarter betting results, giving you a lot of the critical information and insight you need to place your second-quarter bets.

The up-to-date team standings page will let a bettor visualize each team’s year-long success during the second quarter of all their games.

The standings page will provide an overall league-wide view of the second-quarter results from each game.

This information is a great start when you begin to handicap your second-quarter bets.

Using Second Quarter ATS Standings For Betting:

When it comes to niche NFL betting, second-quarter ATS bets might just be as niche as they come.

The standings page should be a key part of any second-quarter betting strategy.

The most common second-quarter point spreads fall between one and three points. A bettor needs to be aware of the moneyline associated with each spread.

Let’s look at our Week 1 odds table below to understand better the moneylines associated with each second quarter spread.

NFL Week 1 – 2nd QTR ATS Odds

Game2nd QTR SpreadFavorite OddsUnderdog Odds
Baltimore vs. NY JetsRavens -2.5-2.5 / -130+2.5 / -105
San Francisco vs. Chicago49ers -3-3 / -105+3 / -135
Cleveland vs. CarolinaPanthers -1-1 / +120+1 / -160

Our table above points out the large variance that can be found on the moneylines, when betting on the second quarter spread.

This can be different than full-game or traditional point spread betting, where the odds tend to be closer to -110 for both sides.

A bettor must closely examine the odds associated with each point spread before they place their bets.

The Cleveland Browns getting +1 on the road in Carolina may sound enticing, but at -160 odds, you are giving up a lot of juice for that single point.

As a bettor is doing their research on teams and games of interest, the second quarter standings page can provide some valuable information.

Use the standings page to evaluate league-wide performances and gauge which teams are on a second-quarter hot or cold streak.

Once armed with all that information, a second-quarter spread bettor can now more accurately place their bets.

Second Quarter ATS Betting Strategies

There is little information or content around the second quarter of NFL games. did some research that is now several years old, suggesting that the home team outscores the visiting team by just a single point in the second quarter.

Unfortunately, that second-quarter analysis doesn’t break it down by favorites and underdogs, only home and away teams.

The standings page allows a bettor to view how the trends are playing out as the season progresses.

Would you be better off picking the favorites by giving up only a few points, or do the underdogs pay out more during the second quarter?

What are the trends for teams with plus and minus money odds on the moneylines?

When handicapping a specific game, it is important to look at the individual teams.

However, using the standings page to spot league-wide trends can also help with decision-making.

NFL Second Quarter O/U Standings

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How Second Quarter O/U Standings Work

Once again, when it comes to betting on the second quarter, whether that is an ATS bet or an over/under play, the standings page should be a part of your weekly routine.

The O/U standings page will provide an individual team snapshot and a league-wide overview of all relevant second-quarter O/U trends.

Using Second Quarter O/U Standing For Betting

When sportsbooks set odds for individual quarters, the calculation is not as simple as dividing the final game total by four.

Each quarter is unique for several different reasons.

Team2021 2nd QTR PTS2021 Total PTS / GM2nd QTR %
Buffalo7.5 / 2nd qtr29.8 / game25%
Kansas City8.3 / 2nd qtr29.4 / game28%
Tampa Bay8.3 / 2nd qtr29.9 / game27.7%
Dallas8.5 / 2nd qtr30.4 / game28%
Indianapolis7.5 / 2nd qtr26.5 / game28.3%

Our table above helps illustrate that over the last several years, the second quarter is the highest scoring of the four quarters that make up a game.

The O/U standings page can be an effective tool to help gauge how teams are performing, specifically in the second quarter.

Sportsbooks are very good at setting over/under lines; each year, the number of overs that occur will be very close to the number of unders that occur.

A bettor can use the O/U standings page to spot emerging trends and possibly get ahead of the next one.

If a bettor sees a week where overs cashed in 12 of 14 games, they may believe that a market correction is due next week and focus more on some potential second-quarter unders to bet.

Whatever strategies you want to test, the BestOddscom O/U standings page is an excellent tool for some weekly historical data to help validate your theories.

Always Shop Around

When you compare odds from multiple sportsbooks, you won’t find a lot of variance in their spreads and totals for second-quarter betting.

However, where the value does lie for a sports bettor is the moneylines associated with those spreads and totals.

The Miami Dolphins could be a -1 point favorite in the second quarter at DraftKings and FanDuel.

However, if one sportsbook has them -1 / -115 and another one has them as -1 / +105, you would be crazy not to jump on the plus moneyline where it’s available.

The difference in profit for a $100 bettor is almost 20%. Over time, the ability to shop around for your BestOdds is our greatest edge over the sportsbooks.