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NHL Betting Odds

When talking about a sport with die-hard fans, the NHL is on top of that list. Hockey is do-or-die from the ice rink to betting.

This sport is not like others, and when it comes to sports betting, handicap bets are quite distinctive compared to other markets.

By betting on hockey online, you open yourself to many markets and betting styles. We’ll cover them below.

Contrary to other sports, you don’t have to be an analytic guy to make a good profit.

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NHL Betting Odds Explained

The usual bet in hockey is the moneyline bet. There, you pick the outright winner of the game. You can find total bets as well as puck lines, which are point-spread and moneyline hybrids. Puck lines are exclusive for hockey markets.

NHL Handicapping

Handicap betting is the most basic wager when getting into the sports gambling world. Oddsmakers will create lines to even out a mismatched game. Basically, the underdog gets a created advantage to even the odds out.

Let’s have a quick example to picture what a handicap bet looks like:

– Edmonton Oilers -2.5 (-110)

– Winnipeg Jets +2.5 (-110)

As you can see, the Jets are given a 2.5 goal advantage. This way, the odds even out for the Oilers, who would otherwise be big moneyline favorites.

Bettors go crazy from time to time. Avoid this. These are some of the common mistakes handicap players do. Take note and don’t let yourself to fall into these traps. 

Don’t Bet On Too Many Hockey Games

You must manage your bankroll. Going crazy and betting all your money in a day is not a good plan. Select your games carefully. Study which games offer the best odds, read trends, and leave the rest of the games out. It’s better to win a few games than to lose several, right?

Ignoring Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are a game-changer. This cannot be stressed enough, claim your welcome bonuses! 

Most sportsbooks will offer a welcome bonus after you sign-up and deposit. This is how you build your bankroll early in your betting journey. Some bettors only want to bet straight away and ignore the bonuses. Don’t do that; claim your bonus, then bet and see your bankroll rise like crazy.

NHL Is Different From Other Sports

In other sports, there are more markets. Hockey is a small market, low-scoring sport, and you won’t see high spreads often. You really need to think about your bets. It’s money that we seek to win, not lose, so it’s imperative to stay sharp.

Hockey Is Lowkey, Take Advantage of it!

Hockey bets represent like 1% of the betting action. Because of this, sportsbooks don’t focus on it as much as they do on other sports. This makes hockey a golden nugget for you to catch big value on opening odds. Most people bet on sports and miss out on NHL action. Not you, you should hit the early lines and collect money.

The hockey season is a rollercoaster. What makes the NHL so fun is its unpredictability. However, for bettors, this is a blessing and a curse. Because of this, you need to pick the right online betting method.

NHL Moneyline

Pick the winner of the match, win the bet. Moneylines are that simple. The favorite to win will have a (-) sign before its odds. The underdog has a (+) attached to its odds. 

Here’s an example:

– Boston Bruins -125

– Colorado Avalanche +150

Lay $125 to win $100 with the Bruins. For the Avalanche, bet $100 and get $150 in return.

NHL Puck Lines

NHL puck lines are the same as MLB run lines. It’s a spread of 1.5 goals added to the game. Keeping our previous example, this is a puck line example:

– Boston Bruins -1.5 (+210)

– Colorado Avalanche +1.5 (-230)

Notice how the Bruins are now a big underdog, and the Avalanche became the favored team? Well, that’s because now, they have to win by two goals to cash with the Bruins. If not, the Avalanches win the bet.

A concept to consider here is that if the game goes to overtime, the +1.5 is a lock. This is because the NHL has sudden death overtime, which would forbid the teams in OT to win by two. This makes the puck lines so much more interesting to bet on in close matchups.

NHL Totals

This works the same as in other sports. Total bets predict whether the teams will add up or fall short of the oddsmakers’ specific number of goals. Usually, they’re paid at -110.

Following the example, you’ll find them like this:

– Boston Bruins -125

– Colorado Avalanche +150

– Total: Over 6.0 (-110), Under 6.0 (-110)

In the NHL, totals will go between 5.0 and 6.0. This is just an approximate and can go over or below said numbers. A 6.5 total or higher is because oddsmakers expect a shootout.

NHL Parlays

One thing to know about NHL parlays is that the payouts are calculated by the odds of each leg of the parlay. They don’t use a fixed-odds system like football or basketball.

Parlays consist of at least two bets put together in one wager. The more games wagered, the higher the payout. There’s no room for error though, one loss and the whole parlay loses.

Also, many sportsbooks will block the possibility of betting on correlated parlays but let your do SGP. For example, teasing the over and the odds-on favorite in the same parlay isn’t allowed.

NHL Futures

There are a handful of options you can bet on NHL Futures. The most popular include predicting the Stanley Cup Winner. Betting on the Eastern and Western Conference titles also catches the eye of sports fans.

There are more specific futures, like who wins NHL MVP and who will end up as the top goaltender.

The clear benefit of futures is that the payouts are great mostly. The big con is that it is a long-term bet; your money will be on hold for weeks or months.

NHL Prop Bets

Hockey prop bets focus on the number of shots or assists a player gets. You can also find these kinds of prop bets for the entire team.

Prop bets like who scores first, or the number of goals during a period are also gaining popularity.

NHL Live Betting

Live betting has been a key part of online betting. The NHL, of course, offers live betting in most sportsbooks.

Live betting markets offer updated odds from puck lines, moneylines, totals, and props. They change as the games happen and are a great way to capitalize on the match as it occurs.

NHL Betting Strategy

Having an effective betting strategy makes you the big bucks. NHL markets are not as big as other sports, but they are very profitable.

These are some of the best betting strategies for the NHL.

Go For The Underdogs

The public moves towards the favorites, so underdog bets always have value. However, in hockey, underdogs are not like in other sports.  

Underdogs in the NHL have certain spots where the upsets become more likely. It’s better to look for those teams who ride on the upset bandwagon than laying big bets for favorites who won’t pay you nearly as much.

Take a +180 team, for example. If you win under 36% of the time, you will break even. It’s almost too good to be true.

Home Ice As An NHL Betting System

Being the home side in the ice rink is a massive factor to consider when placing a bet. The oddsmakers pay lots of attention to this factor. Despite this, bettors must consider home-ice advantage before betting.

NHL has particular crowds that can really light up a team. Home advantage is a real thing.

Understand Road Games

Most of the teams struggle when hitting the road. Having said that, others are well prepared to heist other homes. Whether it is coaching or leadership, some teams are built for road games. Identify those teams and put your money on them.

Another piece of advice, when on the road, back-to-back games happen frequently. Look for the first game of the back-to-back, when the teams are rested and ready to go.

Fade The Public

Go against the public. There’s always value in wagering against the popular bet. Since hockey is not a big market, public bettors tend to go with well-known teams or star players. This opens a gigantic window of value for savvy players who follow the league closely.

Betting against the public normally means betting for underdogs. This implies even more value in your bets.

Don’t Sleep on Totals

Hockey is a low-scoring sport, and there are plenty of good-to-elite goalkeepers. The under is close to a guarantee if you find yourself across a game with two great goalies.

Betting On NHL Playoffs Online

The NHL Playoffs are one of the wildest and most unpredictable experiences in the sporting world. You don’t win the Stanley Cup without shedding blood and tears. The NHL can see an 8th seed take out the 1st seed anytime.

However, the players should be the ones taking the damage, and you should be the one collecting the money. 

Analyze the head-to-head records during the season. Pay attention to injuries and the momentum going into each series. Teams who enter riding a hot streak usually have deep runs in the playoffs.

Watch which lower seed enters the playoffs hot. Upsets are juicy payouts and there are lots of them in the playoffs.

Betting On The Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup series is the end of a hard-fought season. The players leave their heart and soul in the ice-rink for the right to be called champions.

Educate yourself in trends, momentum, health, stamina, and stories developing between both teams.

Advanced NHL Stats

The NHL has four stats, read more about advanced analytics, you must consider when looking for the best bet available. These stats are the ‘Corsi’, the ‘Fenwick’, the ‘Zone’, and the ‘Goals Saved Above Average’ (GSAA). 


Simply put, it’s a plus/minus metric of how many shots are on target by both teams when they are at even strength. Corsi applies for both player and team analysis.

When taken into consideration for betting, look at the team statistics. This will help you see how effective a team is while attacking.


It’s quite similar to Corsi. Fenwick is also a plus/minus metric, but discounts blocked shots, which Corsi counts. 

As with Corsi, Fenwick helps measure a team’s ability to score effectively.


The Zone statistic measures the offensive potential of a team. It focuses on how much the team keeps the puck in the offensive territory. When looking at this metric, you’ll find oZS% and dZS%—one for the offensive zone and the other for the defensive side. Teams with a higher oZS% are more likely to score goals because they put the puck closer to the rival’s net. 

Goals Saved Above Average (GSAA) 

Goalies are key in the NHL. Evaluating them is as vital when thinking of betting in the NHL. GSAA evaluates goalies by taking an average save percentage and applying it to the number of goals that the keeper faces in a game. 

The number is crossed with the number of goals allowed by the goalie, creating a plus/minus. With GSAA, you can see how good a goaltender really is. It’s beneficial for total bets.