2023 MLB Season Win Totals Betting Odds

2023 MLB Season Win Totals Betting Odds

In 2022, it is expected that the Los Angeles Dodgers will have a payroll very close to $275 million for their 28 man roster.

At the same time, the Baltimore Orioles are expected to have a payroll of just over $30 million for their full-team roster.

With a difference of almost $250 million in team payroll, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Dodgers are being projected to win 36 more games than the Orioles.

In fact, as the payroll discrepancy between teams continues to widen in MLB, we have recently seen a spike in total wins by those who are willing to spend.

100 wins in a season was once thought of as a truly special accomplishment by a team. Those types of win totals were at one time few and far between.

However, MLB has now had a team win at least 100 games in six consecutive seasons. (Not including the 2020 shortened 60 game season) In 2020, when there were only 60 games played, the Los Angeles Dodgers finished with a record of 43-17, which is a pace that puts them well over 100 wins.

As we dive into the win totals for all 30 MLB teams below, maybe the value we are looking for is predicting which team or teams will once again top the 100 win barrier. Currently, there are no teams with a total at 100 wins or more.

Not even those free-spending Los Angeles Dodgers and their $280 million dollar payroll.

2022 MLB Team Total Wins Odds

Top Tier Teams

Los Angeles Dodgers – The Dodgers had another typical Dodgers like season last year, winning 106 games and cruising into the playoffs.

Unfortunately for LA, the 106 wins weren’t enough to claim the NL West division as the San Francisco Giants somehow topped them with 107.

This year the Dodgers acquired Freddie Freeman during the off-season and are once again expected to be the best of the west, in the National League.

New York Yankees – The New York Yankees as always, have a huge payroll, a huge fanbase all over the world and high expectations for 2022. Last year, New York won 92 games in a very tough AL East division but lost to the Red Sox in the wild-card round of the playoffs.

Once again the AL East is expected to be one of the most competitive divisions in baseball, with Tampa, Toronto, and Boston expected to challenge the Yankees for the division title.

Houston Astros – Good things are once again expected for the Houston Astros, despite losing all-star shortstop Carlos Correa in free agency. Last year, all Houston did was win the AL West and then make the World Series, before ultimately falling to the Atlanta Braves.

With their division rivals the Oakland A’s in full sell-off mode currently, Houston may have an extra few wins available to them this year as opposed to last.

Tier II Teams

Chicago White Sox – The White Sox had a great start to their season last year and then cruised into the playoffs, winning the AL Central division without much competition.

However, this offseason the Minnesota Twins have made some roster additions that should provide Chicago more of a threat.

Big things are still expected of the White Sox this year and bettors can decide if Minnesota did enough to steal a few wins away from them, or if the South Siders are still the team to beat in the Central.

Toronto Blue Jays – Blue Jays fans were on the edge of their seats for all 162 games last year, but ultimately suffered the heartbreak of watching them win 91 games and still miss out on the playoffs, by just one game.

Toronto lost Cy Young award winner Robbie Ray and MVP candidate Marcus Semien in free agency, but added Kevin Gausman, Matt Chapman and are hoping George Springer will bounce back with a full season after playing only 50 games last year.

Milwaukee Brewers – At 95-67 last year, the Milwaukee Brewers quietly finished with the fourth most wins in all of baseball, tied with the Houston Astros. Their 95 wins were 10 more than the pre-season total set for them at the beginning of the year.

Currently, you can find Milwaukee once again under a 90 win total, so if you believe in that starting pitching staff, then there might be some value for you on the Brewers.

Tier III Teams

Atlanta Braves – The Atlanta Braves lost their best player last year, Ronald Acuna, to a serious ACL injury. The Braves were a below .500 team at the all-star break and looked to be on the outside of the NL playoff picture.

Braves President and GM Alex Anthopolous made several trades mid-season to try and offset the injuries. It worked well enough that Atlanta was one of the best teams in the second half of the season and rode that momentum to a World Series title.

After losing perennial all-star Freddie Freeman in free agency this year, Anthopolous was quick to replace him with Matt Olson. Atlanta should once again be in the mix for the NL East division crown.

Tampa Bay Rays – I feel like every year, bettors look over the Tampa Bay roster and think that this must be the year they are non-competitive.

While the Dodgers, Mets, and Yankees are all spending over $200 million in payroll, Tampa finds itself at the other end of the spectrum, closer to $65 million.

In 2021, that didn’t seem to matter, as the Rays were one of only three teams to win 100 games and the AL East title in the process. Can Tampa continue to duplicate its success despite being a bottom spending team?

I’m not betting against them… anymore.

New York Mets – New York Mets owner Steve Cohen has been public about willing to do what it takes to win a World Series. Apparently, that means spending money and lots of it. The Mets are currently expected to have the second-largest payroll in all of MLB, behind only the Dodgers.

If New York can get 60 combined starts in 2022 from Jacob de Grom and newly acquired Max Scherzer, then most experts believe they will be at or near the top of the standings.

If one of those two misses significant time this year, it will be interesting to see if New York has the depth to overcome it.

Bottom Tier Teams

Arizona Diamondbacks – From 2017-to ’19, the Diamondbacks finished those three seasons a combined 34 games above .500, including 93 wins in 2017. Last year, Arizona had a league-worst 52-110 record, tied with the woeful Baltimore Orioles for last overall.

Their 52 wins last year were actually more than 20 wins below their preseason projected total. I don’t think anyone expects Arizona to be competitive this year, but I also don’t think anyone expects them to win only 52 games again.

Pittsburgh Pirates – From 2013-15, the Pittsburgh Pirates made the playoffs for three consecutive seasons. In the six seasons played since then, the Pirates have finished above .500 just one time.

Last year, Pittsburgh topped 100 losses, with a 61-101 overall record. The Pirates are expected to have a payroll under $40 million this year, but with division rivals the Cubs, Brewers, and Reds all expected to be below the average MLB payroll total, there may be some wins available for them in a weak NL Central division.

Baltimore Orioles – Over the last three MLB seasons where a full 162 regular-season games have been played, the Baltimore Orioles are a combined 153 wins and 333 losses. Truly an awful record and unfortunately for Orioles fans, if there are any left, it doesn’t appear wins are coming anytime soon.

Last in MLB wins in 2021, the Orioles are last in MLB payroll this year. Baltimore is somewhere close to a projected 60 wins this year, depending on your sportsbook of choice. Baltimore has won 47, 54, and 52 games over the last three full seasons. Does 60 seem ambitious to anyone else?

2021 Regular Season

MLB is not perfect, which is why we saw a several-month labor stoppage this past offseason while the players and owners tried to find some middle ground on their issues.

One thing that remains clear in MLB, even coming out of that work stoppage, is that not every team has a goal of winning the World Series in 2022.

With payroll discrepancies at an all-time high, we are starting to witness a tiered system and this is translating into more regular-season wins than in years past, for those teams who are spending.

Last season, MLB had three teams win at least 100 games. There has also been at least one team win 100 games in a regular-season in the last six full seasons played.

In fact, dating back to 1986, if you track the teams that have won the most games in one season, four of the top 10 teams have accomplished those wins in the last three years.

MLB Team Totals Betting

MLB Team Totals betting is all about trying to find value in teams before the rest of the market can catch up.

Bettors will obviously want to focus on how teams performed in the previous season and the big moves teams made to improve over the offseason.

There are also several great sites available for bettors who provide projected win totals for each team. Obviously, these projected totals are far from perfect with their accuracy, but they are a great starting tool for bettors to use at their disposal.

MLB team total bettors have to try and evaluate the true benefit of adding a high-end quality player. The Minnesota Twins added Carlos Correa this offseason but lost Josh Donaldson in a trade to the Yankees.

What does the addition of Correa at short and the loss of Donaldson at third mean for the Twins this year? How will their roster changes impact the team in comparison to their 73 wins last year?

Now is the time to dig in on the offseason homework for all 30 teams and then search the Team Total odds for a great value.

Where Can You Bet MLB Team Totals

Betting MLB Team Totals is very easy to do online. The first step a bettor will want to do is compare their own projections with the odds and totals provided by multiple sportsbooks. Not every team will have the same win totals at every sportsbook.

Making sure you find the best MLB odds available for the teams you want to bet on is a great strategy play.

There is also so much competition between the sportsbooks currently, bettors should be looking at welcome bonuses and promotions being offered before setting up their accounts.

Once a bettor has an understanding of the sportsbooks they want to use to place their Team Total bets, you can find the odds for all teams within the MLB betting section.

Under the futures tab, click Team Totals or Win Totals and you will see all the latest odds for each of the 30 MLB teams.

Betting on MLB Team Totals is a very popular type of futures bet and all legal, reputable sportsbooks will have those odds available to interested bettors.

We always recommend you track all your bets either with a spreadsheet or software designed to help you keep a record of your wagers.

This is the best way to stay within your money management plan and to learn from your past history and results.

Most MLB Regular Season Wins Since 1986

YearTeamTotal Wins
2001Seattle Mariners116
1998New York Yankees114
1986New York Mets108
2018Boston Red Sox108
2019Houston Astros107
2021San Francisco Giants107
1998Atlanta Braves107
2021Los Angeles Dodgers106
2004St. Louis Cardinals105

Win Totals For Last 10 World Series Champions

YearWorld Series ChampionRegular Season Record
2021Atlanta Braves88-73
2020Los Angeles Dodgers43-17 *shortened season
2019Washington Nationals93-69
2018Boston Red Sox108-54
2017Houston Astros101-61
2016Chicago Cubs103-58
2015Kansas City Royals101-61
2014San Francisco Giants103-58
2013Boston Red Sox97-65
2012San Francisco Giants94-68