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MLB Betting
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MLB Betting Odds

There are a couple of reasons why baseball betting is so popular. First, it is one of the few sports played during the summer, which allows you to bet on MLB while the other sports aren’t on.

Second, no sport collects more data than baseball. Everything is based on analytics. This is a massive help for bettors as they have key information to work their way through winning bets.

The betting options are wide, and you can place an infinity of different bets, unlike any other sport.

It can become a profit machine for your bankroll. There are a lot of markets. It’s a long season where you can handicap your bets. If you’re into advanced research, baseball betting is a must.

By betting online, you open yourself to so many markets and different bets. Online baseball betting is a world of its own, which is a big advantage over physical sportsbooks.

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Let’s take a deep look into the wide world of MLB betting:

MLB Betting Odds Explained

Baseball odds come in many shapes. You can find usual moneylines, run lines, spread lines, prop bets, totals, and futures. Also, you can bet on MLB parlays or even only in the first five innings of the game.

The options are so many, you can choose the one that fits you most.

MLB Handicapping

Handicapping, or spread lines, are a way for oddsmakers to even out the odds. First, they give the underdog an imaginary advantage. Then, they give a number (i.e., -5.5) to the favorite team, meaning the team will need to cover that margin in victory to cash.

This way, the bettor can win money without laying big bucks for low rewards. It also helps the sportsbooks not to pay ridiculous amounts in case the underdog pulls an upset.

However, when betting baseball, there are many ways you can help yourself bet effectively. Here are some tips to consider when handicapping MLB:

Don’t Bet The Teams, Bet The Numbers

Baseball is the sport that uses more analytics; take advantage of it. Don’t pick your bets only based on the team that has the better record. Instead, make your bet based on the surrounding data.

Pitching Matchups

The fact a team has a better record than the other doesn’t mean you should ignore the pitching matchup.

Oddsmakers consider everything, from their recent form as well as their results and how pitchers match against the batting lineup. Sometimes a certain pitcher struggles against left-handed batters, for example. Knowing this information helps you put yourself in a better situation when wagering.

Know The Umpires

Umpires don’t play the game, but they sure do influence it. There are more strict or lenient umpires behind the home plate when calling balls or strikes.

Umpires who have a strict strike zone call more balls, which means more movement to the offense. Also, less margin for the pitchers’ throwing. This means batters also have a better chance to knock it out of the park. So the over is a nice bet.

If the umpire is lenient, pitchers have a wider window of throwing. This complicates the batters. It makes them have to reach with swings they otherwise wouldn’t. As a result, the under comes very handy.

Popular MLB Online Bets

The MLB has gathered a popular market for the bettors. It’s a 162-game regular season, during the summer, and with lots of data available.

You need to pick which type of bet adjusts better for you, or for the game you want to bet on.

For example, betting on moneylines can work for a specific game you gathered little intel for. If you know about specifics, looking for another kind of bet may suit you better.


Baseball is a low-scoring game, so moneylines are useful. It works the same as any other moneyline. The oddsmakers assign negative odds to the favorite and positive to the underdog. Here’s an example:

– New York Yankees -180

– Boston Red Sox +175

Pick the outright winner and cash. Lay $180 to win $100 if you’re picking the Yankees. As for the Red Sox, a $100 bet returns with a $175 profit.

Run Lines

Even though moneylines are the most popular bet, run lines are a great alternative. It’s a point spread of 1.5 runs attached to a moneyline. Following our example before, this is how a run line bet looks:

– New York Yankees -1.5 (+145)

– Boston Red Sox +1.5 (-155)

In the moneyline example, the Yankees are the favorites. However, adding the factor that they need to win by two runs to cash makes them the underdogs.

The Red Sox went from underdogs to favorites when given a 1.5 run advantage.

Run lines standard are 1.5. Depending on the book though, you can find up to 2.5 or even 3.5 runs.

Baseball Totals

MLB totals work like in other sports. The oddsmakers set an accumulative amount of runs that might be scored, and you choose to go over or under that mark. Keeping up with our example:

– New York Yankees -180

– Boston Red Sox +175

– Over (-110) 6.0, Under (-110) 6.0

The totals standard is -110. Remember, this is a combined effort; the over cashes as long as both teams add up the number set. If they fall short, the under gets the payout.

In this example, you can also get a push bet if the runs scored are six. Thus, the amount of the wager gets back to the bettor.

Totals have an average of 7.0 runs, but they do vary depending on many factors. The pitching matchup, if the ballpark is batter-friendly or not, and trends are all considered by oddsmakers.


MLB parlays are two or more baseball games bet together on one big wager. The more games you bet on, the more the payout. But the risk of striking out—no pun intended—and leaving empty-handed is bigger.

Remember, in a parlay, you must win all the bets involved. One loss buries the rest of results.

Baseball Futures

These are long-term wagers placed for an event to happen at a later date. For example, you can bet on who will win the World Series even if the season hasn’t started. You can also bet on American League or National League winners or division winners.

Since there are a lot of teams, and a lot of games, baseball futures offer high payouts.

Prop Bets

Savvy players can find intriguing prop bets in baseball. You can find basic propositions, like the number of runs, hits, or strikeouts thrown in a game.

MLB Betting Strategy

We’ve covered how logical you have to be when betting on baseball. You need to choose the right bet and play with your mind, not your heart.

Therefore, you need to come with a proper betting strategy. As mentioned before, baseball has its own betting world. These are some strategies you can use when wagering on ball games:

Break Down Sleeper Games

In a 162-game schedule, the number of games per day is too big for sportsbooks to track down every market. Instead, find the games with the best matchups early. Take advantage of the initial odds before oddsmakers adjust them.

Also, since there is too much happening, prop bets can be very profitable for savvy players.

Throw 52.4% Out Of The Window

52.4% is the magic number to break even on -110 bets. Baseball doesn’t work like that; it doesn’t use traditional point spreads. Their standard is moneyline odds, so forget about 52.4%; it’s irrelevant.

If you bet correctly, you can see big winnings and not even reach 50%. It depends more on your study bets than the percentage of bets you win.

Avoid Heavy Favorites

It’s not worth it. Casual bettors aren’t savvy or careful, and they don’t care about value or getting a good price. They tilt the betting traffic, which means even lower payouts.

The danger is too big to have a go at a low payout. Even if an elite starting pitcher faces a weaker team, the favorite’s implied odds of winning are a mere 65.52%.

Betting On MLB Playoffs Online

After a long regular season, the MLB Playoffs are where baseball levels up. Come playoff time, all teams are in a do-or-die mode, and games are tighter.

Baseball bettors’ swift from their regular season strategies. MLB Playoffs betting is a marathon, not a sprint. If you go all in at first, you’ll get drained, and you need to be methodical.

In the postseason, teams usually change to a four-starter pitching rotation. This changes the whole bullpen dynamic. Thus, the trends you took advantage of in the regular season won’t work anymore.

Watch out for those line movements. The playoffs mean more public bettors will get into it. This leads to drastic swings in the lines, so betting early means you can get the best odds available.

Betting On The World Series

The MLB World Series is one of the biggest events of the year. After a long season, baseball’s best battle in a best-of-seven to crown a champion.

One way to bet on the World Series is by placing a future bet. But, if you are into the final matchup -as you should, there are some things you should know when betting on it. You need to be sharp before the lines shift dramatically.

Compare odds in different sportsbooks. Since the World Series is a big event, many betting houses bring out bonuses you can claim to maximize your bets.

Advanced MLB Betting Systems

Baseball betting systems are getting way too popular. If used correctly, they are very profitable.

These have their pros and cons. Let’s take a look into the best MLB betting systems.

Betting Against The Public

Here you’re betting value. What betting against the public means is that you bet for the team that’s getting the lesser amounts of bets.

It can be profitable if you know when to use it. Don’t fall in love with it. In the regular season, public betting doesn’t make the lines move much.

Underdogs Betting System

You could qualify this more like a strategy than a system per se. Remember when we advised you to throw the 52.4% out of the window? Well, this is it.

The top baseball handicappers wager on underdogs way more than on favorites. Pros are that this is very profitable. The con is if you don’t do your homework, you will fail. Identifying the correct underdogs is key to making this work.

Wind System

Do you believe in forecasts? You’ll have to if you’re using the wind system. According to a top handicap page article, if the average wind speed is 5 mph or greater, and it blows in from the center, the under has a 55% percentage since 2005.

It’s clear keeping track of how the wind blows may break or make your bet. It’s too unpredictable.

Avoid The Series Sweep

This system evolves around those teams that are facing a sweep. For example, a team loses the first two of a three-game series; this system tells you to bet on them winning the third game. The same goes for four-game series, and so on.

There is value because of recent games between the two, so the underdog will have a higher payout. But come on, there is no real data or analysis that backs up this system. Use at your own risk.

Welcome Bonus Advantage

This is the best system, hands down. Online sportsbooks will offer big welcome bonuses worth a lot of dollars. So sign up, deposit, and get the bonus.

They come with a rollover attached, which means you have to play a certain amount of times to cash out. Despite this, you’re getting free cash or free play to boost your bankroll.