NFL MVP Betting Odds 2022

Another season came by, and another QB took the MVP award. The 2020 season was a stellar one for Aaron Rogers as he added a third MVP to his trophy shelf.

The last time a non-QB won the MVP was almost a decade ago when RB Adrian Peterson took it home in 2012.

The MVP race is always a big storyline every year. Thus, the odds to win it in 2022 are available now in sportsbooks like DraftKings or FanDuel.

Rodgers is not on top of the odds list to repeat MVPs. Instead, it’s the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes who commands the odds.

2022 NFL MVP Odds

NFL MVP Odds Report

The Favorites

Patrick Mahomes – The Chiefs are the Super Bowl favorites, listed at +500. This is because of Mahomes. His output season in and season out is as good as we’ve ever seen on the football field. Every game he is in, he is the frontrunner for MVP.

Tom Brady – When you are the greatest of all time, and even at 43, you are at the peak of your powers, of course you will be a Super Bowl MVP favorite.

Brady won it last year, and with the exact same squad, he will aim to get there one more time. By doing so, he would probably collect another Super Bowl MVP.

Josh Allen – The Bills lost the AFC Championship game in 2020. Make no mistake about it, they are a contender once again this season. Their QB was an MVP contender all season long, and if they get to the Big Game, Allen is the main man to get the award.

Aaron Donald – Yes, the first non-QB on the list. The Rams are listed +1300 to win the Super Bowl. This is because of the arrival of the new QB, Matthew Stafford. However, DE Aaron Donald is a mighty presence in the trenches. 

With his ability to nullify any QB, he would be an X factor in any Super Bowl.

The Contenders

Lamar Jackson – The Ravens’ signal-caller has already been a regular-season MVP. With an offense scheme based purely on his strengths, Jackson is a monster when it comes to racking points. 

His record as a starter is 30-7, and come to Super Bowl, Jackson would need to be at his best to get Lombardi back to Baltimore.

George Kittle – If the 49ers were to get to the Super Bowl, could Kittle become the first TE to win Super Bowl MVP? The answer is yes. San Francisco’s QBs are nothing impressive.

Their defense is big-time, but offensive players tend to get the notch in this award. Kittle is a walking highlight-reel, with a clutch gene and big-time yards after reception.

Nick Chubb – The likeliness of Cleveland getting to the Super Bowl has never been so real. Still, it’s a long road. Shall they get there, Chubb should do wonders running the football.

The Browns use an RB-deep offense, and Chubb is as elusive as an RB gets. He would definitely be in the mix of a Super Bowl MVP if the Browns won it all.

The Longshot

Aaron Rodgers – Rodgers falls into the longshot category, not because of his talent, but because we don’t know what on earth he is thinking. He just won regular-season MVP and got to a second-consecutive NFC Championship game. 

If he is back in the Packers and gets to the Big Sunday, he will most likely win the Super Bowl MVP if they win the game.

Russell Wilson – Solidified as the miracle-maker of the NFL, Seattle’s QB is the reason this team is a contender. Bear in mind, he does it without good protection.

Wilson has already two trips to the Super Bowl, going 1-1. He has never won the Super Bowl MVP, but if he were to get there, he is a strong contender to get the award.

Alvin Kamara – Look, the Saints have a solid roster, but they don’t have a solid QB. If somehow, they manage to get to the Super Bowl, it’s because of an effective running game. Thankfully for them, they have an elite RB in Alvin Kamara.

He poses a dual-threat weapon. If NOLA goes to the Super Bowl, he could realistically carry –no pun intended- the Saints into Super Bowl glory.

Carson Wentz – If Wentz turns back the clock to 2017, he can get the Colts to the Big Game. If he does, he can make the Super Bowl champs. Wentz is the biggest gamble of the season, and Indy relies on him to go from dark horse to contenders.

Ryan Tannehill: Yes, the Titans have Derrick Henry in the backfield. Yes, they also have Julio Jones. If Tennessee goes to the Super Bowl, ‘Tann the Man’ will be the Super Bowl MVP.

He will be in charge of balancing the offense, making the right plays at the exact right time. Not to mention, he was the 2020 leader in game-winning drives, a thing that would really make a case for him winning the Super Bowl MVP.

How The Odds Have Changed

The NFL betting odds aren’t a static number; they shift and change. Let’s take a look at some odds and how they’ve varied as the 2022 NFL season approaches.

– P. Mahomes: same at +500

– A. Rodgers: +800 to +1000

– T. Brady: +1600 to +1200

– R. Wilson: +1300 to +2000

– J. Allen: +1200 to +1300

MVP Futures Betting

The MVP bets are one of the most popular futures markets in the betting world. Placing a wager on your MVP candidate is becoming easier for you.

All the candidates are on plus-money odds right now. This means the profit you get if you win the bet is more than the original amount wagered.

Twelve of the last 14 MVPs have been QBs. Only two RBs like LaDainian Tomlinson in 2006 and Adrian Peterson in 2012 have broken that trend.

Out of all the active guys under center, only two have won the award more than once. Tom Brady did it in 2007, 2010, and 2017. Aaron Rodgers did it in 2011, 2014, and last year in 2020.

How To Bet NFL MVP Futures

Timing is everything in betting. Odds fluctuate and change. Getting your wagers in at the right time can translate into higher payouts. In the case of MVP odds, different factors dictate the odds’ trajectories. It’s a week-to-week thing.

Injuries will cause the odds to get longer, minimizing the player’s chance to win the award. A player who doesn’t play the full season is pretty much out of the equation.

On the other side, a player can start a bit cold. But, if he improves weekly and sets a successful season for his franchise, the odds will get low for him. Reversely, if a player starts hot and cools down, his odds will get higher.

Supporting casts are a key component to help a player perform at his highest. You should consider looking at his teammates as well.

Where Can You Bet On MVP Futures?

All legal, regulated sportsbooks offer you MVP futures odds. Go to the NFL tab, click on ‘Futures,’ and you should find MVP odds.

These are also referred to as “Player Futures” or “Awards.” There, you’ll find all the players available to bet on.

How Is The NFL MVP Decided?

The Associated Press is the entity that gives out the official MVP award. It’s 50 sportswriters that vote at the end of the regular season and before the playoffs start.

Remember, the award is only for the regular season output. The announcement of the winner happens the day before the Super Bowl.

MVP stands for “Most Valuable Player.” Although, the award rarely goes to the one who represents the most “value” to its franchise. Individual stats and team records go a long way as deciding factors to grant the MVP.

Super Bowl MVP History

Out of the 55 Super Bowl MVPs, 31 have gone to QBs. Seven running backs have won it, as well as seven wide receivers, and 10 defensive players.

Unlike the regular season MVP, which is clearly led by QBs, the Super Bowl MVP can come out of nowhere. Some heroes are really odd, like S Dexter Jackson or LB Malcolm Smith. Also, legacies have been cemented, like LBs Von Miller and Ray Lewis dominating on Big Sunday.

The biggest shock came when Green Bay’s Desmond Howard won the MVP as a kick returner. He displayed 244 return yards and a TD to get the award.

Quarterbacks have won seven out of the last nine Super Bowl MVPs. As for losing teams, only Cowboys LB Chuck Howley has won the award at a losing effort.

Brady holds the record by winning four total Super Bowl MVPs. Joe Montana follows with three, while Terry Bradshaw, Eli Manning, and Bart Starr won two.

It’s the Dallas Cowboys that have produced the most SB MVPs with seven. The Steelers and Patriots hold six each, tying on second place.