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2024 NFC South Odds

Malcolm Darnley

Updated: Aug 15, 2023


In 2022, the NFC South division showed it might have the most parity within its four teams compared to any other division in the NFL.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the eventual division champs, with all three remaining teams tying for second, just one game behind the Bucs.

2022 NFC South Standings

Teams2022 Record2022 Division Record
TB Buccaneers8-94-2
CAR Panthers7-104-2
NO Saints7-102-4
ATL Falcons7-102-4

Unfortunately for fans of the NFC South, the four franchises also showed in 2022 that they were not very good.

Tampa Bay did win the division, but all four teams finished below .500.

From a betting standpoint, the division doesn’t need to consist of four great teams for us to be profitable when betting on it.

We are looking for predictability and the ability to know how each team will perform. If we know that, then we can have success betting on any NFL division, including the NFC South.

In our article below, we discuss:

  • 2023 NFC South – Win Totals
  • 2023 NFC South – Super Bowl
  • 2023 NFC South- Division Winner
  • NFC South – Player Awards Betting

Let’s Go!

2023 NFC South Win Totals

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have won the division in 2022, but you would expect some regression when a team loses Tom Brady as its starting QB.

The sportsbooks have set the division champs with the lowest win total of the bunch.

TeamWin Totals
NO Saints+9.5
ATL Falcons+8.5
CAR Panthers+7.5
TB Buccaneers+6.5
  • The New Orleans Saints added Derek Carr as their starting QB this off-season. Carr compliments some already talented offensive weapons in New Orleans.
  • The Falcons are very interesting. They had a very good rushing attack last year and then went out and drafted the best running back this year. How many more wins can Bijan Robinson be expected to contribute?
  • The Carolina Panthers have their next franchise QB. Can Bryce Young get to eight wins in his rookie season?
  • Meanwhile, the Bucs go from Tom Brady to Baker Mayfield as their starting QB. Ouch.

2023 NFC South – To Win Super Bowl Odds

In the AFC West last year, Derek Carr was cut from his team, who finished with the worst record in the division.

The Saints see a different Derek Carr than what the Raiders saw, and with Carr as their QB, they are the NFC South betting favorite.

TeamSuper Bowl Odds
NO Saints+4000
ATL Falcons+5500
CAR Panthers+6000
TB Buccaneers+7500
  • Bryce Young winning the Super Bowl in his rookie season might be a stretch, but Carolina has to have a shot at winning the division just based on the other teams in it.

2023 NFC South – To Win Division Odds

NFC South Teams – Division Winner Odds

You want to make a compelling argument to bet against Derek Carr and the New Orleans Saints and give ourselves a chance at bigger odds.

TeamOdds2022 Divisional Record
NO Saints+1304-2
ATL Falcons+2104-2
CAR Panthers+3602-4
TB Buccaneers+7502-4

But it’s hard to ignore the Falcons have Desmond Ridder at QB, the Panthers have a rookie, albeit a very talented one, at QB, and the Bucs list Baker Mayfield over Kyle Trask to lead their offense.

None of those options would be considered great if your goal is to win it all this year.

2023 NFC South – Player Awards Odds

The NFC South may not have the four best teams in the NFL, but they just might have the two best rookies.

2023 – To Lead NFL in Total Rushing Yards

PlayerTeamTo Lead TD Passes
Bijan RobinsonATL Falcons+1000
Miles SandersCAR Panthers+3000
Rachaad WhiteTB Buccaneers+4000
Alvin KamaraNO SaintsNA

Carolina’s Bryce Young gets a lot of media coverage. QBs drafted #1 overall tend to get a lot of attention.

But Falcons rookie RB Bijan Robinson at +1000 to lead the NFL in rushing yards tells us there is a lot of hype around this kid as well.

Interesting NFC South Bets to Consider

CAR Panthers UNDER +7.5 Wins This Year. (+100 FanDuel)

In 2021, Trevor Lawrence was drafted #1 Overall – the Jaguars went on to win three games his first year.

In 2020, Joe Burrow was drafted #1 Overall – the Bengals went on to win four games his first year.

In 2019, Kyler Murray was drafted #1 Overall – the Cardinals went on to win five games his first year.

None of those players had the luxury of learning their craft while playing in the dreadful NFC South, but eight wins for a rookie QB is a lot.

Always Shop Around

Technology has allowed sportsbooks to become even better at what they do: setting lines, creating bets, and ultimately being very profitable against the public.

However, technology also provides better resources and access to much more relevant data for recreational sports bettors.

Technology, specifically the technology around online betting, allows bettors of all skill levels to price shop and make sure they bet using the Best Odds for the wager that excites them.

We no longer walk into a Las Vegas sportsbook counter and place our wagers, restricted to the odds of this one physical location.

Instead, we might be at home, the office, a movie theatre or a million other places when it’s time to place our bet.

The sportsbooks went digital to grow their profit. We must also take advantage of the digital world and our ability to price shop from the comfort of our living room.

Step-By-Step To Bet On Divisional Winners

1. Go to your favorite sportsbook and log in.

2. Select the NFL tab.

3. Click on the Division’s tab appearing on the drop-down menu.

4. Pick the odds and team to bet on.

5. Officialize your bet from the bet slip window—usually on the right side of the screen.

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