NHL Same Game Parlay

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Parlays have been a very popular bet with sports gamblers for a very long time.

What has made parlays so attractive for bettors is the ability to increase their payout odds without having to increase their stake.

For many years the only way to build a parlay was to include unrelated bets from different games onto the same ticket. Sportsbooks didn’t allow for different bets from the same game, because of correlated odds.

Correlated odds just refer to outcomes that might be related.

For example, if you want to bet on Andrei Vasilevskiy to record a shut-out, then the UNDER for that Tampa Bay Lightning game has a better than average chance of hitting if the shut-out comes through.

In 2019, Fanduel became the first sportsbook to allow for parlay bets with correlated odds.

Fanduel named this type of bet the Same Game Parlay (also known as an SGP) and it wasn’t long after that other sportsbooks soon followed with their own SGP products.

What Is A NHL Same Game Parlay

The same game parlay, as named by Fanduel Sportsbook just a few years ago, is exactly what it sounds like.

Bettors are now able to combine multiple bets all from the same hockey game and build them on a single parlay ticket.

This enables us to create our own narrative for a game and then make multiple wagers that all have a high probability of cashing if our narrative plays out.

For example, if we believe there is value on Alex Ovechkin to score OVER 1.5 goals in a game, we might also want to bet OVER on the Washington Capitals team total of 3.5 goals.

If Ovechkin is going to score two goals, there is a good chance the Capitals team will score more than 3.5 total.

It’s important to remember that the payout of an SGP will not provide the same value as a regular parlay. This is because the sportsbooks have developed algorithms specifically designed for the same game parlays.

These NHL odds must factor in the probability that if one of the outcomes hits, then multiple outcomes will also cash.

Sportsbooks will reduce the odds for the same game parlays as protection against the advantage a bettor has.

On a regular parlay, because each bet added is its own independent event and none of the outcomes are related, sportsbooks are more willing to allow full odds value for each event you add to your ticket.

The same cannot be said for SGP tickets.

How To Place A NHL Parlay Bet

A sportsbook makes it extremely easy to place any type of wager through their system, including a traditional parlay bet.

Just follow these simple steps and you will be building your ticket in just a few short seconds:

  • Open the sportsbook app.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Once you are logged in, go to the sports menu and select hockey from the menu.
  • Search for the games that you want to bet on.
  • Select your first bet and add it to the bet slip.
  • Add more selections to your bet slip.
  • Once done, go to your bet slip and enter your bet amount.
  • Finally, place your bet.

NHL Same Game Parlay Sportsbooks

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How To Place A NHL Same Game Parlay Bet On An App

Placing an SGP bet is almost identical to placing a regular parlay bet, except on their site they have a specific tab dedicated to their SGP options.

A bettor will click on this tab and then see all available bets for the specific game they want to bet on.

Not every bet being offered on a hockey game will also be available for an SGP. However, in the majority of cases, you will be able to build your parlay by betting on:

  • Traditional puckline spreads
  • Totals – including 1st period totals, game totals and others.
  • Game props
  • Player props

Traditional NHL Betting

NHL bettors have benefitted from the advancement of stats and the understanding of game data. Today’s experienced NHL bettors are familiar with advanced stats like High Danger Scoring Chances (HDSC), Expected Goals (xG), Goals Saved Above Average (GSAA), and many other analytics being used to help us make more informed decisions when we are placing a bet.

Traditional NHL hockey bets involve picking a team to win or lose and of course the Over/Under or Total for a game.

Hockey bettors are encouraged to set their own odds for a game and then compare those to the posted lines to try and determine where they might have an edge.

For example, after all, your research and handicapping, if you think the Buffalo Sabres have a 40% chance of beating the Boston Bruins, but the odds are +200 for Buffalo to win, which is an implied win probability of 33%, then you should definitely be betting on the Sabres.

Even though Buffalo is expected to lose the game, there is a lot of value between the win probability you gave Buffalo (40%) and the implied win probability of the +200 odds (33%). The difference between those two numbers is called your edge.

A great way to judge your skills at creating your own odds and probabilities is to compare them to the closing odds.

Closing odds are considered the sharpest, most accurate odds on a game because the market has been given time to react to the opening line. All available information has been factored in by the time the closing line rolls around.

NHL Prop Betting

As NHL betting gains in popularity, the industry has seen a serious expansion in the number of bet options available for each specific NHL game.

There are numerous prop bets available for NHL bettors.

  • Player to score first
  • Player goals
  • Player points
  • Player shots
  • Total saves by a goalie
  • Goalie to record a shutout

Our list above includes just some of the available prop bets for each NHL game. Prop bets allow bettors the opportunity to use their DFS knowledge and are obviously very similar to fantasy sports.

One of the most popular tips for NHL prop betting is backing great players during a scoring streak. The belief is simply that more often than not, goals scorers in the NHL can be streaky.

If you see a player known for scoring goals who has just come out of a small slump, now is the time to start betting on him.

Same Game Parlay Strategies

Creating Your Own Narrative

This strategy is pretty easy to visualize. A bettor has done their homework on an upcoming Colorado Avalanche and Toronto Maple Leaf’s game.

During their research, the bettor can see that Nathan MacKinnon and Auston Matthews are on small goal-scoring streaks and that Mitch Marner has a three-game point-scoring streak.

A bettor in this situation may want to bet the OVER for this Colorado vs Toronto hockey game. In addition to that, the bettor may choose to add prop bets on MacKinnon, Matthews and Marner as well.

If the Avalanche and Maple Leafs get into a run and gun shootout, the same game parlay all centered around lots of offense has a great chance of paying out.

Of course, if Colorado wins 2-1, then the ticket won’t cash. But, instead of losing multiple individual prop bets, a bettor will only lose one when they rolled them all into one SGP ticket.

Stat Distribution

When we talk about stat distribution, we are talking about having an understanding of what player stats might look like in a game that ends with a reasonable outcome.

Using our Avalanche and Maple Leafs example above, a bettor might believe that the game will be high-scoring. Taking Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner to both score points makes a lot of sense.

However, taking Matthews, Marner, John Tavares and William Nylander to all score goals for Toronto in the same game, doesn’t.

I am sure the Leafs have had games before where all four talented players scored in the same game. However, I am also sure those games are few and far between.

There are only so many goals to go around and taking four players on the same team, even four extremely talented players just doesn’t make a lot of sense.


There has been lots of research and studies did suggesting that bettors are naturally wired or at least inclined to bet OVERS or bet on something to happen as opposed to something not happening.

The fact is, UNDERS pay out more than OVERS and when it comes to same game parlays you will often find that sportsbooks are shading OVERS to cover.

It’s important for bettors to document and analyze their gambling history in order to learn from their data. As part of the self-analysis, bettors must look at the type of bets they are making and make sure they have an equal distribution of both OVERS and UNDERS in their history.

Why Bet NHL Same Game Parlays

There are a lot of reasons to bet NHL same game parlays, but it is worth noting that very few long-term profitable gamblers use SGP’s as part of a regular strategy. The truth of the matter is that oddsmakers have built a lot of protection into the odds when it comes to these types of bets.

There was a reason why bets with correlated odds were never offered until just recently. Oddsmakers were always aware they provided an additional risk for them compared to traditional parlays and they just didn’t know how to price them.

Because of the additional risk and because they are so difficult to accurately price for sportsbooks, they will always err on the side of caution when it comes to the pricing for SGP odds.

That said, the same game parlays can provide huge entertainment and are a lot of fun to build and play. There are two common reasons to build the same game parlay tickets.

Confidence In Your Narrative

Sometimes a bettor just knows how a game is going to play out. If all your instincts are telling you that your home team is about to explode offensively, an SGP will allow you to maximize your results from just a small wager amount.

Instead of $10 on the OVER, the ability to combine that OVER bet with multiple player prop bets will significantly increase the odds of your ticket.

Big Payday With Little Investment

Same game parlays can be a lot of fun and many bettors like to use them to build tickets with a chance at a huge payday.

Once you have your narrative defined, go ahead and make four, five, or six different bets based on that narrative.

The most bets you can have on an SGP is 10, but you will find that once you start to build a ticket with four or more outcomes, the odds begin to grow significantly. Some bettors also like to throw in one contrarian bet on their parlay ticket, just to really give their odds a boost.

Take Advantage Of Bonuses And Promos

It is no secret that sportsbooks have the advantage when it comes to the same game parlays. To encourage more action on them, oftentimes sportsbooks will offer quite tempting promotions.

These enticing offers can be shown as free bets when you are registering for a new account, or they could be offered as significantly boosted odds when you make your first SGP account.

We have established that the same game parlays can provide a huge amount of entertainment to a hockey game and bettors should definitely have fun playing them. However, we also understand that sportsbooks traditionally have an advantage with these types of bets.

But there is no reason why anyone shouldn’t take advantage of any Bonuses and Promos that are being offered for the same game parlays.

Be Bold! Build Your Bonus Bets Big and who knows… your bonus money could be real money if your narrative plays out.