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BestOdds.com was founded in Feb 2021 on the premise of becoming America’s leading sports betting and education brand. We strive to improve your betting and gambling experience by providing you with the best content, the best tools, the best insights, and of course, the best odds.

We noticed that the sports betting and casino market was flooded with a mass of websites that seemed to have forgotten what matters most: you, the user. BestOdds is here to change that.

Our team is working hard to create the best user experience in the industry and our writers are working tirelessly to provide accurate and insightful content – completely free of clutter and banner ads.

Our content is tailored to offer a comprehensive overview of the betting world and supply the best betting odds. By comparing sportsbook operators, we take hours of research off your hands so you can go out and receive the best betting experience.

Whether you’re here to learn more about sports betting, find the (yup, you guessed it!) best odds, catch the latest news, or get some tips for your next pick, you’re in the right place. You’ll find content that’s useful, easy to understand, and engaging.

Our Mission

BestOdds.com is here to become your trusted companion in all things sports betting and casino. The betting market is overcomplicated, and bettors need a trustworthy voice that rises above all the noise. We provide easy access to legal sportsbook operator comparisons and highlight the optimal odds for you.

We cut through the confusion with straightforward, well-researched, and informative content – all designed to help you make the best decisions on your betting journey.

We hope you tap into all of BestOdds’ resources – from our educational content and odds comparison to our newsletter, app, and community.

If you want to learn about all things sports betting or casino gambling, BestOdds is the right place for you.

We usually publish educational content as well as the latest news two to three times a week. If you don’t want to miss a thing, sign up for free updates.

Our Team

Will Armitage | Co-Founder – Spent more than a decade in the spread betting space in the United Kingdom from 2000. Sports nut who has been fascinated by the NFL since the mid-80s and the time of William “The Fridge” Perry. Fan of the Vikings, Raptors, As, and Devils. Best ever bet – a wonderfully named Heinz-57 each-way bet (similar to a parlay, but where you can still win even if all your picks don’t come in). It was at the Cheltenham 2020 horse racing festival in England where 5 of my 6 selections came in at double-digit odds. If only the 6th horse had placed…!!!

Philipp Stritzke | Co-Founder – Knicks supporter, digital horse racing enthusiast, and a passionate entrepreneur. Having worked in the US sports betting and casino opportunity across Media and Technology, he is now focusing to build BestOdds into a best-in-class education and comparison engine. The best bet ever placed, a 1 Euro trifecta at the Hamburg Horse Racing Derby in 2016.

Lukasz Strycharz | Web Manager – A flâneur who follows Formula One racing and dabbles in SEO and content in the iGaming and sports betting niche. The best bet was a prop bet placed on himself, at +750, to drink a gallon of water in less than 17 minutes.

Dil Bola | Lead Editor & Writer – A huge NHL fan (go Canadiens!) that loves to watch and play soccer. As our resident writing expert, she is focused on bringing accessible and educational content for the BestOdds audience. Her best bet ever placed was a $50 wager on the Toronto Raptors during the NBA finals back in 2019.

Joshua Stevens | Web Analyst – A Mets enthusiast and soccer fan, waiting for the day betting on curling gains more popularity. At BestOdds he is constantly improving your site experience and making sure you find your way around. His best bet ever was a $10 wager on a draw between Hungary and Germany in the Euro 2020 cup with odds of +950.

Brent Booher | Social Media Manager – Die-hard Seahawk fan and overall lover of everything sports and sports betting. After building a vibrant football parody network on Twitter, he is now focused on building BestOdds social media community into the best available community for sports bettors. Best bet ever placed was a $20 wager on Manchester United to win by the exact score of 3-1 in the 2019 Champions League at 80:1.

Our Contributors

Sadonna Price | Writer – For almost two decades, Sadonna has remained at the forefront of the gambling industry in the US and abroad, covering the latest news and legal updates. Sadonna’s goal is to provide sports bettors and casino players with premium content, including comprehensive details on the US industry.

Pride Kazunga | Writer – A reasoned sports betting and casino content specialist covering US markets for over a decade. He enjoys long walks, old movies, and learning new things outside the gambling industry.