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Match Winner Betting Odds


Sadonna Price

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Although there are many popular sports to bet on in India, nothing comes close to cricket.

Cricket betting accounts for 80% of all sports bets in India.

With online sports betting being more accessible than ever, the number of bettors is on the rise.

Cricket is an exciting sport to bet on too.

This is not only because of all the different formats and tournaments but also due to the range of markets on offer.

Online betting sites provide a convenient way to browse all the markets available and allow you to compare cricket betting odds as well.

Betting at these online sites is exceptionally easy.

Many provide guides and tips as well as 24-hour support to ensure customers have all the help they need.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at one of the biggest cricket betting markets in India – Match Winner.

Match Winner Betting Odds Explained

It doesn’t get simpler than the match winner market in cricket.

You can choose any upcoming game, in any format, and place a bet on which team you think will win the match.

Many cricket matches will have a favourite to win the game and an underdog.

This can be seen in the odds. If we take two examples from the ICC World Cup, you will see how this is shown.

  • India (1.16) vs Afghanistan (4.43)
  • South Africa (1.77) vs Sri Lanka (1.92)

In the first example, India vs Afghanistan, India is the clear favourite as the odds are much lower than for Afghanistan.

In the second example, these teams are fairly evenly matched.

South Africa has a slight edge and are favourites to win but only by a very small margin.

If you’re looking to place a match winner bet, then make sure you understand the odds and what they mean.

Match Winner Market Overview

As explained, the match winner market is very simple.

It’s betting on who you think will win a given match.

It is not only simple in concept but also in execution, as to place a bet you simply click on the relevant odds, add your stake, and confirm.

The downside to the match winner market, however, is the odds.

As shown in the example above, to have more chance of winning in this market, you will want to choose the match favourite.

However, if you placed a 1,000 INR bet on India to win against Afghanistan, then your return would only be 1,160 INR.

If you placed a bet on Afghanistan to win, though, you’d win 4,430 INR. This is, of course, much less likely.

As well as the pre-match match winner market, you can also try your luck with the live betting match winner market.

This is when the match has already begun and you can place a bet on the winner based on how the game stands or who is performing well at a particular time.

This gives you more dynamic betting and there is sometimes great value to be had.

Match Winner Betting Rules

Now we’ve been introduced to the match winner market, let’s look at a few considerations you need to keep in mind when placing your bets.

Your Team Has To Win

This might sound straightforward but, just to clarify, the team you pick to win has to win the match for you to win your bet.

If the opposing team wins or the match ends in a draw, the bet will be lost. The match winner bet considers nothing but the official final result.

Favourites Are Favourites For A Reason

Bookmakers undertake extensive analysis to determine their predictions and subsequent odds. This means that more often than not, the favourite will come out on top.

However, nothing is 100% guaranteed and if sport was that predictable, it wouldn’t be much fun. Never be scared to bet on the underdog.

Postponed/Abandoned Matches Are Void

All bets on a match which starts but is then abandoned or postponed will usually be voided.

Match Winner Betting Strategy

All successful bettors usually employ some form of strategy.

Of course, a lot of sports betting is down to luck and individual team or player performances, but a good strategy can help to maximise winnings and minimise risk.

Here are three basic cricket strategies to adopt when betting on the match winner market.

Consider Accumulators

We’ve already mentioned that the main disadvantage in match winner betting is the low odds for the favourites.

However, if you combine several match winner bets into accumulators, you can multiply your odds and therefore your potential return.

If there are three upcoming matches that you feel confident about, then it is always a good idea to put an accumulator bet on the match winners rather than individual match winner bets.

Look For Potential Underdog Winners

The bookies have all the algorithms and analysis, but they aren’t always right.

You can see this in any cricket tournament or league that throws up surprise results. So do your research.

Is there an underdog team in good form? Is there a batsman on a roll or a bowler with momentum going into the match who could sway the result?

If you think an underdog team has a good chance of winning, then take your opportunity.

Consider Live Betting

Live betting gives you the edge in that you can watch the match unfold and make informed decisions as it progresses.

If the favourite team isn’t performing as well as expected, then betting on the underdog to win will be less risky than if you made it pre-match.

All-in-all, live betting is more dynamic and allows you to adjust your bets according to the most favourable odds.


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