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Cricket Betting Strategies

Cricket Betting Strategies

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Look For Value Bets
Review Pitch & Weather
Practice Bankroll Management

Cricket betting is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, particularly in India.

Consequently, most sportsbooks offer a wide range of betting markets, many with competitive odds.

If you want to win consistently at cricket betting then a reliable betting strategy can give you an edge.

Here is a comprehensive overview of eight tried and tested cricket betting strategies to help you get started.

Perform Comprehensive Research & Analysis

Research and analysis are both essential to understanding specific cricket matches and making accurate predictions.

As such, it is the most critical part of your overall betting strategy.

Research and analysis can help uncover a wealth of information, such as notable statistics and patterns to help you predict a game’s outcome.

Statistics such as historical scoring data are especially important.

We recommend focusing on the following three factors:

Team Performance

Some cricket teams are better than others, but certain factors can affect a team’s performance, such as a player reshuffle.

Reviewing the teams’ scoring histories (especially head-to-head scoring records) can also help you make accurate predictions about future performance.

Player Form

Every player in a cricket team contributes to their team’s overall performance.

For example, a weak or injured player can compromise their team whereas a player in form can fire a team to victory.

As such, dive deeper and research each player’s individual form.

You can find a player’s most recent and important professional statistics on their profile page on their official team’s website. News stories often cover this data too.

Batting Ratings

Official batting ratings are based on the number of runs scored by each batter in a cricket match.

They can give you critical insight into a player’s or team’s overall performance.

A high batting rating indicates a good performance, while a low one indicates a poor performance.

Look For Value Bets

Not all cricket betting markets are worth betting on.

For example, some cricket matches are unpredictable, making them risky. Additionally, some cricket betting markets feature low odds, thus offering low payouts.

As such, we recommend betting on markets that offer value bets.

A value bet offers good odds with low risk. It usually involves betting on an undervalued underdog that has the potential to perform well.

It is also worth noting that some bookmakers offer extra cash prizes for bets on winning underdogs.

Comprehensive research and analysis are both essential to identify these value bets.

Bet On Top Performers Against Weak Underdogs

Some cricket players and teams perform better than others.

Naturally, they have a higher likelihood of winning. To this end, betting on the top-performing teams and players makes sense.

We consider this the easiest betting strategy although it is not the most lucrative.

It is also worth noting that the best team doesn’t always win, as demonstrated in the section about value betting.

To this end, we recommend looking for matches that pit strong favourites against weak underdogs based on your research and analysis.

For better value, consider placing an accumulator bet containing a number of heavy favourites.

Review Pitch & Weather Conditions

The location of the pitch and the state of the surface can affect each team’s performance.

The weather also affects the game as cricket is played on an open pitch.

Notably, a pitch with a hard surface and no grass gives the batsmen an added advantage over the bowlers.

In contrast, a pitch covered with some grass gives the bowlers an upper hand over the batsmen. Interestingly, a worn pitch with cracks in it is particularly advantageous for slow bowlers (spinners).

It is also worth mentioning that the home team usually has an added advantage over the away team as they are most used to their home conditions.

The team that wins the toss is also favoured as they can judge the prevailing conditions and opt to bat or bowl depending on which is most advantageous.

Additionally, sunny, cloudless weather gives the batsmen an upper hand over the bowlers.

However, bad weather rarely works to any team’s or player’s advantage.

Borrow Tips From Experts & Tipsters

Millions of people worldwide bet on cricket and many often share their betting tips and ideas.

Cricket betting tips can be helpful, depending on their accuracy.

Anyone can share cricket betting tips on the internet. However, cricket betting tips from amateur and recreational bettors can be inaccurate.

To this end, we recommend getting your tips only from professional tipsters or experienced bettors with a proven winning record.

However, it is worth noting that some professional tipsters charge a small fee for their tips, but the potential rewards could dwarf the costs if the tips are accurate.

However, even the best cricket tipsters cannot guarantee a match’s outcome so bear this in mind.

Consider The Cricket Format

There is a range of cricket formats that differ significantly in terms of the length of the game, the strategy needed, and the scoring expectations.

This means that you wouldn’t place the same bet on an ODI (one-day international) that you would on a T20 or Test series.

To make informed cricket bets, you must understand the differences in the formats and arm yourself with as much information as possible about each.

Doing this will help you understand the markets and odds much more comprehensively, enabling you to make more accurate bet predictions.

Use A Top-Quality Bookmaker

You need to register with an online sportsbook to bet on cricket online.

Fortunately, hundreds of online bookmakers offer cricket betting markets.

However, they differ in many aspects and this affects their overall quality and reliability.

To this end, we recommend using only the best and most reliable bookmakersb.

Here is an overview of the most important features and factors to consider when looking for the best sportsbook for cricket betting:

Cricket Betting Markets & Odds

More betting markets and bet types mean more betting opportunities, so we recommend bookmakers with large cricket betting markets and diverse bet types.

Additionally, higher odds mean larger payouts, so the bookmaker’s odds should be standard or higher.

Bonuses & Promotions

Cash bonuses are essentially free money, which can help you place more bets and hopefully bag more wins.

Fortunately, most sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions.

Overall, we recommend using bookmakers that offer regular bonuses and promotions.

However, we also recommend reviewing the terms and wagering requirements of each bonus, as some can be unreasonable.

Payment Methods & Processing Times

We recommend using a bookmaker that accepts your preferred payment method.

Fortunately, most bookmakers accept a diverse range of payment methods including credit cards, online wallets, and cryptocurrency.

We also recommend reviewing the bookmaker’s transaction fees and processing times, especially for withdrawals as some bookies take several business days to process withdrawals, which we find frustrating.

Web Design & Mobile Betting

A good web design makes for a smooth betting experience.

As such, we recommend using sportsbooks with professional websites that feature a neat layout, intuitive user interface, fast loading speeds, and an overall good web design.

Betting on the go is convenient and often desirable, so check whether the bookmaker has a mobile-compatible website or a downloadable betting app.

Licensing & Regulation

Unlicensed bookmakers are free to act with impunity and can be unscrupulous.

Moreover, betting with an unlicensed sportsbook can get you into trouble with the law. To this end, we recommend always reviewing the bookmaker’s license.

We also find it prudent to review the bookmaker’s reputation amongst other cricket bettors.

Practice Proper Bankroll Management

Betting on cricket requires wagering real money.

Moreover, betting is generally risky, meaning that you can lose some or all of your cash.

Most cricket bettors usually operate on a low or limited bankroll. Every loss reduces your bankroll, limiting the number and size of bets you can make.

To this end, we always emphasize proper bankroll management to help maintain and grow your betting bankroll.

Overall, proper bankroll management entails determining the best amount to stake on your cricket bets.

We recommend wagering a standard amount based on a percentage of your bankroll, usually 1% to 5%.

You should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Alternatively, you can use the following strategies to help you determine suitable betting amounts:

  • Flat Betting: Staking the same amount of money on every cricket bet.
  • Dogon Strategy: Doubling your betting amounts until you offset all losses incurred on previous bets.
  • Oscar’s Grind: Doubling your stakes every time you win and maintaining a standard stake amount when you lose.
  • Ladder System: Staking the full winnings from a previous cricket bet on the next bet.

However, it is worth noting that some of these strategies are risky and require a large bankroll to sustain.

We only recommend the Ladder System and Dogon Strategy for experienced and professional bettors.

Ultimately, making successful cricket bets is the best bankroll management strategy because it limits losses and every win helps grow your bankroll.

Knowing when to stop betting is also key.

Good Luck!

Cricket betting is fun and potentially rewarding. However, it is also potentially risky.

Using a reliable cricket betting strategy is the best way of reducing your risk exposure and boosting your winning rate.

As such, learn, practice, and master an efficient cricket betting strategy.

The eight cricket betting tips recommended above work and are easy to learn.


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