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Odds Boost In Sports Betting

Odds Boost In Sports Betting

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What Is Odds Boost?
Sports With Odds Boost
Sportsbooks Offering Odds Boost

Ever wondered how you can increase your sports betting winnings?

Well, the easiest way of doing so is by increasing your odds. Since higher odds equate to higher winnings, you can have a greater payday when you find ways of increasing your odds.

But, how can you increase your odds? Well, it’s extremely easy. All you need to do is take advantage of any odds boost offers that come your way.

Sportsbooks use odds boost offers as promotional items. An odds boost is usually offered on special events—for example, the Super Bowl—or on different bet types such as prop bets, parlays, and futures.

When you opt for such offers, there is a significant increase in your payout. Sometimes, the difference can be extremely noteworthy.

There are many other things that you need to know about odds boosts. In this article, we’ll explain everything to you in great detail and also show you several sportsbooks that consistently have odds boost offers of their own.

So if you’re interested in odds boost offers, read on!

What Is An Odds Boost In Sports Betting?

In simple terms, an odds boost enhances your winnings by increasing the odds of your betting ticket. The sportsbook usually decides the actual amount that will be increased before offering the promo. Once the offer is available on the site, both old and new customers can take advantage of the odds boost.

Let’s take an example of an NBA odds boost. An NBA favorite is priced at -140, but the sportsbook decides to boost those odds to +110 to try to entice as much action as possible on the game.

Before the odds boost, a $100 wager would have won you $71.43, but after the boost, the same wager would have won you $110. As you can see, that minor odds boost has massively increased your winnings.

As stated before, sportsbooks can choose to give boosts on single games or a series of games. Sometimes, the boost can be tied to a type of wager—such as a prop bet, a parlay, or a futures bet. For example, a book can say that if your parlay has three or more selections, then they’ll boost your odds.

A sportsbook’s end goal when offering boosts is to attract as much action as possible since greater odds mean that a user can make more money on the same wager. And if you were still going to make the same bet, you wouldn’t pass on such an opportunity.

So it’s a win-win for both parties since the book gets the business while you get the increased payout, which, in turn, increases your loyalty.

How Do Odds Boosts Work?

One important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the terms of each boost depend on the sportsbook offering the odds boost. So before jumping for such a promo, always read the fine print to ensure that you understand everything about the potential boost.

Typically, there’ll always be specific wagering requirements that are attached to the offer. A sportsbook may say that the minimum bet amount to qualify for the boost is $30, or that a certain number of selections need to be included in the case of a parlay.

If you’re looking for where to find odds boosts, you should be able to spot them from the promos tab. If not, you’ll most likely see them advertised on the banner section of a sportsbook’s lobby.

Many sportsbooks also notify customers of any available offers, so always check your email or notifications as well.

Getting the odds boost offer is extremely simple—just click on the promo and you’ll be redirected to where you can take advantage of the offer.

Which Types Of Bets Can Be Boosted?

Generally speaking, any type of bet can be boosted since it’s up to the sportsbook to choose which bets are worth boosting.

However, most odds boosts are usually on the following types of wagers: single-game bets, futures, prop bets and parlays.

You may find that there is just one odds boost offer at a time, or you may see multiple offers available at once.

What Are The Best Sports For Boosting My Odds?

Depending on the time of the year, you’ll find bookies advertising odds boosts on a wide variety of sports and leagues. We are going to discuss the most common ones below.

NFL Odds Boosts

When it comes to betting volume, the NFL is the undisputed favorite for gamblers in America. So sportsbooks are always on the lookout for ways to lure NFL bettors. One such way is by boosting the odds of various NFL games.

There are various ways that a sportsbook can boost NFL odds.

First, a sportsbook can boost the odds of a single-game wager. Let’s take the example of a regular-season game. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are moneyline favorites with odds of -145 against the Denver Broncos.

If the sportsbook wants to incentivize action on the Bucs, they could boost those odds to +110. So now, the same wager has more value and is more attractive to bettors.

Sportsbooks can also boost the odds of an NFL parlay. This mostly applies to special parlays that have been preselected by the sportsbook. For example, let’s take a 4-game parlay on the following favorites: the Bucs, Chiefs, Cowboys, and Bills.

A normal parlay would pay out +350 if all four teams were to win during the weekend, which is still a decent return. However, a sportsbook could give a special offer and boost those odds to:

Get the Bucs, Chiefs, Cowboys, and Bills to win at +500

That’s a really significant boost. In one scenario, a $100 wager would win you $350, while the wager with the boosted odds would end up winning you $500. Considering that you’re betting with $100, a $150 difference in profit is extremely massive.

Prop bets also usually receive massive boosts from sportsbooks. For example, let’s say that Patrick Mahomes has been listed as the -120 favorite to become the Super Bowl MVP.

The sportsbook could boost that prop bet to +130 as Super Bowl Sunday approaches, meaning that you get a significant boost on your winnings if Mahomes manages to notch the MVP award.

Sometimes, a sportsbook could place two props into one boost. For example, Patrick Mahomes over 337.5 Passing yards and Leonard Fournette over 48.5 Rushing yards at odds of +350 instead of +250.

As you can see, when the props are combined, there is a drastic improvement in the payout.

NBA Odds Boosts

The NBA is a close second when it comes to betting volume. So, just like the NFL, you can expect a wide variety of odds boosts offers on NBA games.

Firstly, the odds of your single-game wager can be boosted significantly. The sportsbook can boost the odds of a moneyline wager, a point spread, or a game total.

For example, let’s say that the Lakers are facing the Suns, and the Lakers are 2.5-point home favorites at the usual -110 odds.

To encourage action on the Suns, the book could boost the odds of this spread to:

Phoenix Suns +2.5 at +110

The spread hasn’t changed, but the odds of the underdog have. So instead of getting the Suns at -110, you get the same spread but at marginally better odds.

To put it into perspective, a $100 wager on the normal odds would have won you $90.91, while the same wager on the boosted odds will instead return $110.

Sportsbooks also boost the odds of NBA parlays. You could find that two favorites have been placed together and their odds have been boosted.

For example, let’s say that the Lakers and the Warriors are both priced at -150. If you were to place them in a normal parlay, the odds of the parlay would be +177. A sportsbook could instead run a promo featuring both teams and boost the odds of that parlay to +200.

So if you were to wager $100, you’d make an extra $23 with the boosted odds.

Props are also a great magnet for sportsbooks. Sportsbooks usually place two or more NBA props together and then boost the odds. Here is one such example:

John Collins and Chris Paul both to score 15 or more points (+300)

If both players manage to score 15 or more points in their respective games, you’ll win your wager. So if you placed your wager with the above-boosted odds, your return will be greater when compared to before.

MLB Odds Boosts

You can also boost the odds of your MLB bets. Instead of settling for the normal odds, you can spice things up by opting for MLB odds boost offers.

Firstly, you can boost the odds of your single-game wager. So, if you’re placing a moneyline wager on a favorite with scant odds, you can look for a sportsbook that is offering an odds boost, and then you can boost your odds.

For example, the Yankees could be home favorites at -170, but a sportsbook could boost those odds to -130 to try and attract action on the home team. A $100 wager would yield $158 in one scenario and $176 in another.

Sportsbooks also offer boosts on parlays. Let’s say you make a parlay that consists of four MLB teams—Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Chicago Cubs, and Houston Astros—to all win their respective games.

The total odds of that parlay could be +850, but a sportsbook could run an offer consisting of the same four teams and the odds boost offer could look like this:

Red Sox, Mets, Cubs, and Astros all to win (+1000)

As you can see, a $100 wager would return $850 in one scenario and $1,000 in another. So the odds boost offer is downright eye-popping!

The last scenario where you can expect an odds boost offer when betting on MLB games is on prop bets. Here is one such example:

Edward Cabrera – Under 5.5 Strikeouts +200 (boosted from +150)

If you think that Cabrera will have less than 6 strikeouts, then going for the above bet with the boosted odds is definitely worth it.

College Football And College Basketball Odds Boosts

If you like betting on college sports, the usual betting options will still be available for you to choose from.

So the same NFL betting options will also be available on college football games. This means that you can get boosts on single-game college football wagers, parlays, and prop bets.

For college basketball, most of the NBA betting options will still be offered by college basketball betting sites, meaning that you can get boosts on single-game college basketball wagers, parlays, and prop bets.

Odds Boosts Vs. Parlays & Teasers

One question that you may have is whether odds boosts are better than parlays and teasers. The general rule is that odds boosts are meant to be better than both parlays and teasers since boosts are promotional items and are meant to entice users.

For example, let’s say that you wanted to place the following parlay:

  • Green Bay Packers -6 over Chicago Bears (-110)
  • Denver Broncos -6 over Cleveland Browns (-110)
  • Total odds – (+264)

The odds of the parlay without the boost is +264. If a sportsbook were offering a boost on this parlay, you’d most likely get odds that are better than +264, such as +280, +300, etc.

Otherwise, there would be no sense in calling the offer an odds boost. The same applies to teasers, which are basically just parlays that give you the freedom of altering the line.

So an odds boost is always better than both since your return will always be more significant.

However, you shouldn’t just bet solely on the fact that you may win more. Always consider other factors first before settling for a certain option.

Can I Boost My Odds?

Though most odds boost offers are usually preselected by the sportsbook, some sportsbooks give you a lot of freedom by allowing you to choose from a list of select contests and wagers.

For example, you may want to place an NFL point spread, so the sportsbook may give you a list of NFL games where you can enhance the odds of your spread.

So even though you may be given several selections to choose from, you won’t be tied down to obscure choices and you’ll still have plenty of decent options to choose from.

Sometimes, books will give you a greater boost if you increase your risk. For example, Sportsbook A may be offering a boost if you pick a favorite with a -3 spread, while sportsbook B may be willing to double the boost if you increase that spread to -5 or -6.

As you can see, this offers you a lot of flexibility and gives you more than one option to choose from. So, as we always advise, always look at several sportsbooks before making a choice.

Sportsbooks With Odds Boosts Offers

Now that we’ve taken you through everything regarding odds boosts, you may be wondering which sportsbooks consistently have odds boosts offers. Below, we’re going to discuss the best sportsbooks where you can get such offers and more.

1. FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel may have begun as a DFS site, but it’s grown from its humble roots and is now one of the best sportsbooks in the country. When you opt for FanDuel, you get a user-friendly site with a lot of great perks. Some of these perks include the following:

  • Regular odds boost offers. Regularly boost your NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL odds, plus many more sports.
  • Same game parlays on NHL and other pro sports.
  • A licensed and regulated sportsbook.
  • Great customer service.
  • Many payment options to choose from.

2. DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings began as a DFS site and is now an industry giant. This sportsbook is regularly touted as one of the best in the business because of many outstanding features, including some of the following highlights:

  • Odds boost offers are available for all the major sports.
  • Lines and bets for a wide range of sports.
  • Other magnificent promos, such as the sportsbook’s welcome bonus.
  • It is also licensed and regulated.

3. BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM has managed to live up to the legendary MGM title. When you sign up on BetMGM’s site, you can expect the following:

  • Boosted odds on all the major sports.
  • Many other ongoing promos.
  • Competitive odds and lines.
  • Unique perks that extend to MGM’s resorts.

Ways To Take Advantage Of Odds Boosts

Just like everything in sports betting, you need a strategy if you want to take advantage of odds boost offers. Here, we are going to list a few important things that you need to keep in mind if you want to get the most out of odds boosts.

  1. Bet with several sportsbooks: Sports betting is a competitive business, and you won’t know which sportsbooks consistently have the best offers unless you sign up and try different ones.
  2. Look out for promotional emails and social media posts: Sportsbooks often send important news and updates via email, so you should opt-in for promotional emails when you’re signing up—don’t worry, most sportsbooks won’t spam you with useless emails. You should also check the sportsbook’s social media accounts since promo offers are always posted there.
  3. Be smart when you’re boosting your own odds: When a sportsbook gives you the freedom to boost your own odds, take advantage of that. If you fancy a certain game and there’s a chance that you may win big, you can check and see whether the book is offering any boosts on that game. You can also check how much freedom the book is giving you. If you have a lot of freedom, ensure that you take advantage of that.
  4. Know when to strike: As you continue to time odds boosts, certain patterns will become noticeable. In time, you’ll even know when a sportsbook is going to offer a boost and on which sport or league. This will help you plan in advance and you’ll eventually know the best time to strike.

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