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BestOdds’ Newsletter – A Sample Of What To Expect

Last year, the Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors played an intense six-game playoff series.

When it was over, Warriors fans were serenading the losing Grizzlies with their own version of Whoop That Trick — a song made popular by Memphis fans the last decade.

Tonight, the Warriors vs Grizzlies rivalry adds another chapter, although Memphis will be shorthanded, with Ja Morant still sitting out.

Raining 3’s in Tennessee!

The Grizz will again be without Ja, but the Warriors will have their Super-Star dressed and in action.

The total for Steph Curry’s 3-Pointers tonight has been set at +4.5.

Our graphic above gives us some insight into Steph and his recent form from long range. Over his last 20 games, the game’s greatest shooter has gone OVER +4.5 eleven times. (55%)

However, when Golden State is on the road, Curry hits a lot more from beyond the arc. Curry has gone OVER the +4.5 total in eight of his last eleven road games.

The Warriors’ inability to win away from home (7-25 road record) might mean Curry has the green light to launch more 3Ps when they are trailing.

Steph’s Recent Form

Understanding that over his last 20 games, Steph has gone over his 3P total just over 50% of the time, let’s zoom in on his very recent form.

It doesn’t take a data scientist to read that graph above.

In his last six games, Curry has gone over +4.5 three-pointers five times.

We also see that the algorithm suggests Curry to finish with more than five 3-balls again tonight.

Steph Is So Trendy

With all signs above pointing to the Over so far, let’s source our detailed trends page and see what information we can glean from it.

Again, we are being pointed towards taking Over +4.5 threes for Steph.

Seven consecutive times he has gone Over that number on the road.

Some compelling data for the game’s greatest shooter means I won’t be overthinking this one.

I’m in for a unit on Steph to hit five or more from distance tonight, although my confidence level in Golden State winning a road game remains very low.

Shh, It’s A Secret

Clearly, I have access to some pretty cool tools that help me handicap NBA player props.

The ability to research this bet was super convenient, with all of the graphs, data, and trends at my fingertips and only a couple of clicks away.

My boss, Iron Fist, asked me not to give out the super secret location of all this information because that’s who Iron Fist is.

However, if you want to track me down, truth be told, keeping secrets is not my greatest strength. is a great way to reach me. If you want to chat, I’m totally game.

Best of luck with all your NBA picks and parlays this weekend.


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