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What Is A Prop Bet
Different Types Of Props
Why You Should Use Props In Betting

Proposition bets are bets that have earned popularity over the course of the year. The bettors will often go to props to bet on specific events, not exactly the game per se.

In this article, we’re covering all you need to know about prop bets. Let’s hop into it right away.

What Is A Prop Bet?

A prop bet is a way of betting—short for proposition bet. This wager is unique because it’s not tied to the final score or outcome of the sporting event you’re betting.

A prop bet range is big. Basically, anything but point spreads, moneylines, or totals qualifies as a prop bet. These can go from total passing yards to who will score first, even the coin toss (because, of course), and many more.

Props are great to spice the game, add some more action. The oddsmakers put most of their efforts into spreads, moneylines, and totals.

This makes prop bets easier to beat than the traditional markets.

Where Can I Bet Props?

Pretty much every sportsbook has prop bets in their menu now. DraftKings, FanDuel, FoxBet, BetMGM all offer and encourage them.

At DraftKings, for example, there are a few ways to access thousands of props especially when one wants to bet on the NFL games. You can see them when clicking on the game to bet, and there are other menus at the top to open more props available.

Other books like FanDuel offer props for games within the game. Let’s say you want to bet an assist prop from a six-game slate in the NBA. Then you have to go into that game and find the player to bet on.

In DraftKings, they usually list the props for all games in one menu.

Prop Bet Examples & Types

There are a lot of props, but they can be generally narrowed down to three broad categories: Player Props, Game Props, and Novelty/Exotic Props.

Player Props

These bets are all related to player stats or outcomes. For example, you think Russell Westbrook will record a triple-double. Or Tom Brady goes for 300+ passing yards. Mike Trout to hit a home run… All these bets are player props.

When the big games come, like the Super Bowl, the props are wild and almost infinite. They go from who will score the first TD of the game or how many yards a player will get in their longest reception. It is unreal.

Game Props

As player props, game props come in hundreds. You can find game props like:

  • Longest touchdown going over/under X amount of yards.
  • Which team scores first?
  • Which team gets to 10 points faster?

Game props are big in games like Super Bowl as well.

Novelty/Exotic Props

These props only come in big events like, again, the Super Bowl. The big thing about these props is that they happen outside of the game. Let’s have a look at some examples:

  • Which team wins the coin toss?
  • What color will the Gatorade bath be?
  • How long will the National Anthem last?
  • Which will be the first song in the Halftime Show?

Prop Examples In Professional Sports

Let’s take a look at prop bets in every major American sport.

NFL Football

Aaron Rodgers to throw Over or Under 3.5 Touchdowns: Oddsmakers project the Packers QB to throw between 3-4 touchdowns. These odds are based on his stats, his rival, momentum and many more.

For low-event props, the juice will not be equal; one will be higher on one side of the bet. If you bet Rodgers to go over 1.5 TDs (-235), for example, the odds are big.

You need to lay $235 to win $100 on the over since it’s a very achievable number for him. If you take the under 1.5 TDs (+180), a $100 wager gets a $180 profit.

The Super Bowl is the game with the largest number of prop bets in any professional sport.

NBA Basketball

Kevin Durant to score over/under 30.5 points: The sportsbooks will use Durant’s career and season stats, current form, matchup, and more to set the number.

So you can choose to trust Durant to go over 30.5 points or if he falls short.

NHL Hockey

Will a team score in the first 10 minutes?: 57% of hockey games have a score in the first ten minutes. Oddsmakers will set a payout depending on the teams playing and their offense and defense forms.

“No goal” can pay around +130 or +140. While a “goal” can pay around -170.

MLB Baseball

Jacob deGrom over/under 7 strikeouts: The starting pitchers are a big story in every MLB game. You can bet on the number of strikeouts they throw in every game.

Why Bet Props?

Betting on props has pros and cons, but why bet on them? Two main reasons stand out.

Additional Action:

If you want more than just rooting for a team to get a payout, props offer a way to add spice to the game. Props’ outcomes are determined during the game, not on the result, so almost every play counts.

If you bet on Steph Curry to score six three-pointers in a game, you’ll be on the edge of your seat every time he has the ball in his hands. If your bet is for Brady to throw over 3.5 TDs, every pass he throws will catch your eye in hopes of it getting into the end zone.

Props Are Exploitable:

The markets are big and ready for you to cash big on them. A little math and research can make props win you big bucks. Betting limits are low for props, and the oddsmakers aren’t too keen on getting the lines right.

A bettor’s biggest advantage over a sportsbook is that you don’t have to take all the bets available. They hope you do, but you don’t have the need to. In fact, you shouldn’t. Specialize in a type of prop, learn the way the market moves, and beat the books.

Remember, props are a little left behind due to the larger markets taking their focus. They will fail on some, and those are the ones you need to capitalize on.

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