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BetMGM Ontario

BetMGM Ontario

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Canadian bettors have long envied the US sports betting scene, but there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel for bettors who’ve wanted to use American sportsbooks but have been restricted from doing so.

From April 4, privately owned sportsbooks will be allowed to operate in Ontario.

This means the entry of some reputable sportsbooks, which will give Canadian bettors a splendid avenue to bet on their favorite teams.

BetMGM, one of the most notable names in sports betting, is one of the sportsbooks that’s expected to enter the fray.

Canadian bettors can look forward to the site’s great welcome offer, a top-notch betting platform, and a host of other features.

With the BetMGM sportsbook set for the Canadian stage, here’s everything you need to know regarding the sportsbook’s inevitable launch.

Is BetMGM Going To Be In Ontario?

BetMGM Ontario Launch DateApril 4th
Minimum Age To Play18
Where To Sign UpClick Here
Last updateJuly 2024

BetMGM is one of the few sportsbooks that’s signaled its intention of joining the Ontario sports betting market.

In 2021, BetMGM signed a multi-year partnership with hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, who later teased the entry of the company into the Canadian sports betting market.

Though BetMGM hasn’t announced an official launch date, it’s safe to assume that the sportsbook will launch on April 4.

Even if BetMGM fails to launch on that date, Canadian bettors should be using the site to place NHL bets by mid-to-late April.

BetMGM Ontario Top 3 Features

Since BetMGM is an elite sportsbook, there are tons of features that bettors can look forward to.

Below, we’re going to highlight a few of these features:

  • Same-Game Parlays – On eligible events, bettors can construct same-game parlays. All you have to do after finding an eligible game is to click on the tab titled “One Game Parlay.” From there, you can build your same-game parlay with ease.
  • Edit Your Bet – With certain bets, you can alter a few things using BetMGM’s “Edit My Bet” feature. In the case of a parlay, you can add a selection, swap a selection, or remove a selection. In certain cases, you can even alter your stake.
  • A Cash-Out Feature – We’ve all been on the receiving end of an unexpected last-minute loss. Luckily, with BetMGM’s cash-out feature, you can settle your bet before the end of the game, and this can help you avoid potential bad beats. Play Now


Since the introduction of single-game wagering, PROLINE+—an online sportsbook that’s controlled by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) Corporation—has been the only sportsbook available to Canadian bettors for single-game and online wagering.

However, that will change when privately owned sportsbooks begin operations in Ontario on April 4.

With PROLINE+’s monopoly set to come to an end, bettors will surely wonder whether the sportsbook is a viable alternative to some of the incoming high-profile betting sites.

To figure this out, we did a side-by-side comparison between BetMGM and PROLINE+; in the end, there was only one clear winner.

BetMGM might have a lower welcome offer when it launches in Canada, but we expect that they’ll still stick to relatively high amounts.

Next up: betting markets. Both sites cover the major sports and leagues, but PROLINE+ falters when it comes to niche offerings. The odds offered by BetMGM are also marginally better than the ones offered by PROLINE+.

Banking is another key aspect that we considered. Currently, PROLINE+ limits users to three deposit methods and one withdrawal method. BetMGM, on the other hand, boasts an adequate range of banking options.

Finally, we tested out both apps. The PROLINE+ mobile app is still a solid one, but BetMGM is the sleeker of the two and has way more features.

This comparison may seem harsh, but the truth is many state-run sportsbooks aren’t good enough to compete with privately-owned sportsbooks.

However, we still hope that the increased competition pushes PROLINE+ to improve some of the areas we’ve mentioned.

And if OLG can’t improve the site, at least bettors will have other alternatives, like BetMGM, to look forward to.