2022 NBA Finals Betting Odds

2022 NBA Finals Betting Odds

It’s still a few months before the NBA season starts, but this doesn’t mean we can’t check some of the future odds.

Yes, you read that right, odds to bet on who will win the NBA Championship next season are available.

The NBA Finals pits the best team from each conference to fight for the Larry O’Brien trophy. And of course, bettors want to get some profit as they wave the season goodbye.

Ending on a high, so to speak, and having a spicier taste on the Finals.

NBA Finals Futures Reports

The NBA season is far away, and the NBA Finals even further. But we have the NBA odds to bet on it even if we’re months apart. That’s the beauty of future bets.

Let’s take a look at every of the 30 NBA franchises and how they are labeled. From contenders to longshots, and all in between. Let’s get to it!

NBA Finals Favorites

Brooklyn Nets +240 – The “Big-Three” consisting of SF Kevin Durant, PG Kyrie Irving, and SG James Harden is as good as the basketball world has ever seen. If healthy, this can be the best offensive team of all time, no stuttering here.

However, as seen in the last season, injuries hampered the three of them, plus Kyrie’s outside antics are always messing with his consistency. Having said that, if they focus, there is no way to stop this team.

Los Angeles Lakers +400 – If this was 2012, this team would be the best ever assembled. SF LeBron James, PG Russell Westbrook, SF Carmelo Anthony, and Cs Marc Gasol and Dwight Howard. They may have aged, but they are still a competitive team.

Add PF Anthony Davis to the mix and the Lakers are clear-cut favorites in the Western Conference.

Milwaukee Bucks +900 – The reigning champions were a shoe size away from losing their spot in the Eastern Conference Finals last year. However, they overcame the Nets, and then came back from an 0-2 deficit in the finals to become champions.

They have a solid roster, led by PF Giannis Antetokounmpo. Their team hasn’t changed much, not for good, not for bad. They’ll be in the mix.

NBA Finals Contenders

Golden State Warriors +1300 – Finally, the Splash Brothers will be back! PG Steph Curry, SG Klay Thompson and lots of buckets. That’s the recipe of the Warriors. PF Draymond Green is a defensive menace, as well as SF Andre Iguodala. C James Wiseman should continue his progression, and players like SF Andrew Wiggins can have an impact as well. If healthy, you don’t want to cross paths with the Warriors.

They can score threes with such ease, it is a huge problem.

Phoenix Suns +1600 – Fresh off a Finals appearance, the Suns will aim to run it back, though the path in the Western Conference is a lot tougher now. PG Chris Paul proved to be a game-changer, with SG Devin Booker graduating as a certified star in the league.

With a blend between experience and youth, the Suns will be the main protagonist in the West.

Philadelphia 76ers +1800 – It all depends on what happens with PG Ben Simmons. By this point, his lack of evolution throughout the years is hampering the Sixers. He is not compatible with C Joel Embiid on the court.

If he stays, the Sixers are a strong East team with a great home record, but not capable of winning it all.

Los Angeles Clippers +2500 – Superstar SF Kawhi Leonard resigned with the Clippers, which means they will still be in the mix. Alongside now SG Paul George, and the new PG in Eric Bledsoe, the Clippers will once again hope for a title run.

The load management is a concern, but they have the best head coach in the league in Ty Lue, so let’s give them some benefit of the doubt.

Denver Nuggets +2500 – The reigning MVP, C Nikola Jokic, will have his best ally back on the court, as PG Jamal Murray is back. After a season-ending injury, Murray is what Denver needs, as he is a postseason monster.

They have depth, order, and a talented squad that is still progressing. Denver is a massive threat.

Miami Heat +2800 – The Heat brought perennial All-Star candidate PG Kyle Lowry to join forces with C Bam Adebayo and SF Jimmy Butler. This means the Heat is a hustling team. To beat them, you will have to grind, and they are favored to be in the weakened Eastern Conference.

They also kept SG Victor Oladipo for one more year. They have a stacked starting five when healthy, and a deep bench with scorers like SGs Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson.

NBA Finals Underdogs

Dallas Mavericks +3000 – It was a struggle to put the Mavs here and not in the contenders’ tier. The fact is, if they don’t get PG Luka Doncic any help, they won’t be able to make major noise.

Luka is a megastar, but he needs a solid second option, and PF Kristaps Porzingis is not the one. He struggles with injuries and is quite a diva.

With new HC Jason Kidd at the helm, Luka will progress even further. They still need a second wing to get this team to higher grounds.

Atlanta Hawks +4000 – The Hawks lost the Eastern Conference Finals in six games against the Bucks. They were nothing special, but then, Nate McMillan took charge as head coach, and the Hawks balled out.

PG Trae Young is fantastic, and he has lots of young talent around him. Enough to make it back? Not quite sure, but to make the playoffs and be a dark horse, of course.

Boston Celtics +5000 – The Celtics have one of the best tandems in the league, with SG Jaylen Brown and SF Jayson Tatum. Both are easily 25+ ppg scorers and have a defensive stud like G Marcus Smart in their perimeter.

My concern is the new coach, Ime Udoka, and how he can exploit the talents on the squad. At full force, the Celtics could be a big problem.

Portland Trail Blazers +8000 – Rumors surrounding the exit of all-world PG Damian Lillard are as concerning as any news can be for the Blazers. If he stays, he and SG CJ McCollum will once again guide the franchise to the playoffs, but that’s their ceiling.

NBA Finals Longshots

Chicago Bulls +8000 – The Bulls have a new duo to get going. SG Zach Lavine will pair up with SF DeMar DeRozan in what is now a much-dynamic team. Joined by PG Lonzo Ball, who is a very good passer, and C Nikola Vucevic, the Bulls could shake a few heads in the East.

If they develop good chemistry, they should aim for a second-round appearance in the NBA Playoffs.

New Orleans Pelicans +10000 – The Pelicans are in a weird spot. They have some young talent, but nothing special. This puts them in a very tough position. They can’t tank, because they will win games, but not enough to cause a major impact.

Of course, the progression of F Zion Williamson is key to them, as well as SF Brandon Ingram and his scoring ability. Don’t expect them to shine brightly, but they won’t stink.

Memphis Grizzlies +10000 – Ja Morant is as electrifying as a PG can be in this league. He can do it all. He has Rajon Rondo as his mentor as well. Memphis got C Steven Adams on the team, and he is a monster grabbing those offensive boards.

They may upset quite a few teams, and probably will be in the playoff conversation. But that’s about it.

New York Knicks +10000 – What is up in New York? The KNICKS are what is up in the Big Apple. After the best season in ages, the Knicks were back in the playoffs. And if everything goes to plan, they will be back.

Reinforced with SG Evan Fournier and top PG Kemba Walker, the Knicks’ backcourt is a top one. Aligned with PG Derrick Rose, PF Julius Randle, and a young core filled with talent, the Knicks will make some noise.

Indiana Pacers +11000 – The Pacers got a top coach in Rick Carlisle, but their team is not as deep as it should be. Yes, PG Malcolm Brogdon has developed nicely into a perimeter lockdown defender and an offensive presence.

PF Domantas Sabonis is an All-Star contender, with C Myles Turner, PG TJ McConnell, SG Caris LeVert, and SF TJ Warren all good players. Six players, the rest is under par, and not enough to make Indiana a force to be reckoned with.

Toronto Raptors +15000 – It was not too long ago the Raptors were the NBA champions, but it seems like ages have passed since then. The Raptors were a win-now team.

Now, they rely on an aging PG like Goran Dragic, two good shooters like SG Fred VanVleet and Gary Trent Jr. and whatever PF Pascal Siakam can produce. It’s a very thin roster.

Charlotte Hornets +15000 – We could actually see the Ball bros playing together. PG LaMelo Ball was stellar in his rookie season, and his older brother, LiAngelo Ball may get a contract after a good Summer League.

Not to mention, they have good pieces like PG Terry Rozier or SF Kelly Oubre, and a near All-Star like SF Gordon Hayward to push them forward. Charlotte should be in the playoffs.

Washington Wizards +18000 – They let go of Russell Westbrook, but now have lots of new young talent. This is good for what has been a dreadful team. SG Bradley Beal is a scoring machine and now has guards like Spencer Dinwiddie and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope joining him.

They also acquired forwards like Kyle Kuzma and Montrezl Harrell. All of a sudden, the Wizards can be fun to watch.

Sacramento Kings +25000 – The Kings can be a problem in about two to three years. Right now, they have talent but are too green to step up in the Western Conference. However, they play fast-paced basketball, and if you don’t contain them, they can upset you.

San Antonio Spurs +30000 – The Spurs are literally one of the least-talented rosters in the league. The only reason they are not rock-bottom in this list is the fact that Gregg Popovich coaches them. Their depth-chart consists of washed-up players or not-ready prospects.

Minnesota Timberwolves +30000 – To be clear, it’s not that the Timberwolves will be good, but they should be interesting. All healthy, you have two All-Star caliber players in PG D’Angelo Rusell and C Karl-Anthony Towns. Add the fact that SG Anthony Edwards will have a second year, and he was nice in his rookie season.

Oh, and Minnesota added the pitbull PG Patrick Beverley to get some perimeter defense. They are a team to follow for good or bad.

Orlando Magic +50000 – This is a bad team. Point blank, bad team. They have some prospects like C Mo Bamba and G Cole Anthony. Still, the Magic is poised to be one of the worst teams in the league.

Oklahoma City Thunder +50000 – Not much to see here, besides PG Shai Gilgeous-Alexander going at it. The rest of the squad has a low ceiling or needs to develop into decent players. For now, the Thunder is entering a rebuild mode.

Detroit Pistons +50000 – Cade Cunningham was the first overall pick in this year’s draft. He is quick of mind, can create his own shots, and assist with consistency.

Oh, do we need to talk about all the Pistons? Well, they also drafted Luka Garza, who shone for the Bulldogs last year in college. Can we move on?

Houston Rockets +50000 – If you want a tip on how to mess up a franchise, look no further than the Houston Rockets! However, they have some players that could produce. PG John Wall should be back from injury.

PF Christian Wood was the sole light for Houston last year. Guards like DJ Augustin, Eric Gordon, and Avery Bradley can shoot threes, and they have a highly rated prospect in 2nd overall pick Jalen Green.

Cleveland Cavaliers +50000 – Will the Cavs play small ball? It’s the only way they can have some movement in the offense. PG Ricky Rubio will distribute the ball, with Colin Sexton and Darius Garland putting pace on it.

Larry Nance is an athletic PF, and maybe Kevin Love starts at center? This only if Kevin Love recovers. What a travesty of a team.

How To Bet On NBA Finals Futures

Betting on the NBA champions before the season starts is tricky, but if done right, and with a bit of luck, it might just turn precious.

The odds change with every blockbuster trade. Injuries happening during the season also alter the lines.

Also, as you noted, favorites don’t payout as much as others, and many things can go wrong for them. You should consider looking for teams with the most to gain, at a higher payout.

Go to the sportsbook you want to bet on. Look for the NBA section, and a drop-down menu should appear. One of the options will be ‘Futures.’

Click on it, and select the team. After that, submit your bet from the betting slip window, and wait for the team to deliver the goods at the end of the season.

NBA Finals Popular Bets

Since it’s the last showing of the season, this best-of-seven series brings lots of markets. Here are the most popular ones.

NBA Finals Prop Bets

The NBA prop bets are a rapidly growing market. Whether it is how many points a team scores, or if an X player will get more than seven rebounds, the amount of options is huge.

NBA Spread Bets

One of the teams will be favored over the other. Even if they are the best two teams in the league. Especially when you consider that there are home and road games. The favorite will often have to cover a certain amount of points set by the oddsmakers to cash the bet.

As for the underdog, winning the game or losing by less than said margin gets them to win the bet.

NBA Moneylines

Pick who wins the game outright and if you choose correctly, you collect the rewards. The favorite will have a minus (-) sign in front of their odds. This means the amount you have to risk to win is $100. The underdog has a (+), which is the profit you’ll get if you lay $100 on them and win.

NBA Finals Betting Strategies

The Third Game Strategy

Historically, if the road team loses the first two games, it’s highly probable that they will win Game 3 on their home court.

You might consider laying the money on them if they start 0-2 and now host a finals game but do check the public consensus to confirm.

Line Shopping

Since the public bettors go hard on the NBA Finals, lines move fast.

Get in early and get your line at the preferred price by looking into different sportsbooks. If you are fading the public, then wait until the line shifts so you get a higher payout.