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2024 Serie A Relegation Betting Odds

2024 Serie A Relegation Betting Odds

While many of the top teams in Serie A battle for the Scudetto and the European spots, the league’s minnows worry about something else: relegation.

Realistically, any team can get relegated, but some teams are usually more susceptible to relegation than others.

Teams that have recently been promoted from Serie B are usually the relegation favorites, and so are teams that struggled during the previous campaign.

This season, Empoli, Salernitana, and Venezia are the league’s new boys, making them the relegation favorites by default.

Other teams like Spezia, Cagliari, and Torino struggled during 2020/21 Serie A season and may be forced to put up a fight if they want to stay up this season.

Here’s our Serie A relegation betting preview.

How Is The Winner Decided?

The three worst teams in the league—teams that finish in the 18th, 19th, and 20th spot—are relegated to Serie B, which is the second tier of professional football in Italy.

Points are used to determine league positions, so the three Serie A teams with the least amount of points are the ones that occupy the bottom three spots.

In case two or more teams are tied at the bottom with the same number of points, the following tiebreakers will be used:

  • Head-to-head points
  • Goal difference in head-to-head encounters.
  • Overall Goal difference.
  • Number of goals scored.

Serie A Relegation Betting Odds Report

Two of the three newly promoted teams haven’t featured in Serie A in years, and that may be a crucial factor in this season’s relegation race.

Salernitana and Venezia are the favorites to get relegated this season, while many think that Empoli can manage to stay up despite being one of the newly promoted teams.

Spezia and Torino have also been tipped to struggle this season, so expect to see them around the drop zone.

The Favorites

U.S. Salernitana 1919 – Salernitana is back in the top flight after a 23-year absence. They finished second in Serie B last season, which gave them entry into this season’s top flight.

They had a good record last season and only finished four points behind Empoli, the 2020/21 Serie B champions.

However, one has to wonder how they’ll adjust after such a long hiatus. Plus, none of their major summer signings have Serie A experience, so it looks like Salernitana will have to deal with the very likely threat of immediate relegation.

Venezia F.C. – Just like Salernitana, Venezia haven’t been in Serie A for a while. The last time that the Winged Lions played top-flight football was in the 2001–02 season—they finished dead last with 18 points.

This season, they gained entry into Serie A via the promotion playoffs after finishing 5th in Serie B. After winning the preliminary round and the semi-finals of the promotion playoffs, they played Cittadella in the two-legged final and emerged victorious, winning the final 2-1 on aggregate.

Despite their fairytale return, things don’t look promising for Venezia. Two of their major signings are MLS youngsters who lack European football experience, and most of their players lack top-flight experience.

It seems as though the Venice-based club is destined to struggle for the majority of the season.

Empoli F.C. – Unlike the other two promoted teams, Empoli is back in the top flight after a short two-year absence. Recently, they’ve become a yo-yo club.

They were relegated in 2017, got promoted in 2018, and then went back down in 2019. So they’ll want to avoid the pitfalls of immediate relegation this season.

They were the best team in Serie B last season and only lost three games during the entire season. They’ll be hoping that their recent Serie A experience, coupled with a few decent summer signings, will help them to stay up this season.

Spezia Calcio – Spezia played in the top flight for the first time in their history last season. Despite being tipped to go down immediately, they shocked many soccer fans by staying up last season.

They finished in 15th place with 39 points, which surely exceeded their expectations.

This season, however, they are relegation favorites once again. Their head coach Vincenzo Italiano, who led them to the Serie A and helped them to stay up last season, left for Fiorentina.

Thiago Motta was handed the managerial reins, but the former Inter Milan and PSG midfielder don’t have the coaching pedigree that a lower-level team like Spezia needs.

The Contenders

Cagliari – Cagliari struggled for a majority of the 2020/21 season but still managed to stay up. They finished in 16th place and were only four points away from the drop zone. The last time that the Sardinians were relegated was in 2015.

Torino – Despite having the talents of Andrea Belotti, Torino have become unlikely relegation candidates in recent seasons. In the 2019/20 season, they finished in 16th place.

Last season, they were marginally worse. They finished 17th in the league and only beat the drop by four points, thanks to a few late-season results that went their way.

They haven’t made any major signings this season, and it seems as though Torino will struggle once again. On the flip side, they’ve managed to keep Andrea Belotti for another season, or at least till the winter transfer window.

Genoa – Genoa were a mid-table team last season, just as they’ve been for the past decade. They finished 11th in the league last season and accumulated 42 points.

They’ve managed to stave off relegation in the past few seasons; the lowest that they’ve finished in the past ten years is 17th place.

The last time that the Red and Blues were relegated was in the 90s, though it took them a while before they were promoted back to the top flight.

Serie A Historical Relegated Teams

SeasonSerie A Relegated Teams
2020/21Benevento, Crotone, Parma
2019/20Lecce, Brescia, SPAL
2018/19Empoli, Frosinone, Chievo
2017/18Crotone, Hellas Verona, Benevento
2016/17Empoli, Palermo, Pescara
2015/16Carpi, Frosinone, Hellas Verona
2014/15Cesena, Cagliari, Parma
2013/14Livorno, Bologna, Catania
2012/13Palermo, Siena, Pescara
2011/12Lecce, Novara, Cesena

How To Bet On Serie A Relegation

To place a futures bet on the Serie A relegation market, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Go to your sportsbook and log in.
  2. Go to “Serie A betting“.
  3. Choose Serie A from the available soccer leagues.
  4. Go to the “team futures” tab.
  5. Look for this specific market: “Serie A Relegation 2021/22”
  6. Choose the team that you want to include in your wager.
  7. Enter the bet amount, and then place your bet.