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How To Signup For Hard Rock Sportsbook


Sadonna Price

Updated: May 5, 2022

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The Know Your Customer procedure at Hard Rock Sportsbook is integral to creating a safe and secure betting environment.

Also known as KYC, the process ensures that players’ accounts are correct and void of identity theft. Adding your social security number, driver’s license, and additional details, set up a secure account that only you can use to place sports bets.

Check out our guide below on how the KYC process works at Hard Rock Sportsbook.

Every detail is covered, so you are ready to sign up quickly and complete KYC to enjoy sports betting in states where Hard Rock sportsbook offers services.

How To Sign Up At Hard Rock Sportsbook

  • Log in to Hard Rock Sportsbook.
  • Click Join Now and start filling out the registration form. Your email is required, along with a password.
  • Add your name, gender, and date of birth.
  • Contact details are next, including address.
  • Fill out security questions to protect your personal information.
  • Confirm your details and click next.
  • Enter your social security number (last four digits)
  • This should conclude the verification process for now. If your information does not pass the ID check, additional documents might be required.
  • Once verified, log in and deposit funds to place a sports bet.
  • Hard Rock will start the KYC procedure when you are ready to withdraw funds.
  • Have your documents on hand to complete the process. This includes a copy of your government ID and proof of address. More details on that process can be found below.

What Counts As A KYC Document?

Hard Rock requires specific documents to prove your identity as part of the KYC process.

The documents are items provided by the government or institutions to ensure that you are indeed the person authorized to have the ID.

Below are examples of KYC documents you can use at Hard Rock Sportsbook:

  • Driver’s License (Cannot be expired)
  • State ID (Cannot be expired)
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • University ID

What Is KYC & ID Verification?

The KYC and ID verification process uses official documents that only you can possess to prove your identity.

The information ensures that you are who you say you are and can open a sports betting account. The process helps create a safe and secure betting platform at Hard Rock.

Why Is ID Verification So Important for Online Sportsbooks?

Sportsbooks must complete ID verification of every player to follow local regulations and protect players.

The process helps to avoid instances of identity theft and issues with other criminal activity such as money laundering.

Anti-Money Laundering

Because large amounts of money can be spent on sports betting, sportsbooks like Hard Rock have protocols in place to avoid criminal activity like money laundering.

The KYC process ensures a player’s identity and spending are also monitored for player protection and potential money laundering issues.

Fraud Prevention

In the United States, identity theft is a real issue that consumers deal with regularly. In the online sports betting world, the KYC and ID processes are used to prevent fraudulent behavior at the site.

With the secure checks, players are only allowed to sign up and withdraw funds to prove their identity.

While a criminal might steal a credit card or driver’s license number, they do not have all the items needed to create an online betting account, stopping fraud at online sportsbooks.

Non-Compliance Fines

When an operator is not following the regulations within a state where legalized sports betting is allowed, the license holder is considered to be non-compliant.

Regulators then issue fines based on the problem at hand. If an operator does not follow ID checks and KYC, they are considered non-compliant.

Such issues can lead to minors accessing sports betting or problem gamblers logging on when they should not create an account. Regulators take compliance very seriously and hold any operator accountable if they break the rules.

KYC Checklist

Prepare the documents you need for KYC ahead of time by following the steps below:

  • Gather your form of ID for upload, including a driver’s license or state ID. Keep the item nearby or go ahead and upload an image of the card to your device for future use.
  • Find a mortgage statement or bank statement to use as proof of address. Check the document to ensure the address is listed correctly. You can keep this document nearby until you need it or go ahead and upload it to your computer.
  • Log in to your account and click on withdrawal when you are ready to begin the KYC process.
  • Once you request a withdrawal, Hard Rock will walk you through the process of adding your personal documentation.
  • Once uploaded, the site will need to verify the details. This can take a few hours or a couple of days to complete depending on the individual.
  • After approval is given, the withdrawal is allowed to go through, and you are done with KYC.
  • If your documentation is not approved for some reason, additional instructions will be provided by the operator.

Common Problem When Signing Up At Hard Rock App

Some issues can occur when creating a new account at Hard Rock Sportsbook. Check out a few common problems below.

  • Verification Issues: One problem is connected to verification. If you start the signup process and cannot be verified, it could mean that the third-party provider does not have your correct information. Speak to support to see what you can do to remedy the issue. It may be something as simple as using an old street address.
  • Duplicate Account Message: Players are only allowed one account at Hard Rock Sportsbook. If you signed up for an account in the past and tried to create a new one, the duplicate message will appear. Check your email to see if you have a log-in from the past. If you are sure that you did not sign up for an account, contact support for further assistance.

Why Am I Being Asked To Verify My Identity?

States that offer legalized online sports betting require identity verification for security purposes.

Online operators must follow the regulations of the state and complete ID checks. The process ensures the market’s security and allows Hard Rock Sportsbook to offer a safe betting environment.

Why Am I Being Asked To Provide My ID?

Your ID is required to ensure that you are the person signing up for the account.

Anyone can create an account with Hard Rock, but only you have access to your social security number, driver’s license, and additional personal details.

The KYC and ID verification process helps the sports betting industry remain secure so that players can enjoy placing bets and avoid any identity theft issues.

Why Am I Having Trouble Verifying My Identity?

At times, the verification process fails to move forward. If you have an issue, speak to support.

Due to the lack of information available via third-party vendors, documents may be required. Check with support to find out what steps you can take to move forward.

Why Am IUnable To Verify?

Verification issues can arise for several reasons. Third-party vendors may not have your correct information, or perhaps you entered the social security number or address incorrectly.

Double-check your information to be sure that it was added correctly. Players are given a few chances to verify before documents are required to ensure their identity.

What Is 2-factor Authentication?

The process of 2-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your Hard Rock Sportsbook account.

When logging in, the sportsbook triggers the authentication process, and a six-digit code is sent to your mobile phone or tablet.

You enter the code after logging in, and if entered correctly, your account is unlocked. This simple step ensures that only you have access to the sports betting account.

Why Am I Being Asked To Provide My SSN & Complete A W9 Form?

Both steps are required in states where online sports betting services are legalized. The social security number request is made to verify your identity.

The W9 form is required to process tax papers if you earn over $600 from online sports betting. All information is stored securely and only used for identification purposes.

Why Am I Having Trouble Authenticating My Account?

Authenticating your account should be a simple process. If you are experiencing an issue, is it likely that the third-party vendors used by Hard Rock do not have access to updated information such as your address.

Try entering an older address and see if that works. Do you go by your middle name or a shortened version of your name?

If so, this might also be the issue. Try different variations to see if this solves the issue. If not, speak to support for assistance. Your authentication questions can be reset by support to help access your account.

Why Am I Getting A ‘Duplicate Account’ Message?

It is not uncommon for a player to receive a duplicate account message when signing up at Hard Rock Sportsbook.

There are two main reasons you receive this message. One, you already have an account with the brand, or someone has used your information to create an account.

Check your email to see if you opened an account and forgot. If not, speak to support to find out more about the message and what you can do to fix the issue.


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