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Self-Exclusion From Sports Betting In CT

Self-Exclusion From Sports Betting In CT

Sports betting was first launched in Connecticut via the Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos, providing players with access to land-based betting.

By October 2021, online services were live, with bets offered via mobile devices and computers. DraftKings and FanDuel offer services in partnership with the two land-based casinos while PlaySugarHouse has teamed up with the lottery to provide betting options.

All operators are committed to providing a safe and secure gaming environment for sports fans. After establishing the sports betting market, regulators set out to create a self-exclusion program.

The program is offered to players who need to take a break from gaming to avoid a major gambling addiction or overspending.

The process of signing up for the program is simple and can be completed in just a few steps. Check out more details on how to sign up below.

How Do I Get On A Self-Exclusion List In Connecticut?

  • To sign up for the self-exclusion list, you must visit the portal here:
  • Read the terms and click Get Started to begin the process.
  • Enter your personal information including social security number and choose to exclude for one year, five years, or a lifetime ban. (Keep in mind the lifetime ban cannot be reversed)
  • Add additional contact information on the next page.
  • Provide details on the Verify Identity page including a copy of your driver’s license.
  • Complete the Consent section to finish the form.

What Will Happen After I Sign Up For A Self-exclusion List?

Once you are added to the self-exclusion list, gaming regulators in Connecticut will send your personal information to online and land-based operators. This ensures that you will not be able to access services.

How Do I Get Off A Self-exclusion List In Connecticut?

You must serve the full time of exclusion before your name is removed from the list. If you select one year or five years, you can be removed after the time ends.

Use this link to complete the removal process:

After gaming regulators ensure you meet the criteria for removal, your name, and personal information will no longer be associated with the self-exclusion list.

What Will Happen After I Get Off A Self-exclusion List?

Once you are removed, you can freely gamble as you like. Both online and land-based sports betting services will be open to you.

Self-Exclusion FAQ

How Do You Find Out If You Are Banned From A Sportsbook?

After signing up for self-exclusion, you are automatically banned from the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods casinos in Connecticut. To double-check your self-exclusion, you can contact the sportsbook to ensure you are on the list, but it is not necessary.

How Do I Block Myself From Gambling Sites?

The self-exclusion process will block you from online sports betting sites in the state. However, you can contact individual sportsbooks to see if they offer an exclusion process as well as to know what additional steps you can take for player protection.

How Long Will I Be On The Self-Exclusion List?

In Connecticut, the only time frames allowed on the list are one year, five years, and a lifetime ban.

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