Best NFL Parlay Bets Week 10

Will Armitage

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

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It feels strange to think that we are already at that stage of the season.

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Some pre-season futures wagers have already gone south. Others are looking healthy.

Yes, I’m talking about the many of you out there who took the Eagles to run away with the NFC East in 2022!

Well, for my parlay this week, I really go out on a limb and call it that the unbeaten run will finish in Week 10!

Anyways, it’s time for my next parlay. As you’ll recall, I choose one underdog for the moneyline part of my parlay.

Will I choose yet another winning underdog? I’m on a roll of picking the highest odds leg of my parlays.

It’s a shame I cannot say the same amount the rest of my parlays.

The Chiefs’ overtime victory against the Titans going under scuppered my parlay hopes for another week!

To my moneyline ‘dog, I then add in two spread bets and one over, and one under.

That’s my 5-leg parlay. This week, should all 5 hit, my returns would be a whopping +6720.

You will also read about some big price discrepancies across the sportsbooks this week.

This makes it even more important to do your research before striking your parlay.

Not doing so could mean the difference between losing your bet or making over 67 times your money!

Moneyline – Commanders Vs. Eagles (Best Odds – +400)

2020 saw the biggest upset for divisional winners come from Washington.

2021 did not go according to plan for the Football Team last season. So far in 2022, they are blowing hot and cold.

Yet, when they play their old rivals from down the road, they often seem to raise their game.

They have won in Philadelphia four times in the past decade and gone down on three occasions by less than a touchdown.

The Commanders are a decent road team that can stop most of the league’s offenses when they turn up and have a good day.

The Eagles will have enjoyed 11 days off since their trip to Houston to wallow in the glory of their perfect start to the season.

Yet, with tough games against the Colts, Packers, and Titans coming up, the Eagles could easily sleepwalk into this game.

I think this is the game where their unbeaten record comes unstuck!

Come on Commanders…

Spread – Chargers (+7) Vs. 49ers (-110)

I was very surprised to realize that this is the first time the Chargers have appeared in one of my parlays.

One of the pre-season Super Bowl favorites has been battling it out in the division of doom. To win the AFC West this season will take a gargantuan effort.

Which superstar QB will come out on top of that division? It certainly won’t be Russell Wilson!

Jimmy G or CMC have demonstrated their strong passing attributes recently.

However, Justin Herbert with a touchdown start is too tempting to pass by.

Last season saw Los Angeles concede more points than all teams in the AFC apart from the Jets! This season is looking a touch better in that regard.

With their offense purring, it looks tough for Shanahan’s team. Watch out, San Francisco!

You have not beaten the Chargers for over twenty years! Long may that run continue!

I take the Chargers to cover the spread and they could sneak a victory.

Over/Under – Seahawks Vs. Buccaneers (44) (-110)

Spare a thought for the Seahawks in Week 10!

Rather than endure one of the longest domestic NFL flights, they have to fly a whopping 5,265 miles to Munich in Southern Germany to take on the Brady Bunch!

At least they have a fortnight until their next game in Las Vegas. This game is the first NFL season game to be played in Germany.

Over half a million fans registered for seats, including yours truly.

Unsurprisingly, the bots hoovered up all the tickets, so the normal fan was immediately priced out of the market.

Tickets on the usual suspects of rip-off resale sites were 20 times face value within 12 minutes of the sale opening. Criminal!

When are the authorities ever going to clamp down on this deeply unfair behavior? Rant over!

The game is being played at the home of FC Bayern Munich, one of the very top soccer teams in Europe.

They score lots of goals here every fortnight.

I expect the less tired Bucs to be pummeled by the poor surprising package of the season in an entertaining high-scoring spectacle.

I’m betting the over here.

Spread – Saints (-2.5) Vs. Steelers (-110)

Pittsburgh finds itself as the home underdogs for the visit of New Orleans.

The Steelers are missing Big Ben and Coach Tomlin has a poor record this season with just 25% of games resulting in victories.

The Saints conceded the fewest points in the NFC last season. This suffocating defense will limit Pittsburgh’s unadventurous offense to a handful of scoring opportunities.

I expect Alvin Kamara to run riot.

Jameis Winston should have an easy day at the office up in Pennsylvania.

New Orleans via DraftKings to take advantage of their extra half-point on the spread market is my parlay play here.

Over/Under – Cowboys Vs. Packers (43.5) (-110)

Regular readers of my parlay picks must think I have a deep dislike for America’s Team.

That is not the case. They may well be the most valuable sports franchise in the US, but that hasn’t stopped me from selecting them on three occasions for the under.

It is surprisingly rare for a previous season’s top scorers to repeat the feat a second year.

Every team struggles to move the scoreboard when they visit Lambeau Field, especially as the mercury drops.

You’ll often hear me talk about the importance of shopping around for the best odds and lines. It is important to bet better and be more aware of the difference between the sportsbooks.

When this market first came out, Caesars had set their total at 51.5.

However, DraftKings was priced at 49. Given how poorly the Pack is playing at the moment, it’s no surprise to see that the total has plunged to a best-priced 43.5 with Caesars.

DraftKings is happy to remain the lowest on this game at 42.5.

How gutted would you feel at the water cooler on Monday morning if you placed a bet with

Draftkings betting the under-blind at their price and the game finished 23-20 to the Packers! If you’d bet with Caesars, you’d be a winner.

If you’d bet with DraftKings, you’d have lost.

All this demonstrates clearly that if you like to bet on parlays, it’s so important to shop around for the best odds!

Despite this big move down in the total, I’m still taking the under.

How To Bet NFL Parlays

A parlay bet is a sports wager that combines several bets on one ticket alone.

Usually, you would go with moneyline bets but can use spreads, totals, and futures.

You can include props in many cases, and bettors can choose to link together just two sides, or up to 15 or more depending on the sportsbook.

Parlays are wholly customizable meaning bettors get to choose how big they want the odds to go.

How many sides will be included, and how difficult is it to make each leg of the parlay or do the same game parlays.

The way to establish consistency is to have just two or three sides and avoid chasing astronomical odds.

It’s fine to take your shot at a massive payout as well, but be sure to only risk the money you’re prepared to lose.

Check out NFL parlay bets week 11 for betting ideas and to lock in early odds.

If you fancy regular bets, we got the NFL week 10 odds analysis worth checking out.

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