Best NFL Parlay Bets Week 1

betmgm free parlay bet week 1

Parlay Picks by Will Armitage. Will has been an avid sports fan since the early 1980s. His first sporting love was a mediocre English soccer team that dwelled in the lower leagues for decades. He since has switched allegiance to the EPL’s Arsenal. Every year since 1994, he has bet on the Minnesota Vikings to lift the Vince Lombardi. He is still waiting to be paid….

Similar to last season, I shall be selecting five of my favorite picks to build my first parlay of the NFL Season.

There is a long road ahead and hopefully, we can kick off as we mean to go on. Here’s to this parlay landing!

A $100 stake would return just over $3,500 profit should all five legs land.

Moneyline Parlay – Eagles Vs. Lions – (Best Odds +170)

This probably would not be many bettors’ first pick for their Week 1 Parlay, but Detroit’s expansive football last season and a plethora of one-score defeats make me feel that they are seriously overlooked as potential upset Wild Card candidates this season.

I think Jameson Williams will take to the NFL like a duck to water and he is my man for the Ja’Marr Chase award for a crazily-good rookie season that can lift the entire franchise.

The Bears will have yet another losing season; whilst the Pack and Vikes are a couple of key injuries away from possibly sliding below .500.

The Eagles will be overly complacent and the Lions will sneak it as time expires; that, or they’ll simply ensure that my first leg of this parlay lands via some other means and before the clock ticks down to zero!

Spread Parlay – Jaguars Vs. Commanders (-4) (-110)

The Jaguars had a lot of experience last season in losing games; especially on the road. Away from home, they did nothing but lose!

0-8 does not read well and despite acquiring a monstrously gifted future defensive Pro Bowler, I simply don’t see the Commanders letting this easy opportunity to put up the first victory on the board go to waste.

Of the 13 defeats inflicted upon the Jags last season, just one of those was by less than four points. When they got beat, they often were badly beat!

This spread stood out as a comparative value leg to my parlay.

Initially, the Commanders were giving up 4 points, but now it’s just a field goal. In any case, I’m foreseeing a double-digit victory for Washington.

Over/Under Parlay – Broncos Vs. Seahawks (41) – (-110)

Of all the Week 1 games, it’s the Monday Night Game which is deemed most likely to be the lowest-scoring contest. Russell Wilson.

Well, it had to happen, didn’t it?! The return of the prodigal son to the city which made his name.

Was his 2021 a momentarily blip and will he follow in the footsteps of former Super Bowl winners who are written off when they leave successful franchises for pastures new?!!

The Broncos are a skinny +1600 for Russell Wilson to replicate the GOAT by leaving a Super Bowl winning franchise and turning his new employers into one as well!

They will fancy their chances of running the Chiefs closer this year given the new addition to their armory.

The Broncos averaged 25 points in their first three games of last season with a less gifted leader, whilst the Seahawks average a whopping 34.25 in their first eight games of last season; scoring less than 30 on only one occasion.

Yes, each team will be operating with different QBs than last season. However, to price this game so low at 42.5, especially after the new talent Denver has picked up in the off-season, seems out of kilter.

A few months back, the line was down at 41, but I’m tempted with this all the way up to 46.

Spread Parlay – Browns (-4) Vs. Panthers (-110)

When the books first published the odds for this game, it was on the expectation that Deshaun would be starting.

I felt that it would be a tough introduction game against a team known to fly out of the blocks at the start of a season.

The +4 with the Panthers was too tempting to forego and so it was part of my original parlay.

We know now that Week 13 is the earliest possible time to see Mr. Watson under the center. Given that, the spread shifted considerably by almost a touchdown.

Carolina is now favored by just under a field goal at -2.5. I’m still siding with them to cover the spread.

But, if it becomes tight down the stretch, I’ll be grateful to have taken the early offer of +4!

Over/Under Parlay – Colts Vs. Texans (46) – (-110)

I struggle to see where the NFL’s rank outsiders for Super Bowl glory will be able to score more than their 2021 average of a paltry 16.5 points as they entertain their AFC South divisional rivals.

Indianapolis averaged 10 points more than the Texans.

In each game last year, the Colts scored 31 points with the Texans managing just three on one occasion and suffered the ignominy of being shut out in the other game.

I see history repeating itself for a third time in a row with one side dominating the other, yet the total will struggle to break north of 35, let alone 46.

This total was originally at 44.5. I think the Matt Ryan hype in Indy is unfounded. As a bettor, I’m happy that this has caused the movement up to 46!

The under makes up the fifth and final leg of this Week 1 Parlay.

Moving Odds

It’s been intriguing to see how the odds and lines have shifted over the summer months.

Each of the over and under bets moved by 1.5 points. My two spread bets have changed by 1 and 6.5 points.

Despite Detroit receiving the second-highest number of bets to win the NFC Championship, their odds for their Week 1 game have hardly deviated from +170.

I wonder how many of my parlay legs will land this weekend?

Shopping For Odds

Remember that when making your parlay selections, you want to shop around to find the very Best Odds.

The compounding effect of parlays means that small odds differences in the separate legs of your bets can make a big impact on your final payout!

You don’t want to be told by your buddies that you would have made another $1,000 on your parlay had you bet it with a different sportsbook!

How To Bet NFL Parlays

A parlay bet is a sports wager that combines several bets on one ticket alone.

Usually, you would go with moneyline bets but can use spreads, totals, and futures.

You can include props in many cases, and bettors can choose to link together just two sides, or up to 15 or more depending on the sportsbook.

Parlays are wholly customizable meaning bettors get to choose how big they want the odds to go.

How many sides will be included, and how difficult is it to make each leg of the parlay or do the same game parlays.

The way to establish consistency is to have just two or three sides and avoid chasing astronomical odds.

It’s fine to take your shot at a massive payout as well, but be sure to only risk the money you’re prepared to lose.

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