2023 NFL Receiving Yards Odds

2023 NFL Receiving Yards Odds

When it comes to the NFL, there is no debate over who the greatest wide receiver of all time is.

Jerry Rice had one of the most spectacular football careers ever, and the pass-catching legend still holds the majority of key NFL receiving records today.

Despite the fact that offenses have evolved and teams are throwing the ball more than ever, no other NFL wide receiver has been able to accomplish what Rice did.

The former first-round pick from Mississippi Valley State is still the all-time leader in receptions, total yards, and touchdowns.

Rice once scored 22 touchdowns in a season that was only 12 games long because of a labor dispute.

However, today’s NFL is loaded with great receivers who are doing impressive things of their own.

Cooper Kupp had almost 2,000 yards receiving in 2021 and finds himself at the top of the odds list to lead the league in that category again.

2023 NFL Receiving Yards Odds

Most Receiving Yards

One of the more popular NFL futures bets is deciding which of the many talented receivers will lead the NFL in total receiving yards.

Last year, Cooper Kupp of the Los Angeles Rams had 300+ yards more than his nearest competitor.

However, history tells us that repeating as the NFL receiving yards leader is not easy to do.

Bettors will have a lot to think about this year before placing their wager. Justin Jefferson is fighting for playing time in Minnesota.

Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill have both landed with new teams and no longer have Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes throwing them the ball.

Deebo Samuel will probably now have Trey Lance throwing to him and not Jimmy Garropolo.

How will these changes affect each of those players is what an NFL bettor will need to figure out.

2021 NFL Receiving Yards Leaders

PlayerReceiving YrdsTeam
Justin Jefferson1,616Vikings
Davante Adams1,533Packers
Ja’Marr Chase1,455Bengals
Deebo Samuel1,40549ers
Mark Andrews1,361Ravens
Tyreek Hill1,239Chiefs
Stefon Diggs1,225Bills
Tyler Lockett1,175Seahawks
Diontae Johnson1,167Steelers

Who Will Have The Most Receiving Yards In 2022?

The Favorites

Cooper Kupp – The Los Angeles Rams had a 2021 to remember.

Not only were they crowned Super Bowl champions, but they had some players achieve incredible individual success. Cooper Kupp was one of those players.

In 2020, Kupp played in 15 games and had just under 1,000 yards receiving. Last year, in 17 games, Kupp more than doubled his receiving yards total, hauling in over 1,900 worth of passing yards.

In their first year together, Matthew Stafford and Kupp found immediate chemistry. The betting odds suggest the two will be on the same page again in 2022.

Davante Adams – With Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback, Davante Adams earned a reputation as one of the game’s most elite receivers.

In 2021, Adams was second in the league with 123 receptions, all delivered by the Packers future HOF QB.

Now Adams finds himself with the Raiders and will be catching balls from Derek Carr.

Bettors will have to decide if the move from Green Bay to LA will impact Adams and the impressive stats he put up annually while playing in the Cheese State.

Value Betting Options

Ja’Marr Chase – In just his first season in the NFL, Ja’Marr Chase turned heads and put up impressive stats while winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

The former LSU star had over 1,400+ receiving yards on just 81 catches.

Cincinnati has one of the best-receiving groups league-wide. No doubt Chase will continue to see many balls thrown his way, but will he get enough targets to lead the league in receiving yards?

Playing with Joe Burrow will only help his cause.

Stefon Diggs – Considering the numbers put up by Kupp, Adams, and Chase last year, there wasn’t a lot of talk about Stefon Diggs.

However, Diggs is only one season removed from when he was the NFL receiving yards leader.

In 2020, Bills QB Josh Allen connected with Diggs 123 times. Last year, the two again connected over 100 times as Diggs has established himself as Allen’s favorite target.

Diggs and Allen are both elite at their positions and will once again put up big numbers.

If the snow holds off in Buffalo, and the Bills can throw the ball during their November and December home games, then bettors can once again expect big things to happen in Buffalo.

NFL Receiving Leaders – Last 15 Seasons

YearPlayerReceiving YrdsTeam
2021Cooper Kupp1,947Rams
2020Stefon Diggs1,535Bills
2019Michael Thomas1,725Saints
2018Julio Jones1,677Falcons
2017Antonio Brown1,533Steelers
2016T.Y. Hilton1,448Colts
2015Julio Jones1,871Falcons
2014Antonio Brown1,698Steelers
2013Josh Gordon1,646Browns
2012Calvin Johnson1,964Lions
2011Calvin Johnson1,681Lions
2010Brandon Lloyd1,448Broncos
2009Andre Johnson1,569Texans
2008Andre Johnson1,575Texans
2007Reggie Wayne1,510Colts

NFL Receiving Touchdowns Betting Odds

When betting on NFL receiving touchdowns, a bettor has to understand that there is even more variance and chance in this type of bet compared to betting on total receiving yards.

Over time, elite receivers will get open, and QBs will find them, meaning great pass catchers will find ways to put up a lot of receiving yards.

However, touchdowns can be much more difficult to predict. Ja’Marr Chase could haul in a 40-yard catch down the sideline, but get pushed out of bounds at the 1-yard line.

Play calling in the RedZone might mean a running back or quarterback gets their number called, instead of a receiver.

It’s recommended to search for some appealing odds with this bet.

Predicting a touchdown leader can be difficult and often the projected favorite is not the one at the top of the list when the season ends.

2021 NFL Receiving Touchdowns Leaders

PlayerReceiving TDsTeam
Cooper Kupp16Rams
Mike Evans14Buccaneers
Ja’Marr Chase13Bengals
DK Metcalf12Seahawks
Davante Adams11Packers
Stefon Diggs10Bills
Justin Jefferson10Vikings
Adam Thielen10Vikings

WR Totals: Receiving Yards Over/Under

NFL betting odds on NFL player props are available at all legal sportsbooks in your state/province.

If you enjoy watching those who play the wide receiver position, sportsbooks have plenty of betting options available, including prop bets on total receiving yards.

Key Strategy

Of course we always recommend bettors do their homework for all types of bets they are interested in, including NFL wide receiver prop betting.

One of the strategies we suggest is to take advantage of some of the quality NFL player projection sites that are available.

Using a couple of different player projection sources can be valuable to get an understanding of how players are perceived overall in the market.

Sometimes we fall into a trap of only relying on one site to get our information and projections.

Even those who are very good at projecting player performance don’t get them all right. Take the time to check out multiple sources and make your decisions from there.

WR Totals: Receiving TDs Over/Under

Betting the Over / Under for a player’s receiving touchdowns can be a season-long futures bet or a week-to-week player prop bet.

As mentioned above, predicting touchdowns can be even more difficult than total receiving yards.

Once again, we suggest turning to some of the popular player projection sites to help with your homework.

These sites can be very valuable by helping predict injuries and total games played by a player.

Obviously, a bettor has a big advantage by having an understanding of players expected to be lined up for all 17 weeks and who might only play 12 or 14 games.

Projecting injuries is far from an exact science, so using your instincts and knowledge is also key.

Totals: Rushing + Receiving Yards Over/Under

NFL defenses have become so good and complex that an offense must get creative to put up a lot of yards and points each week.

Today’s game has many more running backs who catch the ball and many more receivers who run the ball.

No longer do we judge RBs strictly by rushing yards and the same with the WR position and receiving yards.

Instead, total yards from scrimmage can give us a more accurate view of a player’s overall impact in a game or throughout the season.

Total yards from scrimmage is another bet offered by all licensed operators in your area.

2021 NFL Receivers Yards From Scrimmage Leaders

PlayerRushing YrdsReceiving YrdsTotal Yrds
Jonathan Taylor1,8113602,171
Cooper Kupp181,9471,965
Deebo Samuel3651,4051,770
Najee Harris12004671,667
Justin Jefferson141,6161,630
Austin Ekeler9116471,558
Davante Adams01,5331,553
Joe Mixon1,2053141,519
Ja’Marr Chase211,4551,476
Nick Chubb1,2591741,443

Always Shop Around

Far and away the single greatest edge a sports bettor can have is the ability to shop around for the Best Odds.

Over time it has been proven that shopping for your Best Odds can positively impact your ROI in a very significant way.

When it comes to futures betting, shopping around can be even more impactful because the variance in odds can be more drastic.

If a wide receiver like Justin Jefferson has +900 odds at one sportsbook to lead the league in receiving yards and is +1400 at another sportsbook, that is a huge edge for a bettor.

A $100 wager would have a $500 difference in profit on just that one bet alone.

Making sure you shop around to find the best available odds is the greatest advantage over sportsbooks a bettor has.