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Super Bowl Party Prop Sheet

Super Bowl Party Prop Sheet

The Super Bowl is the one game every bettor waits for each year. The NFL season is a highly wagered one, and the Big Game is the culmination of it all!

And, when it comes to prop bets, there’s literally no bigger event on this planet than the Super Bowl. It’s where all unthinkable prop bets become available.

With the number of online sportsbooks, the prop bets are even easier to play. Not to mention, they are many and various kinds on offer.

NFL Super Bowl Props Betting Odds Explained

A prop bet is a wager that is not related to the final outcome of the game in a direct manner. Pretty much everything that isn’t a point spreads, totals, and moneylines can be considered prop bets.

Even if you can find props on a weekly basis, or in other sports such as basketball, hockey, or baseball, the Super Bowl is the biggest betting event in the US offering the option.

In the Super Bowl, you can find multiple propositions you won’t usually find elsewhere. Here are some examples:

Player Props

The player props come as anything related to a player’s stats in the game.

For example, will the Chiefs’ QB, Patrick Mahomes, throw over or under 255 passing yards in the Super Bowl?

In a layout it looks something like this:

Will the Chiefs’ QB, Patrick Mahomes, throw over or under 255 passing yards in the Super Bowl?

  • Yes (-110)
  • No (-110)

Game Props

There are thousands of different game props you can play on the Big Sunday. Almost every event or play that happens can be bet on. It would look like this:

Which team will get to 10 points first in the Super Bowl?

  • Kansas City Chiefs (-115)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+105)

Novelty & Exotic Props

These are pretty much Super Bowl-exclusive. That’s why the NFL Championship game gathers so many casual bettors.

These types of prop bets don’t even take place in the game, but outside of it, in the event as a whole. For example:

What color will the Gatorade shower on the winning coach be?

  • Orange (-150)
  • Blue (+105)
  • Clear/Water (+110)
  • Red (+120)

How To Use Printable Props Sheet

If playing prop bets is fun, doing it while competing with your friends is even better. Not only do you get the chance to win money, but bragging rights over them.

Here’s how you use the Super Bowl props sheet:

Print The Prop Sheet

A quick Google search will throw you hundreds of different prop sheets for you to choose from.

Understand How A Props Sheet Works

You need to know how proposition bets work. For instance, most of them will present you with a two-option answer. Whether it is a yes or no, or an over/under, heads or tails, run or pass, and so on.

Other prop bets like the Gatorade bath color or the Super Bowl MVP have more than one option. In this case, make sure your prop sheet has an added slot where you can put the “other” option you chose, as they will present you with the most popular ones.

Decide How Many Prop Bets You Want To Bet On

You can find prop sheets with 10, 15, 20, 25 different prop bets. Decide how many props you and your friends would like to bet on.

Assign Betting Limits

Then, decide the betting limits on the bets, so you don’t get blindsided into paying more than what you expected.

Be Aware Of Every Event That Decides A Prop Win

Remember, prop bets are not tied to the outcome of the game. Be keen on watching how every single prop bet unfolds so you can mark how many right ones you got.

Even if you get the temptation of going crazy due to the outlandish prop bets you’ll see, don’t. At the end of the day, you are betting because you want to win money, not throw it away.

So, even if you want to go a bit crazy, go with calculated risks. Try to take the prop bets you think you may have an edge on.

But enough chit-chat. These are some examples you can find on most sportsbooks come Super Bowl time.

Length Of National Anthem

Every Super Bowl, big artists are welcome to perform, either in the Halftime Show, or to perform the United States anthem.

Now, the Super Bowl Halftime Show might be a 15-minute concert, basically. But the National Anthem is one song, and that’s something you can bet on as far as how long it goes.

With plenty of big notes, performers will go full effort in trying to impress the millions watching. These can prompt them to make them sing longer notes, hence prolonging the duration of the anthem.

Length of National Anthem (in seconds):

  • Over 121.5 (-110)
  • Under 121.5 (-110)

Choose whether the performer goes over 121 seconds or under that.

Coin Toss Result

Honestly, this is a 50-50 chance of getting it right. Bad jokes aside, you actually have a 50% of winning this bet.

The good part is, you know if you won or lost the bet even before the Super Bowl starts. Choose whether it’s heads or tails, and if you’re lucky, you start the Super Bowl with a bigger bankroll.

This is how you’ll find it in sportsbooks:

Coin Toss Result:

  • Heads (-110)
  • Tails (-110)

Team To Score First

So, this one is game-related, but not outcome-related. Who is the first team to score? The ones who get the first offensive series have an edge. 

Remember, though, a score can be a TD, a field goal, a safety, a pick-six.  Anything can happen. Just pick the team who will do it first. For example:

Team to Score First:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-115)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+105)

Team With The Longest Touchdown

Oh, boy. This prop is interesting because it comes attached to each team’s playing style. In the last Super Bowl, both the Chiefs and the Buccaneers were happily putting the ball in their QB’s hands. 

Therefore, this could’ve been a tough bet, since any of the team could see their quarterback throwing caution to the wind in a big-yard TD.

If it was a team like Baltimore, who runs the ball and pretty much forgets about passing it, it may be an easier bet to take.

Although, you would risk a big carry that saw them go coast-to-coast. In the Super Bowl, that is very unlikely.

Again, this is a two-option prop, so it looks like this:

Team with the Longest TD:

  • Kansas City Chiefs (-145)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+120)

Position Of Super Bowl MVP

Even though the regular season MVP has been dominated by quarterbacks, that’s not the case in the Super Bowl. This is not a season-long award, this is a one-game performance.

In the last few years, we’ve seen quarterbacks, wide receivers, and outside linebackers getting the Super Bowl MVP award. This is a nice prop bet, as you can find high payouts in non-QB positions.

This is an example of how it looks:

Super Bowl Party Games

Props sheet games are awesome, but there is more to Super Bowl betting than that. The Super Bowl is the mecca of sports gambling, so you can find other unique options to play. For instance:

Super Bowl Trivia Game

The Super Bowl trivia game involves everyone who is willing to play. The fun thing about it is that you can combine present-day facts with historical figures. If you’re a history guy, this game is something you’ll enjoy.

You can make it challenging, so everybody has to dig deep into their NFL knowledge to bring home the “title” of Super Bowl Trivia winner.

From questions like “How many Super Bowl MVPs did Joe Montana win?” to “who was the last NFC team to win the Super Bowl?”

You can even make it multiple choice and hide trick answers to trap the players and send them into a frenzy.

For example, using the Montana question above. The former QB played in four Super Bowls, winning them all. However, he only won the Big Game MVP on three occasions. See the catch?

Super Bowl Bingo Game

Who doesn’t love an old-fashioned bingo game? Most of the bingos are played during commercials, so you can still watch the game.

Create your bingo cards, mix it up with teams, players, celebrities, or brands, and have fun with it!

Once every player has a card, it’s on. You can even mix it up with some live betting, and boy, do we have a fun, profitable game to play.