Super Bowl MVP Betting Odds 2023

Super Bowl MVP Betting Odds 2023

The Super Bowl LVI will be played on February 13th SoFi Stadium In California. This is the crème de la crème of betting. One of the most popular bets is the Super Bowl MVP.

A panel of 16 sportswriters votes the Super Bowl MVP. The award goes to the player who had the biggest impact on the outcome of the big game.

Since 2001, electronic fan voting has taken 20% of the votes, with the media taking an 80%. Predicting the winner during the two weeks that lead up to the Super Bowl is a thing many do.

However, those who predict who will win the Super Bowl MVP look to make a big profit.

To predict which players are likely to win the prize, let’s have a look at the betting odds and the history of the award.

Super Bowl MVP Favorites

Patrick Mahomes: The reigning Super Bowl MVP is a certified superstar. Mahomes has confirmed himself as the best QB in the NFL. Mahomes can sling it all game long and produce highlights with the plethora of weapons at his disposal.

Tom Brady: It’s Tom Brady. The Super Bowl is his home. It’s 4 Super Bowl MVPs in seven big game wins. Unreal. Tom Brady has been stellar during all of the postseason and remains the reason the Bucs may have another shot.

Super Bowl MVP Contenders

Tyreek Hill: The fastest player in the NFL happens to be a game-changer. Against the Bucs, Hill destroyed their secondary, amassing 203 yards and 2 TDs. He was unstoppable all season long and will aim for another display of skill in the Super Bowl.

Travis Kelce: Kelce not only became the first TE in history with multiple 100-catch seasons. He has had a career year all along. Kelce could become the first tight end to win Super Bowl MVP.

Leonard Fournette: Can Playoff Lenny turn into Lombardi Lenny? The RB has turned into a massive weapon for the Bucs. Scoring in all three postseason games for Tampa, Fournette has the trust near the goal line.

Super Bowl MVP Longshots

Chris Godwin: Brady’s favorite receiver in recent weeks comes by the name of Chris Godwin. He’s averaged 8.8 targets per game in the playoffs. 

Aligned in the slot, we’ve seen receivers get Brady’s favor. Julian Edelman won the MVP in 2018 by giving Brady a way out of tough plays. Godwin can play that role to perfection.

Mike Evans: The red zone beast called Mike Evans is another excellent candidate to get the award at a high payout. At 6-foot-5, Evans is a machine when it comes to those 50-50 balls.

Tyrann Mathieu: We’ve covered the two main wideouts for the Bucs. But what if they’re nullified? That would be, in large part, thanks to the Honey Badger, Tyrann Mathieu. 

The Safety has become an elite presence in the secondary and is an interception machine.

Jason Pierre-Paul: JPP has been a machine all postseason long. He gave hell to Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Championship game. Considering the missing parts in the Chiefs’ O-Line, JPP could be hunting Mahomes down all game.

Devin White: The best linebacker in the game as of now. Devin White ate Drew Brees in the Divisional Round and is a nightmare for opposing QBs. If White keeps his rhythm, he can be an x-factor for the Bucs.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire: His output has lowered in the second half of the season. When CEH is healthy, he provides a big threat from the Chiefs’ backfield.

Super Bowl MVP History

Out of the 54 Super Bowl MVPs, 30 have gone to QBs. Seven running backs have won it, as well as the seven best wide receivers and 10 defensive players.

Unlike the regular season MVP, which is clearly led by QBs, the Super Bowl MVP can come out of nowhere. Some heroes are really odd, like S Dexter Jackson or LB Malcolm Smith. 

Also, legacies have been cemented, like LBs Von Miller and Ray Lewis dominating on Big Sunday.

The biggest shock came when Green Bay’s Desmond Howard won the MVP as a kick returner. He displayed a 244 return yard and a TD to get the award.

Quarterbacks have won seven out of the last nine Super Bowl MVPs. As for losing teams, only Cowboys LB Chuck Howley has won the award at a losing effort.

Brady holds the record by winning four total Super Bowl MVPs. Joe Montana followed with three, while Terry Bradshaw, Eli Manning, and Bart Starr won two.

The Dallas Cowboys have produced the most SB MVPs with seven. The Steelers and Patriots hold six each, tying on second place.

Super Bowl MVPs

2021Tom Brady (QB)Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2020Patrick Mahomes (QB)Kansas City Chiefs
2019Julian Edelman (WR)New England Patriots
2018Nick Foles (QB)Philadelphia Eagles
2017Tom Brady (QB)New England Patriots
2016Von Miller (LB)Denver Broncos
2015Tom Brady (QB)New England Patriots
2014Malcolm Smith (LB)Seattle Seahawks
2013Joe Flacco (QB)Baltimore Ravens
2012Eli Manning (QB)New York Giants
2011Aaron Rodgers (QB)Green Bay Packers