Must Follow Sports Betting Accounts On Twitter In 2021

By Dil | October 4, 2021, 12:50 pm
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Twitter is currently the fastest way to get news and updates for a plethora of industries. And of course, the same can be said for sports.

Whether it is local, national, or international, Twitter is on top of it. It is easily the best way to gain insights into sports betting.

Today we want to look at six of the best Twitter accounts for you to keep an eye on. Some are well-known, professional accounts with large followings, whereas others are more up-and-coming accounts with unique tips.

Followers aside, each one of these accounts has something incredible to offer. So let’s dive in before you miss another tweet!

1. @DarrenRovell

First up, we have Darren Rovell, a Sports Business Reporter and Senior Executive Producer for The Action Network. Rowell has a hefty two million followers on his account, and it’s clear as to why.

He not only creates excellent content himself, but he somehow manages to curate the perfect re-tweets. Moreover, he not only tweets his picks, but he also keeps an eye on the industry.

By following Rovell, you’ll be completely immersed in the sports betting industry. You can expect daily tweets on picks, trades, injuries, stock updates, and more.

2. @ColinCowherd

Colin is the founder of The Volume Sports and The Herd, as well as a podcast host for a program of the same name. He boasts a solid 1.5 million followers on this account.

The fun thing about Colin’s account is simply that; he has fun with it! He keeps it professional while still having fun with quirky tweets and interesting opinions.

He keeps you on your toes and steers your brain into a new direction of thinking about how you look at specific teams and players. You can definitely expect to laugh out loud at some of his more funny tweets while retaining great industry knowledge from his more professional ones.

3. @SharpFootball

Managed by Warren Sharp, Sharp Football is everything and anything NFL. Their account has over 244,000 followers, which is considerably less than our first two, but still a solid amount for an account solely dedicated to the NFL.

Sharp invented a custom, predictive NFL analytics, and visual data website. Tweet-wise, you can tell he likes numbers as he keeps his account based on statistical analyses.

He also posts fantastic clips from important moments within different NFL games. His account is fantastic for those who love the math behind sports betting and even more helpful for those who don’t understand the numbers behind it all. He is a must-follow account.

4. @RJinVegas

RJ Bell has an incredible resume within the sports industry. Not only is he the CEO and founder of Pregame, but he also hosts Fox Sports Radio and Podcast One. He is the odds provider of The Associated Press and has a following of over 185,000.

He posts anything from his own bet slips to insider poll rankings and game stats. What we loved most about his account was the data visualization pieces he provided.

It’s so much easier to understand things, especially when you are a new bettor. He doesn’t specify whether he sticks to one sport, but from what we can see, there is ample NFL and NBA content on his page.

5. @Covers

There is no single person behind the Covers account on Twitter. Active since 1995, Covers provides current daily news, stats, and more to over 141,000 followers.

And that’s just on Twitter! Their website has even more bettors looking to make smart choices in their picks.

Their highlight reels and blog posts are informative, but that’s not our favorite part. Our favorite part would have to be the GIFs that make us laugh at the information they provide. They keep it light and fun for all kinds of bettors.

6. @ToddFuhrman

Lastly, we have the former oddsmaker turned podcaster, Todd Fuhrman. Fuhrman is also currently an analyst for CBS. He has a following of over 137,000 that seems to grow by the thousands every week.

Besides that, he also contributes to “The Line” segment on Sports Illustrated’s website. So you can tell, he definitely knows his stuff.

Fuhrman has all the usual stuff-picks, stats, tips, and more-but. The difference is he really works on interacting with his audience. So if you like a unique oddsmaker’s perspective who asks you about your opinions too, definitely hit that follow button on his page.

Well that’s it for now folks! This is our list of top six sports betting accounts to follow. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. We wanted to focus on big names this time around but we’ll have more coming soon.

Tune in next time to check out our list of micro sports influencers at and make sure you check out our Twitter page, @BestOddsBets!