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How To Bet Moneyline On WynnBet App


Sadonna Price

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

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Despite the recent popularity of point spreads and game totals, the most popular type of NFL wager is a moneyline bet.

It’s quite easy to see why. Since you’re simply betting on the winner of a game, moneyline wagers are straightforward and easy to grade.

Even a newbie bettor can quickly place one without enduring a learning curve.

Contrast this to point spreads, which hinge on winning and losing margins and require a certain level of gambling know-how.

Like all other major sportsbooks, on WynnBET, bettors can place a moneyline wager in each and every football game.

In this betting guide, we’re going to show you how to place moneyline bets at WynnBET.

We’ll also discuss other things like how to read the attached odds and the best moneyline betting strategy.

So if you want to take your NFL betting to the next level, read on!

How To Bet Moneyline On WynnBET Sportsbook

To place a moneyline wager on WynnBET Sportsbook, you first need to be a registered user.

Fortunately, signing up is a hassle-free process.

Using your mobile, just download the WynnBET sports betting app and use it to register.

Alternatively, you can register using your desktop/PC by going to the sportsbook’s official desktop site.

Once you land on the home page, tap the register button and fill out the registration form.

When prompted to enter a valid WynnBET promo code, you can leave the space blank as you don’t need a code to claim the site’s sign-up offer.

Placing A Moneyline Bet At WynnBET

Once you’re a verified WynnBET patron, you can place all types of wagers on the site, including NFL moneyline bets.

If you don’t know how to do so, just follow this simplified procedure:

  • Open an account at WynnBet Sportsbook
  • Login credentials to sign in.
  • Select the NFL markets tab.
  • Choose one of the listed games.
  • To back the team you want to bet on, click on its moneyline odds.
  • The wager will then appear on your bet slip.
  • Enter the amount you wish to wager on the bet slip.
  • Review your selection.
  • Hit the “Submit Bet” button to place your wager.

What Is An NFL Moneyline Bet?

A moneyline bet is probably the most basic type of bet you can place.

Essentially, you’re simply predicting who’s going to be the straight-up winner of a game.

In moneyline betting, the odds attached to a specific team directly translate to the team’s probability of winning the game.

The higher the odds are, the more unlikely it will be for the team to win the game. The inverse is also true; a team with low odds has better chances of winning the game.

A favorite—the more likely winner of a game—is always denoted by the minus (-) sign preceding the team’s odds.

Underdogs, on the other hand, always have a plus (+) symbol before their odds.

Here’s a simple example:

  • Buffalo Bills (-145)
  • Los Angeles Rams (+120)

The Bills are the more favored team, and that’s why their odds are lower.

However, if you back the Rams and they emerge victorious, you’ll end up reaping more, thanks in part to the team’s sizeable odds.

What Is 3 Way Moneyline In NFL?

A lot of the top online sportsbooks will offer 3-way moneylines.

This is mostly common in sports like soccer, where ties often happen.

However, you’ll still find 3-way moneylines in the NFL.

Unlike a two-way moneyline, bettors have the option of backing whether the game will end in a tie.

If you choose this alternative and the score is tied at the end of the game, your wager will be settled as a win.

However, since postseason games cannot end in a tie, overtime isn’t included in 3-way moneyline wagers after the end of the regular season.

So if you back a team and they end up winning in overtime, you’ll lose this wager. This is because the score was tied at the end of regulation time.

What Does – / + Mean In Moneyline?

As we’ve already mentioned, when you go to place a moneyline bet, there’ll always be a minus (-) and plus (+) symbol before the odds.

If a team has a negative sign before its odds, they are the favorites to win the game.

On the other hand, teams with a plus sign before their odds are the underdogs, meaning that they are less likely to win the contest.

Here’s a simple example that will perfectly explain this:

  • Philadelphia Eagles (-200)
  • Detroit Lions (+165)

If you risk $100 on the Eagles, you’ll win $50 if they win the game, thus giving you a total payout of $150.

If you place $100 on the Lions, who are priced at +165, you’ll end up with a profit of $165 if they trump the Eagles.

In this scenario, your final payout will be $265.

As you can see, since the Lions are the underdogs, you stand to win more if you back them over the Eagles.

What Does No Juice Mean In Moneyline?

Juice in sports betting simply refers to the commission charged by a sportsbook for taking your action.

Juice is mostly evident in point spreads and totals, where both sides of the bet are usually priced at -110.

If there was no juice at all, such wagers would have odds of +/-100 instead of the standard -110.

On moneyline wagers, it may be harder to spot the juice because both teams will rarely have the same odds, but sportsbooks still incorporate their cut into such bets.

Occasionally, you’ll run into no juice or reduced juice offers, which will improve the odds of your moneyline wager.

For instance, instead of getting the Philadelphia Eagles at -200, you can use such offers to boost your odds to -150.

On certain occasions, you may find a no juice moneyline if the oddsmakers price both teams at +100.

Does Moneyline Include Overtime Play?

In the case of a two-way moneyline wager, almost all sportsbooks will include overtime play.

However, this rule is different when it comes to 3-way moneylines.

In regular-season games, overtime will be included when grading such wagers.

But in postseason games, only regulation time will be considered since such games can’t end in a tie.

What Happens To A Moneyline Bet When An NFL Game Ties?

If you had opted for the typical two-way moneyline wager, your bet will be settled as a push, i.e., you get your money back.

In the case of a 3-way moneyline, you’ll only win the wager if you had predicted a tie.

If you had backed either of the two teams, you’ll lose the bet.

NFL Moneyline Betting Rules At WynnBET

We’ve already covered most of WynnBET’s NFL moneyline betting rules.

Simply pick the side that you think will win the game.

If your chosen team emerges victorious, WynnBET will settle your bet as a win.

Unless otherwise stated, overtime will also be considered when grading 2-way NFL moneyline bets. This means that you can get a push if a regular-season game ends in a tie.

Moneyline Calculator

Using a moneyline calculator, a bettor can see their potential winnings.

Also, a moneyline calculator will help you know a team’s implied probability, showing you how likely they are to win the game.

Finally, bettors can also use moneyline calculators to convert odds into different formats.

For instance, if you don’t like using American odds, a moneyline calculator will help you see the value of the odds in other formats, such as the decimal or fractional odds format.

NFL Moneyline Betting Strategy

While some people bet for fun, the truth is that most NFL bettors are doing so to profit from their endeavors.

If you’re one such gambler, you need to approach NFL betting strategically.

Below, we’ve discussed a few NFL moneyline strategies that will help you profit from your future football wagers.

Choose Underdogs Wisely

It’s tempting to take underdogs because of their massive odds.

Truthfully, most of them are usually long shots, and that’s why bettors need to be selective when dealing with less-favored teams.

Underdogs with home-field advantage, especially those with +3 or less on the spread, provide immense value.

Backing such teams can be a greater option than going for extremely long shots.

Avoid Big Moneyline Favorites

Sure, heavy favorites will always win more often than they’ll lose, but there’s very little value in backing most of these big teams.

Not only do you have to risk a lot to earn a decent payout, but if the side loses the game, you’ll lose a sizeable sum.

Over a couple of wagers, this can quickly add up and dent your bankroll.

If you want to back such heavy favorites, the wisest option is to include them in a parlay.

Line Shopping

Bettors should always chase value.

If you’re a member of multiple sportsbooks, ensure to compare the moneyline odds being offered by each site before placing a wager.

If you stick to this, you’ll always get the best odds.

Read our in-depth guide for more tips on how to bet NFL games on Wynnbet Sportsbook.


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