Virginia Sportsbooks Promos

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Sports betting kicked off in Virginia not so long ao and top-rated operators quickly started offering services in the state.

Such providers as DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars are in the mix, ensuring sports fans access competitive odds and welcome bonuses.

Use this guide to find out all you need to know about sports betting bonuses in Virginia, including details on the best welcome deals!

Are Virginia Sportsbook Promos Worth It?

Yes! A sports bonus is always worth the effort, more so in Virginia, a state with so much competition.

Why risk your funds when you can get a free deal?

Sports betting is not child’s play. Fortunes have been made and lost online. Trust me; you will need to dig into your pocket at some point. So, why not use the free credit to get started.

Sports bonuses are also good because:

  • You Can Try Out New Markets: You will rarely see a seasoned bettor risking their money on an unfamiliar market. The welcome bonus gives you the chance to check out what else the sportsbook offers.
  • You Have Better Chances of Winning: In my experience, online gambling is about staying in the game and hoping that lady luck will cast her gaze upon you. How can you do this when you operate on a shoe-string budget? Increasing your bankroll through bonuses gives you the chance to stay in the game for longer.

With the correct information, you can claim bonuses that help you start sports betting in Old Dominion State on the right foot. Check out all the best deals below!

Best Virginia Sports Betting Sites With Sign-up Bonuses

  • The minimum age to take part is 21 years.
  • DraftKings requires a minimum deposit of $5.
  • Receive free $50 at sign-up.
  • 100% initial deposit match up to $2,000.
  • Example: Players receive $50 for free to sign up. Plus, if you deposit $2,000, DraftKings will match that deposit, and you will have $4,000 to play with.
  • The minimum age is 21 years.
  • The offer is a risk-free bet of up to $1,000.
  • Example: Sign up, deposit, and place an initial wager. If your bet loses, FanDuel will reimburse all net losses up to $1,000.
  • The bonus is available in your account within 24 hours.
  • The minimum age is 21 years.
  • You have access to two bonus offers.
  • Players get a 100% match of up to $2,000 for slot machine games.
  • You can also claim a $500 deposit match on table games.
  • No promo code is required to claim this bonus.
  • The minimum allowable age is 21 years.
  • You will receive $25 in free play.
  • The bonus also includes a 100% deposit match of up to $1,000.
  • Example: If you deposit $1,000 when you create a new account, the sports site will give you another $1,000, and you will play with $2,000.
  • A minimum of $10 is required to activate this bonus.
  • Only players 21 years or older can take part.
  • The welcome offer is a $250 deposit match bonus.
  • Example: If you deposit $250 into your account on your initial transaction, the site will give you another $250. You will play with $500.
  • Use bonus code BESTODDS.

VA Sportsbook Promo Code vs. Bonus Code

I have found that you can never master a topic until you appreciate the jargon.

Yes, sports bonuses are broad but you need to start somewhere, and the promo vs bonus code topic is as good as any other.

Promo code refers to a phrase you use when you claim sports bonuses. Some operators insist on these as they signal from where betting traffic is coming from.

Bonus codes are exactly the same. In fact, you can use these two phrases interchangeably with no fault at all.

Do You Need A Virginia Promo Code?

A promo code is a unique phrase used by sports bettors when claiming bonuses. It tells the operator the bonus you are aiming for.

You may need to use such a phrase in VA sportsbooks apps. If so, keep it handy and enter it in the required field during the new account registration process.

Now, I have nothing against promo codes. If sportsbook operators insist on them, then they must see the benefit somehow.

As for me, I always rejoice when I find a site that allows me to claim the welcome bonus simply by using the “Get Bonus” link. is one such site.

Many sportsbooks on this platform have no use for a bonus code. But remember, the best way to tell which is which, is by looking at the bonus terms and conditions.

Best Virginia Sports Betting Promos

It’s easy for me to look at a bonus and instantly see if it’s any good. But I can appreciate how this can be challenging for new players.

So, as always, I am here to make your life easier. Read this guide and find which bonus type is the best.

No-Deposit Bonus

Money for nothing, that’s what this is. No wonder I have placed it top on my list.

No deposit bonus offers give you credit to bet with simply for signing up. It’s not surprising at all that these bonuses are usually small sums, just enough to whet your appetite.

What many bettors ignore, to their detriment, is that no deposit bonuses also have wagering requirements.

So, while an offer may display a $20 no deposit bonus, it doesn’t mean you will automatically withdraw this money without putting some skin in the game.

That said, this offer still tops my list because, if you so choose, you can walk away from the no deposit bonus unscathed and with no loss.

Deposit Match

If you have been around sports betting sites for a while, you will have come across a deposit match bonus before.

It is a popular bonus that even new players will not struggle to get the hang of. I like this bonus because you get it regardless of whether you win or lose.

However, some deposit match bonuses leave a lot to be desired.

If the operator puts up a weak percentage match, this bonus can quickly go from being one of the best to the back of the line. Note that when you come across this offer.

Risk-Free Bet

The risk-free bet bonus activates when your first bet is a bust. You will get nothing if you lose. This is why it features so low on my list of bonuses. To help you understand, I will offer an example.

Let us say you claim a 100% risk-free bet bonus, and it is valid for the first 24 hours you spend on the sportsbook. If you win during this time and end up with a net profit, you get nothing.

The bonus only reimburses net losses with free bets. Now, I’m not a fan of this arrangement. If you want to give me a bonus, just give me a bonus.

Bet & Get

You can easily find bet and get bonuses on the promotions pages of Virginia sports sites.

These offers give you bonus credit for completing specific requirements. It is an easy bonus type to understand. There is no doubt about it.

But there is a reason you rarely see bet and get bonuses listed as the main welcome offer.

It is pretty difficult for you to get any headway using this type of bonus. It’s a perfect side bonus, used around popular games to encourage players to take part in other markets.

But as the main offer that bettors search for and look forward to, it’s not there yet.

How To Pick The Best VA Sportsbook Promos

Your approach to picking sportsbook bonuses says a lot about how much you value your betting experience.

If you want to have the best time of your life on VA sports sites, you need a criterion to pick online gambling sites.

I have included some things I look for:

  • Is This a Good Bonus: What type of bonus is on the table. As you must appreciate by now, not all offers are the same. You can’t compare a 100% deposit match offer with a small bet and get bonus. So, the bonus type is important.
  • Review Wagering Requirements: If online sportsbooks allowed players to deduct earnings straight off the bat, they would all go out of business. Wagering requirements are key because this is how you know if any offer is worth it.
  • Can I Claim the Bonus on Time: It’s not uncommon to find bonuses with ridiculous wagering requirements and a short period in which to complete them. You won’t be doing yourself any favors if you go for such bonuses.

How To Use Virginia Sportsbook Bonuses

A bonus can be a powerful tool in the hands of the right player. In the same vein, it can also catalyze your downfall.

You have probably heard it being said that you need a betting plan. This is a plan for your wagers, deposits, and overall budget.

The mistake many bettors make is to throw this plan away when they get a bonus. The best way to use an offer is to pretend like you do not have it.

Don’t change your betting limits just because you have a little extra bankroll to bet with.

Do VA Sports Betting Bonuses Have Restrictions Or Limitations?

Online Sports bonuses are not free-for-all parties as many would like to make them out to be. There are restrictions on these promotions that, if not followed, may see you losing your bonus.

Now, these restrictions are many, but I will dive into just a few here.

  • Wagering Requirements: Virginia plays host to a good number of sports betting sites. All of these have online bonuses. I am yet to find a site in Virginia that does not have wagering requirements. You need to complete these obligations if you plan on withdrawing your earnings successfully.
  • Parlay Bets Are Sometimes Disallowed: The type of bets you can make in Virginia sportsbooks can also be restricted. Take the risk-free bet bonus, for example. Sometimes, you may not be allowed to use this bonus on parlay bets, and the free bets you receive can only be applied to single bets.
  • Age Restriction: No jurisdiction in the United States allows players of all ages to gamble. Virginia dictates that only players 21 years or older may take part in sports betting. Automatically, this means the minimum age for benefiting from online Sportsbook bonuses is 21 years.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Now, let’s talk about wagering requirements. This is one of the most important subjects when talking about online Sportsbook bonuses.

Wagering requirements are obligations placed on the player by the sportsbook operator, and they must be met before a player can withdraw earnings received because of the bonus.

These come as multiples of the deposit bonus. You may see a site stating that it requires a 25x wagering requirement on the bonus amount. Now, if you benefited from $100 because of this bonus, it means you need to put up $2,500 to unlock your bonus earnings.

Wagering requirements are also time-restricted. You need to stay on top of your obligations and complete the requirements on time.

Failure to do so will result in you losing not only your bonus but all your earnings too.

Free Bets vs. No-Deposit Bonuses

While playing in Virginia sports sites, you will come across free bet offers. They usually extend these to new players as part of the broader welcome package.

Free bets also come when operators reward regular players for meeting various requirements. But generally, free bets are received after you have made a deposit.

This is entirely different from what a no deposit bonus is.

As the name implies, the no deposit bonus comes before any investment in the sportsbook. Players receive this bonus as a thank you gift from the sports site operators for signing up.

The only time you will need to deposit funds is when you are completing wagering requirements for earnings received from this bonus.

Look For More Than One Virginia Sportsbook Promo

Virginia is unlike most sports betting jurisdictions. Here, players have access to many online sports betting establishments. So, why would you choose to tie yourself down to just one site?

To get the very best out of the bonuses featured on Virginia sports betting sites, it’s wise to sign up for multiple sportsbooks.

Here you can pick and choose which is right for you. Select from the many bonuses you can claim here and use them at different times to gain maximum advantage.

Gambling Problem? Find out how to exclude yourself from sports betting in Virginia.