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Updated: Sep 23, 2022

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There’s a reason why bettors adore parlays.

In parlay betting, you can risk low and still win big, and this makes parlays appealing to bettors who are seeking greater returns.

These days, sportsbooks give bettors the freedom to create all sorts of parlays. On sites like Unibet, you can even group bets from the same game to create a single game parlay.

In this informative guide, we’re going to show you all the different types of parlays that you can build and place on Unibet.

We’ll also go through a few handy strategies that will help you build profitable parlays.

If you’re interested in both of these, be sure to read on.

How To Place A Parlay Bet On Unibet App

Placing any type of wager at the Unibet sportsbook is extremely easy. First, create a Unibet betting account and then deposit some funds into it.

After doing so, you can easily place a parlay bet on Unibet by following these simple but key steps:

  • Create an account at the Unibet Sportsbook app.
  • Use your account details to sign in.
  • Head over to the sports menu and select the sport that you want to bet on. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to search for the specific games that you want to bet on.
  • In order to create a parlay, you need to pick at least two selections.
  • Next, head over to the bet slip and enter the amount that you’re comfortable risking.
  • Go through the details of your parlay, and then place your bet.

Parlay Builder

A parlay builder is a simple tool that allows bettors to create parlays featuring selections from the same game.

On Unibet, bettors can create same-game parlays, thanks in part to the site’s parlay builder. To use the parlay builder, all you have to do is head over to the game that you want to bet on, then navigate to the tab titled “Single Game Parlay”.

From there, you’ll be able to place a same-game parlay.

This option isn’t available for every game, meaning that you can only build same-game parlays on specific games and events.

What Is A Parlay Bet?

Parlays, commonly known as multi-bets or accumulators in other markets, are extremely easy to understand. Simply put, parlays are wagers that contain two or more selections.

The most essential thing about a parlay is that all the selections need to be in the same bet slip.

For instance, let’s say that you want to bet on the Bucs (+150) and the Lakers (+200).

You have two choices: you can place two separate wagers, or you can place both bets into the same bet slip to create a parlay.

If you end up going the parlay route, you’ll end up winning more if both teams win their respective games since you’re combining the odds of both teams.

Sounds great, right? Well, here’s the catch with parlays: all your selections need to turn out as predicted for the entire parlay to win.

If you place a 10-team parlay and 1 selection lets you down, you’ll end up losing the entire parlay.

That’s why you need to consider every selection that you add to your parlay. Don’t throw random teams or games into your parlay because such reckless selections could end up haunting you.

Unibet Same-Game Parlay

Can you do the same game parlay on Unibet? Yes, you can.

As the name suggests, a same-game parlay, or SGP, is a parlay that combines bets from the same game. Many sportsbooks have prioritized same-game parlays in recent years.

Luckily, Unibet is one of those sportsbooks.

To create a same-game parlay on Unibet, all you need to do is navigate to the tab titled single game parlay.

Once you’re there, you’ll be able to create parlays featuring bets from a single game.

Here’s an example of a single-game NFL parlay that was placed on Unibet:

  • Cleveland Browns Moneyline (-150)
  • Nick Chubb First Touchdown Scorer (+300)
  • Parlay odds: +567

In the above example, you’ll win $567 from a $100 bet if the Browns win the game and Nick Chubb scores the game’s first touchdown.

Obviously, Unibet won’t allow you to build a parlay that contains contrasting wagers.

For example, if you want to bet that Austin Hooper will score the game’s first touchdown, then your same-game parlay can’t include a bet on Nick Chubb being the game’s first touchdown scorer as well since only one player can score the game’s first touchdown.

Same Game Parlay Rules

#1 Rule: If any leg of a Same-Game Parlay bet relates to an existing market on-site, rules for that market will apply.

For example, if a Same-Game Parlay bet includes a player to score an anytime touchdown & the selected player scores only scores via passing touchdowns, this bet will be graded a loser because of the Anytime Touchdown Scorer rules do not include touchdowns scored as a passer.

#2 Rule: If any leg of the Same-Game Parlay bet is made void or settles as a push, then the whole bet would become a void or a push. The exception to this is if the outcome of the bet requested can still happen.

#3 Rule: A Same-Game Parlay bet may contain up to 10 legs. Same-Game Parlays do not support wagers with more than 10 legs.

#4 Rule: A Same-Game Parlay bet must be placed from a single game. Same-Game Parlay wagers cannot be combined across multiple games.

#5 Rule: If part of the bet requested consists of one of two named players to score at any time during a game, bets placed on that market will stand if one or both of those players play any part in that game.

If Unibet’s same game parlay isn’t working and you are not able to create a betting ticket we recommend getting in touch with the customer service via live chat.

Player Parlay

If you’re into props, specifically player props, then you’ll be pleased to hear that you can create a parlay that purely focuses on player props.

In this parlay, the players that you select simply need to record or achieve certain stats. If all the players record those stats, then you’ll win your parlay.

On Unibet, you can create a same-game player prop parlay, or you can come up with a parlay featuring players from various sports and leagues.

Here’s a simple example of a player parlay:

  • Nick Chubb To Score A Touchdown (+105)
  • DeMar DeRozan, Over 25.5 Points (-110)
  • Carlos Vela, Over 1.5 Goals (+110)
  • Parlay odds: +722

If all three player props turn out as predicted, then a bettor who’d risked $20 on the above bet (+722) can expect a profit of $144.40.

Moneyline Parlay

Moneyline parlays are extremely straightforward: all the teams in the parlay need to emerge victorious in their respective games for the bet to win.

Point spreads, winning margins, and exact scores don’t matter in moneyline parlays, making such parlays hassle-free.

It’s extremely common to include favorites from various leagues and sports when creating a moneyline parlay. Here’s one such example of a moneyline parlay that features favorites from various sports:

  • Los Angeles FC -120
  • Cleveland Browns -130
  • Washington Wizards -200
  • Parlay odds: +387

With the above odds (+387), you’ll win $77.40 if you place a $20 bet and all the three favorites manage to win their respective games.

Visit our guide to learn more about the betting moneyline at Unibet Sportsbook.

Point Spread Parlay

A moneyline parlay may give you a lot of room for error, but a point spread parlay is ultra-specific because margins are involved.

If you include a favorite in your parlay, the team needs to win by a specific margin. On the other hand, if you pick an underdog, they simply need to make sure that their loss doesn’t exceed a specified margin. Whatever the case, any team that you pick needs to cover the spread.

Here’s an example of an NFL point spread parlay that you can place on Unibet:

  • Buffalo Bills -7.5 (-110)
  • Indianapolis Colts +3.5 (-110)
  • Parlay odds: +264

The Buffalo Bills need an eight-point victory, while the Colts have more room for error as the spread allows them to suffer a three-point defeat.

If the Bills and the Colts both cover the spread, then you can expect to win $264 if you risk $100.

Over/Under Parlay

If point spreads and moneyline bets aren’t your cup of tea, you can build a parlay that focuses on a different market: game totals.

The winner or loser of the game won’t matter to you, just as long as the games in your parlay achieve the desired totals.

Unibet allows you to create an over/under parlay. Here’s one such example:

  • Brooklyn Nets @ Golden State Warriors – Over 202.5 (-110)
  • Portland Trail Blazers @ Sacramento Kings – Under 199.5 (-110)
  • Memphis Grizzlies @ Indiana Pacers – Over 205.5 (-110)
  • Parlay Odds: +596

If all three NBA games produce the desired totals, then you can expect to win $59.6 if you risk $10 on the above odds (+596).

Parlay Betting Strategy

Parlays are great since you can risk low and still win big.

However, you can’t blindly build parlays and hope for the best. Sharps use several strategies to boost the chances of winning their parlays, and so should you.

Before you venture to bet parlays you should be familiar with betting rules at Unibet.

To help you out, here are a few parlay betting strategies that should always be at the back of your mind:

Don’t Overstuff Your Parlays

Stuffing your parlay with unnecessary picks may end up boosting the odds of the parlay, but you’re also simultaneously increasing the risk of losing such parlays.

Correctly predicting 1 or 2 games is already hard enough, so when you increase that burden to 10 games, it becomes impossible to win such a wager.

Realistically, if you want to win most of your parlays, then you should make sure that they don’t exceed 4 selections.

Build Correlated Parlays

Correlated parlays are parlays that feature similar or related selections. The logic with correlated parlays is simple: you can boost the odds of your parlay by including selections that are directly related to each other.

For example, if you’re confident that a high-scoring team is going to win the game and they also look like they might score a lot of goals, then you can create a parlay that looks like this:

  • Team A To Win
  • Over 2.5 Goals

If the team scores a lot of goals, the odds of them winning the game are also extremely high. Similarly, since they are a high-scoring team, if they do end up winning the game, chances are it’s going be a blowout victory.

Since both bets are related, if one of the mentioned events ends up happening, the chances of the other event happening are also extremely high.

Hedge Your Parlays

Hedging your parlays is something that we strongly recommend. Hedging is simply backing another option that guarantees a profit or minimizes your losses.

One appropriate situation to hedge your parlay is when your multi-bet is down to the final leg. For example, if your final pick is Team A to win the game, you can hedge this parlay by betting on Team B to win the game.

This is wiser than letting it run since you’ll end up guaranteeing a profit instead of potentially settling for nothing.

Why don’t you include prop bets in your next same game parlay at Unibet?

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