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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

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When you think of the most basic form of sports betting, then moneyline bets should come to mind.

This makes sense since moneyline bets are straight-up markets and the core of sports betting is about outright wins and losses.

And since the NFL is the most popular sport to bet on in the United States, then naturally, NFL moneylines are at the front and center of the sports betting space.

Contrary to points spread betting which involves picking a side to win or lose by a preset number of points, you don’t need to worry about any of that with moneylines.

Whether the side you bet on wins by one or 50 points, you will win your moneyline bet as long as the team you bet on wins the game.

This guide will be centered around NFL moneyline betting at Unibet Sportsbook.

Since all sportsbooks have different rules with how they grade their bets, it would be wise to know these practices before placing your next moneyline wager.

These rules can mean the difference between a win, a loss, or a push.

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How To Bet Moneyline On Unibet Sportsbook

When you want to place a moneyline bet at Unibet, you can do so with ease.

But first, you must sign up for a new account and take advantage of the Unibet welcome bonus. Here is how to do both.

To register for a new account, visit the Unibet website or mobile app. The mobile app is available in both the iOS and Android app stores.

Now, begin the Unibet new user registration process. During this process, you will be asked to enter a promo code, you don’t need one to take a full advantage of our exclusive bonus offer.

To lock in your bonus, complete the sign-up process and make your initial deposit.

Placing An NFL Moneyline Bet At Unibet

  • Log in to your new Unibet account
  • Find the NFL section and click on it
  • Navigate to the NFL moneyline bet
  • Click on it so it will drop into your bet slip
  • Now enter the amount you want to stake
  • Click on the “Submit Bet” button after checking over your bet slip to lock in your wager

What Is A NFL Moneyline Bet?

Betting on an NFL moneyline is easy.

All you have to do is place a bet on the team you think will win the game straight up with no points spread involved.

And if you are right, then your NFL moneyline will be graded as a winning result. At Unibet, a moneyline will be graded as a winner, loser, or push.

NFL moneylines will have odds attached to each side of the bet. These odds are determined by the oddsmaker according to each side’s implied probability of winning the game.

When you bet at Unibet, you will find that NFL moneylines are standard 2-way markets, which means you have two betting options.

Here, the push rule will be in effect in the event of a tie. And unless noted otherwise, overtime will always be included in the result for NFL regular season games.

Below is an example of a 2-way moneyline at Unibet:

  • Cleveland Browns (-245) at Carolina Panthers (+205)

In the above example, the Browns (-245) are the betting favorite while the Panthers (+205) are the underdog.

What Is 3 Way Moneyline In NFL?

3-way moneylines are most common in sports that often produce tie games like soccer and in hockey.

However, since the NFL will have tied outcomes here and there, 3-way moneyline markets are in play.

While in 2-way markets, you only have two betting options, bettors have three options to choose from with 3-way moneylines.

You can bet on either side to win while also wagering on the event to conclude in a tie.

With 3-way moneylines, the push rule is thrown out the window since you can bet on the game to end in a tie.

If a game ends in a tie and that is what you bet on, then your betting ticket will be graded as a winner.

However, when you bet on any other option and the event results in a tie, then your bet will be graded as a loss.

With 3-way moneylines for NFL regular season games, overtime will be included in the result unless disclosed otherwise.

However, this differs for postseason markets since those games must produce a winner. 3-way moneylines for NFL playoff games will be graded at the end of regulation.

What Does – / + Mean In Moneyline?

In sports betting, the -/+ signs will determine two things.

These symbols will not only show you which team is the favorite and which team is the underdog but they will also represent the market price of each side as well.

The team with the minus symbol is the favorite while the side with the plus symbol is the underdog.

Here is an example of how these symbols and odds work using the Commanders-Jets example from above:

  • Cleveland Browns (-245) at Carolina Panthers (+205)

If you bet $100 on the Browns, you will get a $140.81 return if they win the game.

Meanwhile, if you bet that same amount on the Panthers, you will get a $305 payout if they are victorious

What Does No Juice Mean In Moneyline?

Juice is another name for the term vig in sports betting.

These terms signify the amount of money a sportsbook takes on every bet they receive acton on. This can also be called the house advantage.

While you will find no juice moneylines if the oddsmaker believes that both teams have an equal shot at winning the game, you will also find no juice specials on the Unibet promotions page.

A no-juice moneylines will look like this:

  • Los Angeles Chargers (+100) at Arizona Cardinals (+100)

You will receive an even money payout when you bet on a no-juice moneyline. So a $100 bet will give you a $200 payout if your bet hits.

Does Moneyline Include Overtime Play?

Yes. Overtime will be included for 2-way NFL regular season markets unless noted otherwise at the time you placed your bet.

However, these rules are different with 3-way moneylines.

Since NFL postseason games can not end in a tie and must provide an outright winner, 3-way moneylines will be graded at the end of regulation play.

What Happens To Moneyline When NFL Game Ties?

If a regular season NFL game ends in a tie when you bet on a 2-way moneyline market, the push rule will be triggered and your bet’s stake will be refunded.

For 3-way moneylines, the rules will vary.

When you bet on the tie option and that is the exact outcome, then your bet will be graded as a winner.

However, if you bet on either team to win and the game results in a tie, then your bet will lose.

Moneyline Betting Rules At Unibet

Moneyline betting rules at Unibet are easy to comprehend.

To win your NFL moneyline bet, simply place your bet on the side you think will win the game outright.

If you are correct, your moneyline betting ticket will be graded as a winner.

With standard 2-way moneyline markets, overtime will always be included in the result. What’s more, the push rule will also be intact in the event of a tie in a regular season NFL game.

Unless otherwise noted, these practices will be in play on every 2-way moneyline for NFL regular season games.

Moneyline Calculator

Moneyline calculators are a great asset in sports betting.

They have numerous uses. While you can use a moneyline calculator to shift odds formats from American to decimal or fractional odds, you can also use it to determine how much you can win

if your bet hits using the odds set by the oddsmaker. You can also use this calculator to determine each side’s implied probability of winning the bet.

NFL Moneyline Betting Strategy

To win more NFL moneyline bets in the long run, then you should deploy a successful sports betting strategy.

Shop The Lines

One of the best ways to find value in sports betting is by line shopping.

When you line shop, you are looking for discrepancies between different sportsbooks’ prices for a particular market.

When you find a discrepancy, bet on it and your bet wins, it could make a difference in your bankroll long term.

Line shopping will also expose you to new sportsbooks and their new user welcome bonuses, which will also expand your bankroll if you maximize them.

Avoid Betting On Heavy Favorites

Constantly betting on heavy favorites could do a number on your bankroll over time.

Sure, you may win some of these bets, but when you lose, all of your profit can be taken away in one fell swoop.

For example, if you place a $100 bet on (-825) odds, you will be paid out $111.76.

That’s an $11.76 profit. If you lose, you are out $100. Is it worth risking $100 to win $11.76?

You are better off interesting the team with (+825) odds as a leg in a parlay to limit the risk.

Do Your Homework

When you research every bet you make, you are giving yourself an edge.

Factors that include weather, recent news, injuries, and public betting will cause lines to move, which opens up the opportunity to find value.

These factors may also change the way you view a market and how you will bet on it. So do your due diligence and stay on top of your game. 

Read our in-depth guide for more tips on how to bet NFL games on Unibet Sportsbook.

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