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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

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Given the simplicity of moneyline bets, it’s no shock that they are the most popular types of NFL wagers.

Even bettors who are new to the gambling scene can easily sign up and place this type of wager in seconds without enduring a steep learning curve.

If you’re not sure what an NFL moneyline wager is, it’s simply a bet on a football team to win their game outright.

In such bets, bettors don’t need to worry about winning margins or the spread, which further makes it easy to settle and grade them.

All the top sportsbooks in the industry offer moneyline wagers to bettors; this also includes TwinSpires, the main focus of this guide.

Below, we’re going to discuss all things moneyline, including how you can place a moneyline bet on the site as well as the best NFL betting strategies.

So before you place your next moneyline wager, ensure that you first go through this guide.

How To Bet Moneyline On TwinSpires Sportsbook

Before you can place moneyline bets on TwinSpires Sportsbook, you must be a registered and verified user.

Thanks to the site’s easy and straightforward registration process, new users won’t have any problems signing up.

If you’re a mobile bettor, you can download the TwinSpires mobile app and use it to sign up.

For desktop gamblers, or those who prefer bigger screens, you can register using your desktop/PC; just head over to the official TwinSpires desktop site.

Once you land on the home page, click the join now button and follow the standard registration procedure.

When the site asks for a valid promo code, simply enter BET1000, our exclusive code, to get their sign-up offer.

Placing A Moneyline Bet At TwinSpires

Now that you have a verified TwinSpires betting account, the next step is to place a moneyline wager.

If you’re confused about this exact procedure, just stick to these simple steps:

  • Launch the app.
  • Sign in using your account details.
  • Click the football tab.
  • Scroll till you see a list of NFL games.
  • Choose the game you’re interested in.
  • Select the team you want to bet on by tapping on its moneyline odds.
  • Jump to the bet slip and enter your desired bet amount.
  • Go through the bet slip to confirm the accuracy of everything.
  • Click submit to officially place your moneyline bet.

What Is An NFL Moneyline Bet?

Despite there being a wide variety of bets these days, moneyline wagers still retain the title of being the most basic and straightforward of them all.

In such wagers, all you have to do is predict the winner of an NFL game.

If your prediction is accurate, you’ll have a winning bet on your hands.

Odds are highly crucial in such wagers. If a team has high odds, they’ll have a low chance of winning the game.

The inverse also happens to be true; if a side has low odds, they have a greater probability of winning the game.

Favorites—the team with a higher probability of winning the game—will always have a minus (-) sign before their odds.

The less fancied team (the underdog) is always symbolized by the plus (+) sign in front of their odds.

Here’s a perfect example:

  • Houston Texans (-385)
  • Indianapolis Colts (+290)

The Texans are the runaway favorites. This is clearly evident, thanks to the team’s meager odds. The Colts, on the other hand, have massive odds.

While their chances of winning the game are lower, you’ll walk away with an enormous profit if the team does the impossible and beats the Texans.

What Is 3 Way Moneyline In NFL?

A 3-way moneyline differs from a 2-way moneyline since the former includes the option of betting on a tie while the latter doesn’t.

3-way moneylines are more common in sports like soccer, where boring 0-0 draws are bound to happen.

Though ties are scarce in the NFL, many sportsbooks still offer a market that includes the option of betting on a drawn game, hence the 3-way moneyline alternative.

For instance, let’s say that the Colts are playing against the Texans, and you bet that none of the teams will win the game.

If the score is tied at the end of the game, the sportsbook will grade this bet as a won wager.

During regular-season games, if you bet on a tie, you’ll win the wager if the score is tied after overtime.

Since this isn’t possible in postseason games, overtime isn’t considered. So the sportsbook will only consider regulation time when grading your wager.

What Does – / + Mean In Moneyline?

As mentioned above, when placing a moneyline bet, you’ll always see a minus (-) or plus (+) symbol preceding the odds.

Favorites are always symbolized by the minus symbol, whereas the less favored team will have a positive sign in front of the odds.

Here’s a basic example that perfectly illustrates this:

  • New Orleans Saints (-200)
  • Atlanta Falcons (+165)

If a bettor risks $100 on the Saints, they’ll walk away with a $50 profit if the team wins the game outright. In this scenario, the bettor’s total payout will be $150.

On the other hand, if another bettor decides to back the Falcons, they can potentially win $165.

If the Atlanta-based team emerges victorious, the bettor’s total payout will be $265.

As you can see, if you were to risk the same amount on both teams, your potential profit is higher with the Falcons since they boast higher odds.

What Does No Juice Mean In Moneyline?

In sports betting, juice—also commonly known as the vig—is the commission charged by a sportsbook for allowing you to place a wager on the site.

The easiest way to spot juice is by looking at point spreads and game totals.

In such betting markets, both sides of the wager are almost always priced at -110.

If sportsbooks didn’t charge juice, these events would be priced at +/-100 instead of the typical odds of -110.

It’s harder to spot juice in moneyline bets, but sportsbooks still make sure to include their cut.

You can reduce the commission charged by opting for no juice or reduced juice offers, which are occasionally offered by plenty of bookies.

For example, with such an offer, instead of getting the Atlanta Falcons at +165, you’d be offered odds of +190.

On a few rare occasions, you may stumble upon a no juice moneyline if a sportsbook equally prices both teams at +100.

Does Moneyline Include Overtime Play?

Almost every major sportsbook includes overtime play when grading two-way moneyline wagers.

When it comes to 3-way moneylines, the rules are slightly different. For regular-season games, most sportsbooks will consider overtime.

However, during postseason games, the sportsbook will ditch overtime and use regulation time to grade your bet because it’s impossible for such games to end in a tie.

What Happens To A Moneyline Bet When An NFL Game Ties?

If you’re dealing with a two-way moneyline, the sportsbook will grade your bet as a push.

This simply means that your entire bet amount will end up being refunded.

If you’d instead opted for the 3-way moneyline market, only those who’d predicted a tie will end up winning their wagers.

NFL Moneyline Betting Rules At TwinSpires

We’ve already gone through most of the basic moneyline betting rules at TwinSpires.

Essentially, when placing a moneyline wager, you simply need to predict the likely winner of a game.

Pick correctly, and TwinSpires will reward you for doing so.

Unless the sportsbook explicitly states so, overtime will be taken into consideration when determining 2-way NFL moneyline bets.

So if a regular-season game concludes in a tie, you’ll get your stake back.

Moneyline Calculator

A moneyline calculator can be used for a plethora of things. First, a moneyline calculator will come in handy if you want to check your potential payout.

Aside from this, you can also use this calculator to see a team’s implied probability, helping you to know whether a particular side has slim or high chances of winning the game.

Lastly, bettors can also opt for this tool when they want to change the odds into other different formats.

For example, suppose you’re not a big fan of American odds. In that case, a moneyline calculator will convert the odds to other popular formats, e.g., the decimal or fractional odds format.

NFL Moneyline Betting Strategy

If profiting from NFL betting is your ultimate goal, you’ll need to incorporate various betting tips and strategies to help boost your chances of winning.

Below, we’ve discussed a few NFL moneyline betting tips.

Don’t Let The Underdog Bite You

Underdogs always have massive odds, which may tempt a lot of bettors.

Truthfully, it’s hard to pinpoint when an underdog will cause an unprecedented upset. So even if you’re risking small stakes, these meager sums will eventually accrue, especially when you’re not winning.

The best time to back an underdog is when the team is playing at home, especially sides with +3 or less on the spread.

Their payout may not be as high as other unfancied underdogs, but they still boast immense value and give bettors a greater chance of winning.

Be Cautious Of Heavy Favorites

On the flip side, bettors should also be wary of heavy favorites.

While it’s easy to assume that a favorite will win a game, upsets are bound to happen, and you never know which Sunday that’s going to be.

Also, since such favorites usually have scant odds, bettors are forced to risk massive sums if they want to earn a decent return.

This puts you at a greater risk of losing a large portion of your bankroll.

Instead of backing heavy favorites in single wagers, you can pick several and place them into a moneyline parlay.

Always Chase Value

To always get the best moneyline odds, you’ll need to deploy a sly technique that’s known as line shopping.

Essentially, just compare the odds you’re getting with those of other sportsbooks. In the end, always go for the site offering you the best odds.

With this technique, you’ll have a constant guarantee of great value.

Read our in-depth guide for more tips on how to bet NFL games on TwinSpires Sportsbook.

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