How To Bet NFL On Tipico App

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When you think of sports betting in the United States, one sport comes to mind football.

This is because the NFL is the most popular sport to bet on in the states. In fact, next to soccer, American football is the second most popular sport to wager on worldwide.

No matter what online sportsbook you visit, you will likely find NFL markets, especially at the biggest and most notable sportsbooks in the industry.

These sportsbooks, like Tipico, will feature just about every NFL market under the sun.

Whether you want to place a simple moneyline, over/under total wager, a more complex same-game parlay, or a future bet, you will find these NFL betting markets at Tipico.

Tipico Sportsbook even features terrific bonuses and promos for new and existing users that are exclusive to NFL markets.

In this guide, I will review NFL betting at Tipico Sportsbook, giving sports fans more insight into the brand.

And by the end of this article, you will want to sign up so you don’t miss any of Tipico’s outstanding offers for the upcoming NFL season.

How To Bet On NFL At Tipico Sportsbook

If you want to place an NFL bet at Tipico Sportsbook, the process will be easy for you.

Whether you are an experienced bettor or a new kid on the block, you will see that placing NFL bets is like tying your shoes.

Below, I will review the betting process at Tipico in just a few simple steps:

Signing Up For A Tipico Sportsbook Account

Before you can place a bet of any kind, you must sign up for a new Tipico Sportsbook account. And there are two ways you can go about doing so.

First, you must visit Tipico Sportsbook’s website or download their app, which is available on both Apple and Android devices.

Then during the registration process, you will be prompted to enter a promo code.

You don’t need it, you still will secure and activate your new user welcome bonus that is exclusive to readers of

Placing An NFL Bet At Tipico Sportsbook

  • Open an account at Tipico
  • Sign in to your new Tipico Sportsbook betting account
  • Find the NFL tab and click on it.
  • Click on it so it will appear in your bet slip
  • Next, enter the amount you want to stake on this particular bet
  • Review your bet slip and make sure everything is correct
  • Finally, click the submit button to complete the process

Tipico Sportsbook Betting Rules For NFL

While it could be tedious, it is important to review the betting rules at every sportsbook you belong to.

While all sportsbooks theoretically do the same thing, they all grade their bets differently according to differing rules.

Knowing your sportsbook’s rules could mean the difference between a win, a loss, and a pushed wager, which directly affects your bankroll.

If sportsbook A cancels your bet if a game is postponed while in play at any point, while sportsbook B lets your bet have action if 55 minutes are played, then you would want to place your bet at the operator that will let your bet stand, especially if you are very confident in your pick.

Let’s say the team you picked is winning and there is lightning at the 57th minute.

If you placed your bet at the wrong sportsbook (A), your bet will be voided. Meanwhile, if you placed it at sportsbook B, you would have a winning ticket on your hands.

Below, I will review the rules of NFL betting at Tipico Sportbook to streamline the process for you:

Moneyline Rules

Moneyline bets are simple.

All you have to do is pick the team you think will win outright. Moneyline odds are adjusted by the bookmaker according to a side’s ability over their opponent.

To win your moneyline bet, the side you choose must win the game straight up.

Points Spread Rules

Points spread bets are bet types where you are wagering the number of points a team will win or lose by.

Oddsmakers determine the predetermined points spread according to a team’s handicap against their opponent.

When you bet on the favorite, the side you picked must win the game by more points than the predetermined amount shown on your bet slip at the time you placed your bet.

If you take the underdog, your side must win the game outright or lose the game by fewer points than the disclosed number.

To win a points spread bet, the side you choose must cover the spread. Overtime is included in the final score of these wagers.

Totals Rules

When you bet on an over/under total, you are betting on the total amount of points scored in a game by both teams combined.

If you take the over, the total amount of points must be a higher number than the one shown on your bet slip.

When to take an under, the total points scored must be lower than the number shown on your bet slip.

If the final score and the number on your bet slip are the same, then your bet will be a push.

Player / Team Props Rules

Prop bets are also called proposition bets in some regions.

These wagers have nothing to do with the outcome or the final score of the game. Instead, prop bets are correlated with specific happenings during a game.

You will find game props, team props, and player props at Tipico.

Game Props

Game and team props are not player production-based.

These props are correlated with a particular game or team-associated outcomes during a game.

Here are some examples of game and team props you will find at Tipico Sportsbook:

  • Which team will score 10 points first?
  • Will there be a successful coach’s challenge?
  • Which team will be the last to score?

Player Props

Player props are focused on a single player’s statistical production in a particular category and are not tied to the outcome of the game.

Here are a few examples of player props at Tipico:

  • Mike Gesicki over/under 39.5 receiving yards
  • Raheem Mostert over/under 10.5 carries
  • Breece Hall over/under 0.5 touchdowns

Here are some of the most important rules to take note of at Tipico:

  • Team total bets will include overtime
  • Bets will have an action for scores that have already taken place in the event of an abandoned game
  • Bets will void for a player listed on the inactive list at
  • In the event of a weather delay, bets will stand until the game is resumed
  • Betting markets are settled per unless there is clear evidence that they made an error
  • All outright future markets will include the playoffs

Parlay Rules

When you are parlay betting, you are combining two or more bet selections into a single bet slip.

Each individual bet selection is called a leg. To win your parlay bet, all of the single legs must hit for your entire parlay ticket to cash.

At Tipico Sportsbook, you can place same-gameplay (SGP) wagers. SGPs are graded the same as your standard parlay.

However, there is one primary difference. All of the legs in a same-game parlay are constructed from one single contest.

First To Score TD Rules

Whether you are betting on a player to score the first touchdown or an anytime touchdown, the rules are fairly similar.

Below, I will list the important rules for touchdown scorer bets at Tipico Sportsbook:

  • The player you bet on must be the ball carrier when the ball crosses the goal line for your anytime touchdown scorer ticket to cash.
  • If the player you bet on is the passer of the football during a touchdown play, he will not get credit for the touchdown and your ticket will not cash.
  • For anytime touchdown scorer bets, the player you bet on must score a touchdown at any point during a game.
  • For first touchdown scorer tickets, the player you bet on must score a touchdown at any point during the contest. ,
  • All players listed for touchdown scorer markets are considered runners and receivers

Quality Of NFL Betting Line / Odds At Tipico Sportsbook

The odds and lines that are offered at Tipico Sportsbook are completive with other operators.

However, there are times when Tipico’s odds and lines will be better, worse, or the same as other sportsbooks.

For the times that Tipico’s odds and lines are not up to a competitor’s standards, be sure to check out their promo page so you can see if there are any bonuses, promotions or odds boosts that will even out the odds or make them better.

If FanDuel has better odds for a touchdown scorer market, Tipico may have an odds boost waiting that will bolster their odds, which means more money in your bankroll if your bet is a winner.

Tipico Sportsbook Bonus For NFL Betting

Everyone knows that the NFL is the sports betting industry’s bread and butter in the United States, which is why you will find an endless amount of promos and bonuses leading up to and during the NFL season at all of the top sportsbooks, Tipico included.

Below, I will list a few of the promos Tipico is expected to offer for NFL markets.

  • Risk-free bet up to $750 (new users)
  • NFL parlay insurance
  • 10% cash rebate on all football losses up to $2000
  • 20% reload bonus up to $150

Don’t forget to visit our Sportsbook promotions for the most current betting bonuses.