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Updated: Jan 21, 2024


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Crash has soared in popularity over the last few years — literally.

The game’s premise is simple: just cash out before the makeshift plane or dot crashes.

If you’re able to do so in time, you’ll win your wager., like all other crypto casinos, features a variant of this game that promises enormous multipliers.

There are a lot of intriguing features worth highlighting, and I’ll be doing so in this Crash guide.

What We Like About Playing Crash

While playing Crash at, here are a few highlights of the game that fascinated me:

  • Demo mode is available
  • Frequently reaches huge multipliers
  • Auto cashout feature is available
  • It’s easy to spot the game
  • The Crash variant has a high RTP

What We Don’t Like About Playing Crash

Despite the above advantages, there are still a few things that players may not like about playing Crash at

Some of these include:

  • Graphics seem to be too basic
  • Players must use crypto for coin purchases
  • Could feature more crash variants

Would We Play Crash At

Despite the few cons I’ve mentioned, I would still play Crash at

The game excels where it needs to, despite the simplistic graphics.

New players can jump into the action without having to endure a steep learning curve, thanks to the basic premise of the game and the handy guides provided by Moonspin.

Plus, if your main aim is to score those sky-high multipliers, you’ll be pleased by the rate at which they appear here.

I even saw a 1,000x multiplier recently during one of my playing sessions — if only I hadn’t cashed out too early!

Speaking of cashing out, there’s an auto cashout feature that allows you to set your desired multiplier. You can even set the number of bets you wish to place using the autoplay feature.

That way, you can sit back, relax, and hope for the best.

All in all, the crash game that’s available at doesn’t rewrite the wheel but has a few compelling features and promises massive multipliers occasionally.

If that’s what you’re mainly after, you’ll have no complaints while playing the game.

Strategy for Winning Crash at

While a component of luck is involved when playing Crash, bettors can still make the most of their wagers by applying a few strategies.

Here are some of the best crash strategies that I recommend:

Check For Recurring Patterns: Since the game offered by is always running and features the most recent results (up to 30), you can try looking for recurring patterns that could give you an edge. For instance, if you notice that high multipliers only come after certain intervals, you could skip the next few bets and wager when you expect a high multiplier.

Avoid Following The Crowd: If you constantly keep up with what players are doing, for example, cashing out when many other players have done so, you can easily be misled. Instead, focus on your strategies and avoid looking at how other players are faring.

Don’t Blindy Use Auto Cashout: While the automatic cashout feature can be a good tool, you shouldn’t use it mindlessly. Instead, try to be as proactive as possible, as this will give you an edge when you spot a recurring pattern you can capitalize on.

Sign Up Bonuses For Crash Players At

If you’ve not signed up at Moonspin, you can scoop a massive welcome pack when you register.

New players are rewarded with 3 FREE Moon Coins & 30,000 Gold Coins.

This won’t be granted to you all at once but instead will be split over your first three days.

Once your coin stash gets depleted, you can make use of the daily login bonus and claim 1,000 GC + 0.30 MC each day.

Can You Play Crash On Mobile Apps? doesn’t have dedicated iOS and Android apps, but you can still play Crash on your phone by using a mobile browser.

For the best possible experience, make sure to pick a browser that is compatible with your phone’s model and operating system.

If Crash is not your game, MoonSpin offers Wheel of Fortune as well as dice where you can win real money.


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