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Sweepstakes Mines Games

Sadonna Price

Updated: Oct 1, 2023


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If you are searching for a unique gaming option to try, mines games at sweepstakes sites are a great fit.

The goal of this game is simple: try to find gems hidden on the grid without finding bombs, or the game is over.

Prizes increase the longer you last, and you can add a nice prize to your bankroll if you outwit the game board!

Mines games are unique to certain sites and can be hard to find.

We have noticed that many offshore sites are starting to offer this content but is unsafe for players to access.

We suggest you only play mines games at reputable and licensed sites that offer services, such as

Learn more about this game type below, including details on how to play and strategy for your sessions.

Why Play Mines Games At Sweepstakes Casinos

Mines games are a new and exciting option for casino gamers at sweepstakes casinos.

The new type gives you something different to explore than the typical slot or table game.

Mines are easy to play and have low to high buy-ins that meet every player’s budget.


  • The game has a house edge of 1% in favor of the player.
  • Wins can reach seven figures or higher with Gold Coins.
  • Mines are easy to play with zero skill involved.
  • Win multipliers can grow and lead to larger prize potential.


  • You won’t find this game at many online casino sites.
  • Games can be cut short quickly if you hit a bomb early on.

How Do I Play Mines Casino Games?

Mines is a fun game you can play at sites like It is inspired by Minesweeper and allows you to try and reveal gems while avoiding bombs.

Once you load the game, you will see a 5×5 grid.

You must select sections of the grid and hope that gems appear.

As you reveal gems, win multipliers will increase. The more gems you see, the higher your prize potential.

You will continue to play by selecting tiles at random or take the win.

You can adjust the number of mines in the game and the bet, leading to low or high wins.

The number of mines can range from 1-24. There are 25 tiles where gems and mines will be added. Select your bet amount for the round, then pick your tiles.

You can use auto-play and set up the amount per round, number of mines, and number of plays for hands-free gaming.

Each round continues until you take the win or a bomb stops you in your tracks!

Is There A Mines Game Strategy For Gambling?

Mines is a game of chance, so unfortunately, there is no set way to guarantee a win.

However, you can take certain actions to help increase your win potential. One option is to consider the number of bombs you have in the game.

You can pick from 1-24. The higher the number, the better wins you can earn, but the risk of hitting a bomb is high.

The fewer the bombs, the more chances you have of securing a win.

If you are okay with limiting yourself to lower wins but more frequently, then select fewer bombs per round.

Mines Betting Games Vs. Crash Games

Along with mines games, online sweepstakes sites like offer crash games.

Both are games of chance and provide thrilling ways to wager online.

There is a level of excitement knowing you could select a bomb in mines games or not exit in time with crash games to earn a win.

Both options are similar as there is an element of surprise. In mines games, you never know when you might trigger a bomb and the round is over.

With crash games, you must exit a vehicle, such as a rocket, before it blows up. Both are great options for unique content when taking a break from slots or table games.

Mines Betting Games Vs. Slots

Mines games and slots are similar as they are games of chance, and slot games can also include a pick element.

With mines, you must select a game tile to see what is hidden underneath.

With some sweepstakes slots, there are pick features where you must make a selection, and you never know what might be hidden underneath.

One example of this would be the Age of the Gods.

The slot includes a pick bonus if you trigger a special bonus round. Select an icon and reveal a god symbol.

Match three gods, and you trigger the free game feature of that icon.

You never know what you might match and earn a prize or incentive with!

Mines Betting Games Vs. Minesweeper

If you are familiar with the older computer game Minesweeper, you can easily play Mines at sweepstakes sites.

The premise is the same.

You have a blank grid and must select boxes to see if you land a gem or a bomb.

The main difference from the computer game is that online sweepstakes sites allow you to win Gold or Sweeps Coins in each round.

Are There Any Hacks To Help You Win On Mines Games?

I played a few rounds of mines at, and I must say, the game is quite fun.

It’s easy to play and offers lower betting limits, perfect for beginners.

I like the setting options where I can pick how many bombs per round. I tried with minimal and maximum limits to test my skills and had mixed results.

I won and lost with each strategy, so it really is a game of chance, and you never know what will happen.

Luck needs to be in your favor when you try this game.

I suggest trying both strategies since gaming is free to see if you have luck with fewer bombs or more on the game grid.

Best Sweepstakes Sites To Play Mines Games

Mines games are relatively new to the sweepstakes gaming world.

You will only find this game type at in the Original section. Give it a try for free by joining and using Gold Coins for gaming.

You can also play the game with Stake Cash for a chance to earn real prizes.

Can I Play Mines Gambling Games for Free?

You can play mines games for free via sites like

The online sweepstakes sites give you Gold Coins, which are essentially fake money.

You can use the coins to play as many times as you like at no cost to you.

Can I Play Mines Gambling Games For Real Money?

You can play games for real money prizes but do not use real money to play.

Sweeps Coins are used for gaming, with utilizing Stake Cash. Play with this form of currency to have a chance to win real money prizes.

The type of SC you can use will depend on the site where you are playing, but there are easy options you can use to have a chance to win real prizes.

Can I Play Crypto Mines Games?

You can.

Some online sweepstakes sites feature cryptocurrency for their banking methods.

You can also purchase more coins with crypto and cash out in this method. is a great example of a site that offers crypto mines games.

We only recommend playing via legit brands like so you can ensure your personal safety and receive prize payouts.

Offshore brands are not bound to the laws of the US, which can lead to security issues and nonpayment of wins.

If you want to play mines and other games, stick to legit sites like

Examples of cryptocurrency available at sweepstake sites include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Dogecoin
  • Tron
  • Tether

How To Purchase Coins:

  • Log in to your selected online gaming site.
  • Open the coin store with the Buy or Coins tab.
  • Select a Gold Coin package. Check for Free SC for the best deal.
  • Pick a cryptocurrency method and complete the transaction with instructions from the provider.
  • Your coins should be added immediately and can be used for gaming.

How To Withdraw:

  • Log in to an online crypto sweepstakes site.
  • Select the redeem section.
  • Pick the banking method and amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Follow the instructions and wait for your transaction to be approved.
  • Receive funds immediately or within a few days based on your selected banking method.

Other Games At Sweepstakes Casinos

You can also find other games at sweepstakes casinos and enjoy many options, including slots, table games, bingo games, and more.

The options are based on which site you join.

Most sweepstakes brands stick with slots as they are the most popular choice for gaming among players but if you want to try something new we recommend sweepstakes crash games.

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