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High 5 Casino Coins


Eric Kithinji

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

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One of the most notable promotional sweepstakes sites in the industry has to be High 5 Casino.

Online for over a decade, this is an accolade-filled site where players can access hundreds of unique casino-style games.

Like other social gaming sites, these casino-style games are played using a virtual currency, so you don’t deposit in US dollars like you typically would at a real money online casino.

High 5 Casino employs the use of High 5 Coins, Game Coins, Diamonds, and Sweepstakes Coins.

If you’ve played at other social casinos, these function just like Gold and Sweepstakes Coins.

And if you’re new to this and all of these terms sound confusing, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our detailed guide.

So read on if you want to know more about how Game Coins and Sweepstakes Coins function at High 5 Casino.

High 5 Casino Coins

For players who’ve played at social casinos before, you’ve probably encountered Gold and Sweeps Coins.

This is the default virtual tokens at many social gaming sites.

The rule of thumb is usually that Gold Coins aren’t redeemable and are only used to play games for fun.

Sweeps Coins, on the other hand, are the currency that can later be redeemed for cash or prizes.

On High 5 Casino, the currency in place consists of the following:

  • High 5 Casino Coins (HC)
  • Game Coins (GC)
  • Sweepstakes Coins (SC)
  • Diamonds

Though it may seem complicated, these coins serve the same function as Gold and Sweeps Coins, but we’re still going to cover all of them to ensure that you’re equipped with the proper knowledge before playing here.

Casino Coins, Game Coins, Sweepstakes Coins, & Diamonds

As mentioned, High 5 users interact with the following coins: High 5 Casino Coins, Game Coins, Sweepstakes Coins, and Diamonds.

Both High 5 Casino Coins and Game Coins hold no real-world monetary value and can only be used to play games on the site, so you can’t redeem them later on.

The main difference between the two is that HC is used to play games on the classic platform, while GC is available on the sweeps platform.

Also, you can’t directly transfer or swap Game Coins for High 5 Coins.

Sweepstakes Coins, on the other hand, are redeemable and are used when playing games in sweeps play.

Unlike High 5 Coins and Game Coins, players can’t directly purchase SC, though you’ll get them for free in several ways, and they are included in most coin bundles.

Lastly, we have Diamonds.

This currency is available on both the classic and sweeps platforms, and like HC and GC, they can’t be redeemed for cash prizes. Plus, Diamonds are mainly given out for free.

How To Get Free Sweepstakes Coins At High 5 Casino

You’ve probably seen us mentioning that you can’t purchase Sweepstakes Coins directly. So, how do you obtain them?

You can get them for free in the following ways:

  • Logging in daily.
  • Spinning the daily wheel.
  • By purchasing High 5 Coins or Game Coins.
  • Through a request card.

Can You Turn Game Coins To Sweepstakes Coins?

All the available currencies at High 5 Casino are not interchangeable.

This means that you can’t turn High 5 Coins into Game Coins.

Conversely, you can’t turn Game Coins into Sweepstakes Coins, SC into Diamonds, etc.

This is because all the currencies mentioned serve different purposes and are all valued differently. For instance, High 5 Coins are only available on the classic platform, while Game Coins are available on the sweeps platform.

Plus, Sweepstakes Coins are the only redeemable ones, so it makes sense for this social casino to prohibit players from bending the rules and turning Game Coins into Sweepstakes Coins.

How Much Are Sweepstakes Coins Worth At High 5 Casino?

High 5 Casino uses the same redemption value as most other social casino sites.

Here, each Sweepstakes Coin is worth $1.

However, to be able to redeem them for cash, you’ll need to have a minimum of 100 redeemable coins.

To claim a gift card via Prizeout, you’ll need at least 50 redeemable Sweepstakes Coins.

You may have noticed that we’ve included the term “Redeemable.”

This is because any sweepstakes coin that you want to eventually redeem needs to have been played through at least once. So keep this in mind when playing for cash or prizes at High 5 Casino.

How To Win Game Coins and Sweepstakes Coins On High 5 Casino

Since this is a social casino, you don’t need to spend any money to receive coins. We’ve already mentioned a few methods that players can use to obtain free SC, and most of these also apply to High 5 Coins and Game Coins.

So if you’re looking for ways to score free coins here at High 5 Casino, we recommend these methods:

  • Signing in and logging in daily.
  • Given for free every 4 hours (GC and HC).
  • Spinning the daily wheel.
  • Through winning spins in standard social gameplay.
  • Via a mail-in request.

How To Redeem Sweepstakes Coins For Cash Prizes?

Once you’ve accumulated enough Sweepstakes Coins at High 5 Casino, you can redeem them for cash or prizes.

As mentioned, 1 SC boasts an equivalent worth of $1, though you’ll need at least 100 redeemable coins to trade them for cash or 50 to claim a gift card via Prizeout.

Plus, to make a Sweepstakes Coin redeemable, you’ll need to have met the minimum playthrough requirement, which is 1x here.

Players who meet all the above requirements can choose to redeem their coins. If you don’t know how to do so, the process is simple.

Just follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your High 5 Casino account.
  • Click on menu and access the player hub.
  • Tap the redeem button.
  • Select whether you want to redeem via cash or a prize.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Follow any additional prompts, and your redemption will then be processed.

Keep in mind that this social casino site only processes one redemption request per every 48 hours.

Purchasing & Redeeming Coins

Though you don’t need to buy coins here, there are various purchase methods available for players who wish to do so.

These are the methods you can use to purchase High 5 Coins and Game Coins:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • PayPal

Coin purchases made via these methods should reflect instantly.

If you’re using a credit/debit card and the payment declines, you’ll need to check in with your bank or card issuer.

When it comes to redeeming cash or prizes, these are the methods featured on the site:

  • Skrill
  • Gift Cards (via Prizeout)
  • Paper Check

If you redeem via Skrill, the payment should process instantly, and the same applies to gift cards claimed via Prizeout.

As for paper checks, it may take up to 10 business days for the payment to be processed.

Remember that the minimum redemption value for cash is 100 Sweepstakes Coins, while this minimum is 50 SC for gift cards.

Sweepstake Coins Bonuses

If you’re all caught up with how High 5’s virtual currency functions, you’ll probably be eager to claim some high-quality bonuses.

As we highlighted, there are many methods that you can use to claim freebies here.

For new players, you’ll receive 5 Sweep Coins, 250 Game Coins & 600 Diamonds just for joining the site.

If you’re already registered here, you can invite a buddy and claim a bonus of 200 GC, 5 SC, and 200 Diamonds.

For this offer, the friend you’re inviting to the site must join using your link and make a purchase of any amount.

In our opinion, the easiest promo to claim has to be the daily login bonus.

Just for signing in daily, you’ll get a set amount of Sweepstakes Coins, and you’ll also get free High 5 Coins and Game Coins every 4 hours.


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