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Sweepstake casinos are becoming increasingly popular, especially in states where online gambling is yet to be legalized.

One such relatively new sweepstake casino is Fortune Coins, a site that offers free casino entertainment to players in Canada and the United States.

The site has around 50 casino games, and a lot of these are slot titles.

Being a social casino, it’s natural for players to have questions regarding the site’s slot selection.

Are the available slots good? Are there any jackpot games? How do the available slots on the site compare to other sweepstake casinos?

To help answer most of these slot-related queries, we’ve gone through the site’s entire library, and we’re going to do in-depth coverage of the best slots available on Fortune Coins.

What We Like About Fortune Coins Casino Slots

  • Progressive Jackpot: All of Fortune Coins’ slots give players a chance to hit a progressive jackpot.
  • Available in Canada and the US: Slot players in both Canada and America can enjoy the site’s slot games.
  • Quick Load Times: Slot games on the desktop and mobile site load quickly and efficiently.

What We Don’t Like About Fortune Coins Casino Slots

  • Limited Collection Of Slots: The site suffers when it comes to the range of slots on offer.
  • Lacks A Dedicated iOS And Android Mobile App: Since Fortune Coins doesn’t have a mobile app, slot players are forced to settle for the casino’s mobile site instead.
  • Non-Reputable Software Providers: Most of the slots are made by relatively unknown game studios.

Best Slots On Fortune Coins Casino

Though Fortune Coins doesn’t have the most impressive slot library, there are still plenty of slots on the site that is definitely worth your time.

To help you figure out which slots players should go for, we’ve listed our top five picks down below:

#5 Lucky Panda

The first slot on our list is Lucky Panda, a 5-reel, 3-row slot that is heavily inspired by Chinese folklore.

Though there are many Chinese-themed slots around, very few of them have a panda— and a cute one at that—as their main character.

Once you load up this game, you can look forward to a few impressive things such as a stunning design and smooth animations.

Other impressive features of Lucky Panda include:

  • 25 paylines – Lucky Panda has 25 paylines, giving players a plethora of ways to win.
  • Free spins round – When you get 6 or more lucky coins, you’ll be rewarded with a bonus free spins round.
  • Additional free spins – During the free spins round, any Lucky Coin symbol will trigger additional free spins.
  • 10x multiplier – Players can trigger a 10x win amount during the free spins round.

#4 Hot 777

Next up, we have a slot that will delight fans of Viva Las Vegas. Hot 777 is a 3-reel, 3-row slot featuring a classic grid that will transport old-school players back to Las Vegas’ heydays.

The slot comes equipped with classic symbols such as bar, dice, fruit, and olden bells, which are all essential in evoking that classic casino vibe.

Once you load up the game and start playing, you can also look forward to the following features:

  • 3 paylines – Hot 777 has 3 available paylines.
  • A wild symbol – There’s a wild symbol that substitutes basic symbols to complete a winning combo.
  • Mega win payout – Lucky players who land the wild symbol on an entire grid will unleash the game’s largest payout, which can be worth tens of thousands of coins.

#3 Pyramids Of Giza

Once you’re bored with old-school Vegas, you can launch the Pyramids of Giza slot and take a trip to the sandy dunes of Egypt.

It’s fair to say that no casino is complete without an Egyptian-themed game.

At Fortune Coins, players yearning for a game that focuses on Ancient Egypt and Egyptian mythology have Pyramids Of Giza to look forward to.

This is a 5-reel, 3-row slot game that features a lot of historical Egyptian symbols. The Pyramids of Giza form the game’s backdrop, while the basic symbols include the Eye of Horus, Falcon, Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, and Mau.

This is one of Fortune Coins’ most popular slots, and players love the game because of the following reasons:

  • 30 paylines – Pyramids Of Giza has 30 paylines, so you have multiple ways of winning in this game.
  • Wild symbol – The Egyptian princess acts as the wild and can take the place of basic symbols.
  • Free spins – Get 3 or more Anubis symbols, and you’ll be rewarded with 10, 20, or even 30 free spins.

#2 Home of the Brave

Next up, we have Home of the Brave, an American-themed slot that is bound to trigger that patriotic passion within you.

Like a lot of Fortune Coins’ slot games, this is a 5-reel, 3-row slot.

The game is made by Blazesoft, a relatively new software provider that’s also behind a few fun and amazing slots.

However, with Home of the Brave, they’ve made a game that perfectly embodies the famous aspects of the American Dream.

So, as you play, you’ll interact with famous symbols like the Statue of Liberty, Independence Day fireworks, thanksgiving turkeys, and tons of other patriotic symbols and themes.

Some of the best features of this patriotic-themed game include:

  • 35 ways to win – Home of the Brave has 35 available paylines, giving players enough avenues to obtain a true fortune.
  • A bonus round – You can unlock a bonus round by simply landing on three bonus symbols.
  • Free spins feature – Obtain three scatter symbols to activate free spins.

#1 Spooky Stories

One of the best slots you can play on Fortune Coins is Spooky Stories.

As you can already guess from the name of the slot, a spooky and horror-filled experience awaits players who dare to launch this slot.

This 5X3 horror-themed slot features a lot of elements that are prevalent in horror movies.

The symbols you’ll interact with are swords, daggers, vampires, potions, and skulls. The game also has a wild symbol and a scatter symbol.

Like many Fortune Coins’ games, Spooky Stories is designed by Blazesoft.

Here are a few other notable features of this game:

  • 25 paylines – Spooky Stories comes equipped with 25 paylines.
  • Bonus round – 3 bonus symbols will activate the bonus round, and you can win a prize during this round.
  • Free spins – When you land on three scatter symbols, you’ll unleash a bunch of free spins. During these free spins, the wild symbol remains sticky, which gives players increased payouts.

Can You Play Slots On Fortune Coins Casino Mobile App?

Unfortunately, Fortune Coins doesn’t have a dedicated casino mobile app.

Despite this slight inconvenience, you can still enjoy the site’s games on a mobile device.

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you simply need to head over to using your mobile browser of choice. Once there, you’ll be able to play the slots that we’ve listed in the above section.

Here are some reasons why you should access the site via a mobile device:

  • Quick load times – The games on Fortune Coins don’t have any lag issues.
  • Ability to play from anywhere – The mobile version of the site gives players the convenience of being able to game from anywhere.

Fortune Coins Casino Bonus For Slots Players

Though Fortune Coins doesn’t have slots promos that specifically target slot players, the site still has a few intriguing bonuses.

There’s an $8 in coins for a free bonus that gives new players $8 worth of coins once they register on the site.

Fortunately, pun intended, you can use these Fortune Coins on your game of choice since you aren’t limited to slots or table games.

Plus get a 20,000,000 GC and $50 of free coins for your first purchase – a 150% match deposit bonus on the purchase of an initial package.

Slots Playing Strategy At Fortune Coins Casino

Even on a sweepstake casino like Fortune Coins, you still need a strategy if winning is your ultimate aim.

These strategies will help you spend less money during your gaming sessions, and they’ll also come in handy when you transition to a real-money wagering site.

Down below, we’ve detailed three key playing strategies.

Use Bonuses To Your Advantage

Bonuses are advantageous for several reasons, and that’s why we always urge players and bettors to take advantage of them as often as possible.

Firstly, a bonus will give you more to play with. If you originally planned to play with $50, you may get an extra $50 bonus, which will end up giving you more than you had intended to use.

Secondly, some bonuses have a few additional perks.

For example, you may get a $50 bonus that comes with an additional 20 free spins.

These free spins will save you from having to dig into your bankroll, saving you more money in the long run.

Understand Every Slot Feature

To fully take advantage of slots, you need to understand as many features as possible.

Some slots come with more advantageous features, and these are the ones that will guarantee you a greater return on your investment.

The key features to look out for include things like free spins, multipliers, wild symbols, an autoplay option, a high RTP, and a scatter symbol, just to name a few.

Stick To Your Budget

Before embarking on a playing session, always set aside an amount that you intend to use during that session.

This is because slot playing can easily get out of hand, and players who don’t have a grip on their finances can end up losing a lot if they fail to control themselves.