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How To Bet NFL Props SugarHouse App


Updated: Aug 16, 2023


If you are looking for current NFL picks for prop bets. You can find today’s picks here.

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Betting on Player Props gives the sports betting enthusiast a wide variety of markets to wager on.

While Moneylines (ML), Against the Spread (ATS) bets, and Over/Under (O/U) wagers are fun, you can do a lot more with prop bets.

One of the reasons why you can do a lot more with prop bets is because of the number of options.

When you are betting on one of the standard wagering types, you can only go so far in one game. However, when it comes to prop bets, one game can have hundreds of options.

One of my favorite online sportsbooks to place prop bets with is SugarHouse sportsbook.

SugarHouse Sportsbook makes finding props easy with its interface.

It also offers just about everything from player props to game props and everything in between, which we will get into later in this article.

How To Do Prop Bets At SugarHouse App

All sportsbooks are not created equal.

Sure, you can bet on sports at all of them, but the process and betting types will vary from book to book.

Since you have so many options, you always want to make sure you sign up with the sportsbook or sportsbooks that will meet all of your wagering needs.

If you are already an accomplished sports bettor, then you already know how to place a prop bet.

However, if you are new or new to the SugarHouse Sportsbook, then I will tell you how to place a prop bet in a few easy steps below:

  • Joined SugarHouse Sportsbook.
  • Take advantage of the new user sign-up bonus that you can find right here at
  • Next, find the drop-down menu and click on it.
  • Decide what sport and game you want to bet on and click on it.
  • Once you are inside the game you want to bet on, look around and find the prop you like the most.
  • Now, you will click on the prop you want to bet on and it will appear in your bet slip.
  • Once it is in your bet slip, insert the amount you want to stake and click “place bet”

Prop Builder

A Prop Builder is one of the best tools in the betting business. It allows the sports bettor to create and build their own props, similar to a parlay builder.

You can build out a prop with juiced odds as a bankroll building technique or you can build out a prop with lotto ticket odds if you want to crack the book without putting a lot at stake.

There is a downside to prop builders, however. Not all sportsbooks have them. In fact, prop builders are few and far between.

While SugarHouse is one of the top mobile sportsbooks on the market, they do not currently feature a prop-building tool.

What Is A Prop Bet?

A Prop Bet is short for Proposition Bet.

A prop bet is a type of wager that focuses on the performance of a player or an individual team rather than the overall outcome of a game.

For example, betting on a player to score a goal in hockey or a team to win the coin toss are two of the ample types of prop bets that you will find at SugarHouse.

SugarHouse Player Props

Arguably, Player props are the most popular types of prop bets due to the variance in options you will have in players and stats to wager on.

To win a player prop bet, the player must meet the statistical mark you placed your wager on.

Here are some examples of NBA player props:

  • CeeDee Lamb to record Over 4.5 receptions
  • LeBron James to record Under 8.5 rebounds
  • Bryce Harper to score Over 1.5 runs

In example one, Lamb must haul in five catches to win your bet.

In the next example, James must record fewer than eight boards for you to cash.

Lastly, Harper must score at least two times for your ticket to cash.

As you can see, the outcome of the game does not matter with these types of wagers.

Team Props

Team Props are geared toward the performances of an individual team within a contest.

Examples of team props include who will call the first time out or when it will be called.

Below, I will list some clear cut examples of team prop bets:

  • The Kansas City Chiefs to score Over 28.5 points against the Las Vegas Raiders.
  • Race to 20 – the Sacramento Kings will score 20 points before the Brooklyn Nets in their matchup.
  • The Tennessee Titans will record Over 2.5 sacks agasint the Houston Texans.

In the first example, the Chiefs must score 29+ points for your ticket to cash.

In the second example, the Kings must score 20 points before the Nets.

And in the third, the Titans must sack the Texans’ quarterback three times for you to win.

Similar to player props, the outcome of the actual game does not matter when wagering on team props either.

Game Props

Game Props are bets that are centered around occurrences in a game rather than the outcome of it.

Different game props that you will find include the margin of victory, time of the first goal, and three-way result (hockey and soccer).

Below, I will list a few examples of game prop bets:

  • The Philadelphia Eagles will beat the New York Giants by a margin of 8-12 points.
  • The final score of the soccer match will result in a draw in the first 90 minutes.
  • Will there be overtime in the Nashville Predators versus New Jersey Devils game? Yes.

Like all of the other prop bet types we discussed, the game’s result does not come into play with game props.

Novelty Props

Novelty Props are also called Exotic Props.

While novelty props are fun, they are extremely luck-based and only come around for major events like the Super Bowl.

At some sportsbooks, you can also find novelty props centered around an upcoming election or an awards ceremony in the entertainment industry.

With novelty props, they usually have nothing to do with the actual game. Rather, they are centered around happenings around the game.

Here are some examples of novelty prop bets:

  • What color of Gatorade will be poured on the winning head coach?
  • How long will the National Anthem last before the Super Bowl?
  • The result of the coin toss in the Super Bowl

Prop Betting Strategy

When you are sports betting, you want to be sure to have a strategy in place to help you become more profitable. After all, we aren’t doing this to lose money.

Below, I will list some of the strategies, here you will find specific SH betting rules, I use on a daily basis to help me cash some prop betting tickets:

Do Your Research

If you are going to place a wager on a player prop, you want to be sure to do your due diligence and research.

You can find player stats and analytics just about anywhere right at your fingertips. If you are going to pout money on the line, then why wouldn’t you want to give yourself the great edge possible?

You can give yourself that edge by doing your homework on a player, a player’s performance history against an opponent, and recent trends.

Try to Avoid Luck-Based Props

Remember when I mentioned luck-centric novelty props earlier, these are the ones that can drain your wallet.

Luck-based props aren’t based on anything but sheer luck. Hence the name.

While you can find a stat on how many times the coin landed at heads in the past 10 Super Bowls, it will still come down to being lucky when it comes to the result of the coin toss.

If you want to become a more profitable sports bettor in the long run, then you want to do your best to avoid novelty props.

Place them for fun and don’t stake too much. Save your bankroll for bets that are performance-driven.

Know Your Sportsbook’s Rules

Every sportsbook is different even when it comes to how they rule a bet.

At some sportsbooks, if a baseball player does not start a game but enters the game as a pinch hitter and hits a home run, the book will void your bet.

At other sportsbooks, if you bet that player to hit a home run and it happens on a pinch-hit, they will cash it.

All sportsbooks have a rules section with how they grade your bets. Sure, your standard moneylines, spread bets, and total bets are cut and dry, but prop bets are not.

Educating yourself on prop bet rules will help you win more often.

Propositions is a perfect bet to include in your next same game parlay at SugarHouse.


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