DraftKings Referral Bonus

DraftKing Referral Bonus

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DraftKings Sportsbook and Casino platform offers seasonal promotions to their users.

They currently offer, for their refer-a-friend program, a chance for players to earn a free bet of up to $100.

All you have to do is invite a friend, who would need to sign up with your link and follow the requirements to be eligible.

It is easy to claim it; let’s see how it works and the requirements to be eligible for it.

DraftKings Referral Bonus

DraftKings’ referral bonus is easy to claim.

Click Here To Claim It

Users can refer up to 5 friends per bonus.

To claim it, you just need to send an invite to your friend with your personal link.

They need to sign up with it and make the first deposit into their account. There are 3 different rewards:

  • If the new player deposits between $25 and $49, both of you will receive a free bet of $25
  • If the new player deposits between $50 and $99, both of you will receive a free bet of $50
  • If the new player deposits $100 or more, both of you will receive a free bet of $100

How Refer A Friend Bonus Works

To claim their bonus, users should follow and meet the following requirements:

  • Open an account at DraftKings
  • Click on the referral link to access the website and sign up
  • Go through an identification verification
  • Make a deposit of at least $25 into their account
  • Both of you will then receive your bonus according to the first deposited amount of your friend
  • The free bet must be used within 7 days

Wagering Requirements For DraftKings Referral Bonus

In order to be eligible for this bonus, new users must sign up to the site and make a deposit of $25 or more into their account.

They must absolutely be new to the website and use their friend’s unique referral link when signing up.

Best Ways To Use DraftKings Referral Bonus

The best way to use DraftKings’ referral bonus is to make sure to use it within the imposed time window, which is 7 days.

As users can invite up to 5 friends, we’d advise you to make the most out of it to earn a bigger reward.

Another good point is that the more your friends make a bigger deposit, the bigger your free bet will be (for both of you)!

Where Is The Referral Bonus Available?

DraftKings operates in several states of America, including New Jersey, Connecticut, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Iowa, Mississippi, Oregon, New York, and others.

The offer is therefore available to users in various states.

Users have to select their location before validating their registration.

The offers displayed on the website will then depend on their location and state’s laws and regulations.

Terms & Conditions

Below are some of the terms & conditions to be considered in order to benefit from and be eligible for the bonus:

  • Users must be within the age limit to be eligible and able to play, which is either 18, 19, or 21, depending on their state.
  • Users can refer up to 5 friends per offer.
  • The new user must deposit at least $25 into their account to be eligible for the bonus.
  • The free bet should be used within 7 days after being allocated

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