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All of our picks are based on our own proprietary data sets simulating games and projecting outcomes. What is the edge? The edge is the difference between our models projected score and the score offered by the books. The higher the edge, the better the bet!

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🏀Zion O 25.5P

Pelicans vs Bucks | 12/19/2022

Projected: 31 |

Edge: 23%

🏀E. Mobley O 2.5 Assists

Cavaliers vs Jazz | 12/19/2022

Projected: 3 |

Edge: 9.5%

🏀Markkanen O 1.5 Assists

Cavaliers vs Jazz | 14/19/2022

Projected: 2 |

Edge: 14%

Picks Of The Day

Depending on our experience, skill level, and desire to spend time handicapping games or events, some of us go all in on free sports betting picks, and some of us prefer to use them as just a guide or reference.

Free sports betting picks are exactly as they sound. Someone has an opinion on how a sports game, event, or bet will play out, and they share that information with others.

Several great resources and expert handicappers currently share insightful information to help bettors of all levels make sharper decisions.

However, we must be conscious that not all sports betting picks are equal and not everyone providing them has our best interest at heart.

If you are interested in free sports betting picks and understanding what to do with that potentially valuable information, then read on.

We have you covered.

Sports Betting Goes High Tech!

We live in the information and data world.

Today, many of the most successful sports handicappers talk about how they are as much of a computer programmer as they are a sports bettor.

Scripts and programs are written to scrape, collect, analyze and provide a historical perspective on almost every aspect of sports and sports betting.

Companies like BestOdds.com are built to be valuable resources and information tools for sports bettors of all skill levels.

As sports bettors become more sophisticated, the obvious industry reaction is for the sportsbooks to become better at their jobs as well.

Today’s lines and odds being set are sharper and more accurate than ever before.

For a casual sports bettor looking to show a profit against the ‘books, the time and effort required can sometimes be unrealistic.

This is why finding a trusted resource who can provide valuable insights and picks can be huge.

Anyone who can save us time and help us build our bankroll with reliable information is obviously someone we need to be working with closely.

But how do we find them?

Staying Safe With Free Sports Betting Picks

There is no shortage of information available to us, and there is no shortage of people who appear willing to share their opinion on how we should be betting our bankroll.

Many media personalities, ex-coaches, and ex-players are paid a lot of money to give us their opinion on how games will play out.

It’s important to remember that the single greatest skill set these people are bringing to their current profession is their ability to be a media personality.

None of the people we watch on TV every Sunday during the NFL season are rewarded because they make accurate, reliable betting picks.

They are funny, likable, relatable, intelligent, articulate, respected within their sport, and all of the above in some cases.

None of that makes them great sports bettors.

Sports betting is a skill set and a profession on its own. Because you are great at baseball does not make you a great baseball bettor.

Do your research when it comes to your trusted resources. Make sure these “industry experts” put in the time and effort to develop their betting picks and strategies.

There is a very big difference between being an expert on the NFL and an expert on NFL betting.

How BestOdds.com Sports Betting Picks Can Help

BestOdds.com is building a business around providing information to help bettors of all skill levels make more informed decisions.

Our goal as an organization is to become a valued and trusted resource within the sports betting community.

We have previously resisted the urge to provide free sports betting picks because we were constantly searching for a partner whose data, handicapping process, and results exceeded our expectations.

We believe we have found that partner and are excited to be the sole distributor of their player prop sports betting picks.

BestOdds.com can help because we have partnered with an elite sports betting group willing to provide expert betting picks for all kinds of different player prop bets.

And then we talked them into letting us share those betting picks with you.

Strategies For Evaluating Sports Betting Picks

To the best of our ability, BestOdds.com will work hard with our sports betting picks provider to ensure we provide you with picks and advice that is in your best interest over the long term.

However, with all sports betting pick providers, we recommend you track all your bets and ensure that the picks that resonate with you the most are indeed profitable over time.

Always Shop Around

We like to tell a story around the BestOdds.com offices called The NRFI Story.

BestOdds.com tracked NRFI odds from three sportsbooks for every single MLB regular season game this past year.

By the end of the regular season, we had a ton of data and some very interesting results.

The most exciting takeaway from our NRFI exercise this year was showing how two identical bettors who made the same exact 50 bets had drastically different results because one didn’t shop around for his Best Odds.

If you click on our NRFI story link, you will read how Rusty went 25-25 as an NRFI bettor and lost $500 overall.

Meanwhile, his buddy Sharp placed the exact same 50 bets but shopped around for his Best Odds.

Instead of losing $500, Sharp made $300 in profit. A difference of $800 during one MLB NRFI season.

The number one strategy that sharp bettors can agree on is that if you aren’t shopping for your Best Odds, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.