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NFL Player Prop Cheat Sheet

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An NFL roster has 53 active players, of which 46 are allowed to suit up for a game.

That means each game has 92 active players dressed and ready to battle.

On a busy NFL Sunday, there are over 1000 active players league-wide and thousands of different player prop bets available.

Even the most passionate sports bettors will run out of time and energy trying to handicap every different NFL player’s prop bet available.

Thankfully, the BestOdds Edge sports betting platform provides a player prop betting cheat sheet that helps bettors narrow their focus and spend time analyzing only the prop bets where they have the advantage over the sportsbooks.

What Is NFL Cheat Sheet?

Even a single NFL game can have hundreds of different player prop bets available.

Handicapping every available prop bet would be a massively time-consuming job and unrealistic for recreational sports bettors.

Enter BestOdds Edge and their NFL Player Prop Cheat Sheet.

The BestOdds Edge platform ingests thousands of different data points for each NFL game.

They can then run complicated algorithms over top of their data and provide a projected edge percentage for each available player prop bet.

The larger the edge percentage provided by the system, the more advantage a bettor has over the sportsbook for that specific bet.

The BestOdds Edge NFL Cheat Sheet will rank the best available options for each type of NFL player prop bet being offered.

Instead of trying to analyze hundreds of different prop bets, bettors can now look over only the best bets as recommended by the betting platform.

NFL Cheat Sheet Features & Benefits

Edge Percentage

The BestOdds Edge platform creates its own unique Edge Percentage for each bet. The larger the number, the more advantage a bettor has for that specific bet.

Each NFL player prop bet available will be assigned a percentage. Some of those percentages will be negative numbers, highlighting that the advantage lies with the sportsbook and not the sports bettor for that specific wager.

The majority of percentages will be low numbers. This is because sportsbooks are extremely good at creating lines and setting odds.

However, with thousands of bets available each Sunday, there will be opportunities for bettors to pounce.

The BestOdds Edge platform will identify bets with the biggest advantage for bettors.

Streak And Recent History

The NFL Cheat Sheet will also provide recent performance stats for specific bets being analyzed.

Let’s look at an example:

Prop Bet: Aaron Rodgers Total Passing Yards: Over +267.5 | -110

Edge Info: Rodgers has gone OVER +267.5 passing yards in 5 of his last 7 games. (71%)

In our example above, we can easily see how the platform can help identify recent streaks and trends where players have gone over or under their prop total.

Best Available Odds

It’s very important to remember that the Projected Edge being assigned to each NFL player prop bet is directly related to the odds for that wager.

The BestOdds Edge platform will identify the Best Odds available for every player prop bet on their platform. The projected edge provided for that bet is directly related to the Best Odds they have identified.

For example, if Aaron Rodgers has a 30% edge to go over his passing yards total, and the Best Odds for him to go Over his total are -110, then the 30% and -110 are tied together.

If you have limited access to different sportsbooks and can only find Rodgers to go Over his total at -120, the projected edge for that bet is no longer 30%.

It will be a lower edge because -120 odds provide less return than betting -110 odds.

What is NFL Player Prop Betting

Traditional bets, such as picking which team will win or which team will cover the point spread, are tied to the final result of a game.

Player prop bets are bets focused on a player’s statistical performance and are not related to the final outcome of a game.

There are all kinds of different NFL player prop bets each game. They can involve both offensive and defensive players.

One prop bet might be the total passing yards by a quarterback, while another option might involve the total tackles recorded by a defensive player.

Most Popular NFL Player Prop Bets

NFL Football fans are passionate about their sport, and the majority of them love to watch offenses put up a lot of points!

It’s no coincidence that the most popular NFL player prop bets are all about offensive production.

Most Popular NFL Player Prop Bets

  • QB Total Passing Yards
  • WR Total Receiving Yards
  • RB Total Rushing Yards
  • Total Combined Receiving and Rushing Yards

How Can BestOdds Edge Help?

There was a time when the fight between sportsbooks and recreational sports bettors could hardly have been considered fair.

Not only did the ‘books have huge amounts of data the general public couldn’t access, but they also had deep pockets and resources, giving them a decidedly unfair advantage.

However, today, the playing field between sports bettors and sportsbooks has never been more level, thanks mainly to companies like BestOdds Edge, who have created the technology and platforms that allow bettors to compete.

BestOdds Edge was built by sports bettors for sports bettors.

BestOdds Edge is ingesting large amounts of data on our behalf.

They have the resources and different skill sets on staff required to properly analyze that data and help identify opportunities that benefit the betting public, not the sportsbooks.

NFL Player Prop Betting Strategies

Use the BestOdds Edge NFL Cheat Sheet to identify the bets that interest you the most.

Once you have identified the NFL player prop bets that interest you, it’s your turn to do some homework and ensure your analysis matches what the BestOdds Edge platform is projecting.

Bettors should look for any significant changes that may have occurred that the data might not have picked up or factored in.

There may be a significant edge projected for a wide receiver.

Double-check that the starting QB is healthy. Look at some previous game stats and ensure that players playing time has been consistent.

Do a quick search of the weather forecast for that game and ensure it won’t be played in a monsoon or in conditions that are difficult to throw the ball.

Once you have identified the bets of interest to you and researched enough to feel confident in the system’s projections, it’s time to place your bet!

Always Shop Around

One of the biggest mistakes recreational bettors can make is not paying enough attention to the moneyline associated with NFL player prop bets.

Using Aaron Rodgers again, a bettor might believe he is capable of going Over +267.5 passing yards in his next game.

However, finding that bet at -110 compared to -125 is a huge difference, especially over time.

All of the BestOdds Edge percentages are based on the best available odds.

If you aren’t shopping around to find the Best Odds available, you aren’t taking advantage of recreational bettors’ single biggest advantage against the sportsbooks.