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NCAAB Player Prop Cheat Sheet

player imageS. Kwan
team imageTOR
Line: O 0.5 Hits
100%Betting the Over on Kwan's Hits has won 10 of the last 10 bets (100%)
Bet $10 to win $13.50BET_RIVERS
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player imageM. Betts
team imageKAN
Line: O 0.5 Hits
100%Betting the Over on Betts's Hits has won 9 of the last 9 bets (100%)
Bet $10 to win $13.50BET_RIVERS
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player imageM. Olson
team imageTAM
Line: O 0.5 Hits
100%Betting the Over on Olson's Hits has won 9 of the last 9 bets (100%)
Bet $10 to win $14.00MGM
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Best Odds
Player logo
L. Thomas
(WAS - RF)
Over 9 / 9
Player logo
C. Abrams
(WAS - SS)
Over 9 / 9
Player logo
G. Henderson
(BAL - SS)
Over 9 / 9
Player logo
V. Tarasenko
(FLA - RW)
Shots on Goal
Over 8 / 8
Player logo
C. Wong
(BOS - C)
Over 8 / 8
Player logo
L. O'Hoppe
(LAA - C)
Over 8 / 8
Player logo
A. Pages
(LAD - CF)
Over 7 / 7
Player logo
T. Soderstrom
(OAK - 1B)
Over 7 / 7
Player logo
C. Correa
(MIN - SS)
Over 6 / 6
Player logo
J. Burger
(MIA - 3B)
Over 6 / 6

When the UConn Huskies defeated San Diego St. 76-59, winning their fifth NCAA National Championship last March, Adama Sanogo was named the 2023 Tournament MVP.

Sanogo was a force at both ends of the floor for the Huskies, finishing the championship game with 17 points and 10 rebounds.

The Huskies were a perfect six for six against the spread in the March Madness tournament and finished the season covering the spread in 11 of their last 12 games.

If you are a college basketball fan and enjoy betting on college hoops, read on.

In this article, we discuss:

  • What is the BestOdds EDGE NCAAB Cheat Sheet
  • NCAAB Cheat Sheet features and benefits
  • What is NCAAB betting
  • Most popular NCAAB bets
  • How BestOdds EDGE can help bettors
  • NCAAB Player Prop betting strategies

Let’s go!

What Is NCAAB Cheat Sheet?

There are 351 Division I college basketball teams across the US. On any given Saturday, there could be hundreds of different games available for sports bettors to select from.

With many different bet types available for each game, a sports bettor has thousands and thousands of bet options to choose from.

So how can a bettor spend the time and energy required to properly handicap all the available NCAAB bets each weekend to try and determine which ones give us the biggest edge against the sportsbooks?

The reality is, for most recreational bettors, properly handicapping and analyzing all available NCAAB games just isn’t a reasonable option.

This is where cheat sheet comes into play.

With access to thousands of different data points and a deep data science team behind it, the BestOdds EDGE Cheat Sheet can do the required analysis and homework for us.

The NCAAB Cheat Sheet will analyze all available bets and identify the best available odds for each bet.

From there, each available bet will be assigned a projected edge.

This proprietary projected edge identifies the bets with the biggest advantage for bettors, not the sportsbooks.

Now, a recreational sports bettor can look over a condensed version of all available bets listed and analyze only the bets where the advantage lies with the bettor, not the sportsbook.

NCAAB Cheat Sheet Features & Benefits

Edge Percentage

The BestOdds EDGE sports betting platform was built by sports bettors for sports bettors.

This means that all of the information and data-based decisions recommended by the platform are trying to benefit the sports bettor and not the sportsbooks.

The Edge Percentage is a proprietary method of identifying the bets with the biggest advantage in our favor.

The larger the Projected Edge percentage, the bigger the advantage a bettor has.

Sportsbooks are very good at setting odds and creating lines. A typical percentage identified by the EDGE platform would be very small, sometimes even a negative number.

But with hundreds, even thousands of bets available for us on a busy college basketball day, identifying the few with a significant advantage in our favor greatly benefits us.

The time, effort technical skill set required to do all of the NCAAB analysis needed to spot the significant advantages is not realistic for the majority of us.

The BestOdds EDGE sports betting platform is a great equalizer in the fight to compete against the operators with access to huge amounts of data and deep technology teams.

Streaks, Trends, And Recent Form

The EDGE platform is ingesting thousands of different data points for each of the sports they are analyzing.

The platform can easily spot and share relevant trends and data based on a team’s recent performance.

Some of the many features found on the BestOdds EDGE platform that can help us with our NCAAB bets are:

  • Projected final score
  • Public Bet % and Handle %
  • Head to Head games and stats comparison
  • Recent Stats and Trends
  • Betting strategies currently hot

Best Odds Available

The quickest and most effective way to give ourselves an advantage against the sportsbooks is to make sure we shop around and play only the Best Odds available.

The difference between betting at -105 vs -120 over time greatly impacts our overall ROI.

The BestOdds EDGE sports betting platform identifies the Best Odds available for a specific bet and where we can find those odds.

The projected edge the system shares is based on the best odds available.

When placing a bet, we are not just trying to determine which team will win the game. We need to do our analysis and compare that information to what the odds are suggesting will happen.

When we play only the Best Odds available for a specific bet, we give ourselves the best chance of being profitable long-term.

What Is NCAAB Betting?

When we talk about betting on college basketball, we are referring to betting on the 350+ teams who currently make up the NCAA Division I basketball league.

Most betting action for NCAAB are traditional wagers like Moneyline, Point Spread and Totals (O/U).

Although a few sportsbooks are starting to offer NCAAB player prop odds, most sportsbooks, and sports bettors leave NCAAB player props alone because there is such a limited amount of historical data to make decisions from.

Many states don’t even allow local bettors to wager on local university sports for fear of scandals that could jeopardize the sport and college’s reputations.

However, we must also realize that the NCAA March Madness Tournament is a massive betting success story, with millions of dollars wagered on the tournament each year.

Hardcore hoops fans will start placing their NCAAB bets in November when the season tips off.

The majority of NCAAB bettors come out in March when the Madness of the NCAA Tournament begins.

Most Popular NCAAB Bets

The most popular types of NCAAB bets are moneyline, point spread and totals.

NCAAB Moneyline Betting

When we analyze moneyline bets, the only goal is to pick the winner of the game. There is no need to worry about point spreads and teams winning or losing by a specific total.

Odds are assigned to each team. The more a team is considered the favorite to win the game, the less that team will payout if they do win the game.

Point Spread Betting

Point spread betting might be the most popular NCAAB bet of them all. Because we realize that teams are not always equal, sportsbooks assign a point spread to a game.

The underdog team is gaining extra points, and the favorite is giving up points.

With this point spread handicap now in place, it makes it harder for a bettor to pick which team will win the game.

If the underdog team is getting an extra +5 points before the game starts, from a betting perspective, they can now lose by 4 points or less and still be considered the winning team.

Totals Betting

Totals betting is more commonly referred to as Over/Under betting. For each game, the sportsbooks will set a total. A total is the estimated combined score for both teams.

As a bettor, you must decide if the combined score will be Over (more) or Under (less) the total set by the sportsbook.

As bettors, we often have a feel for whether a game will be offensive or defensive, but we might not be sure which team will ultimately win.

Betting on the total allows us to stay with our offensive or defensive narrative and not have to pick a winner.

How BestOdds EDGE Can Help

The BestOdds EDGE platform was designed to help recreational sports bettors compete with the sportsbooks.

Operators have deep pockets. With these deep pockets, they can pay for access to thousands of different data points and develop a technology team capable of analyzing all of their data and extracting key information from it.

The fight between a recreational bettor and their sportsbook could hardly have been considered fair because of the resources available for both sides.

More often than not, a recreational bettor doesn’t have the same access to data or the technical skill set to build the required analysis tools.

However, BestOdds EDGE does.

The EDGE betting platform acts as a bettor’s data source and technical team. The platform will ingest and analyze thousands of different data points on the bettors’ behalf.

From there, the system will share its findings with its end users, identifying opportunities where the advantage lies with a bettor, not the sportsbook.

NCAAB Betting Strategies

One reason why NCAAB betting is so popular is that there are over 350+ schools in Division I basketball, and sportsbooks have a difficult time being great setting lines for all of them.

Obviously, games that will receive the most amount of betting money are the games that operators must spend the most time and effort on.

Fans and bettors who are passionate about some of the smaller conferences and smaller schools might have a real advantage over the betting public with this unique knowledge.

For my own NCAAB betting card, I like to take the games with the biggest projected edges according to the BestOdds EDGE betting platform and start my homework and analysis there.

With so many games and options, using the EDGE platform to eliminate many bets is a huge time-saving feature for me.

Why spend time analyzing games that ultimately provide more of an advantage to the sportsbook when we could only focus on the games where the projected edge favors the sports bettors?